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Clooney: I've Done Too Many Drugs, Chicks for Politics

2/23/2011 5:09 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

George Clooney will never become President of the United States -- explaining, "I f**ked too many chicks and did too many drugs, and that’s the truth."


It was one of several political-ish statements Clooney made to Newsweek ... insisting, "I didn't live my life in the right way for politics."

When talking about his vision of the ideal candidate, Clooney insisted that a savvy politician "would start from the beginning by saying, 'I did it all. I drank the bong water. Now let's talk about issues."

Clooney then joked,  "That’s gonna be my campaign slogan: 'I drank the bong water.'"

So we gotta ask ...


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isnt that what all politicians do??? hahah eff woman and do some drugs... he'd fit right in...

1340 days ago


Looking at those poll results, it's no wonder this country is broke and has a destroyed economy. Everyone who said "yes", please stop voting in elections.

Posted at 12:55 PM on Feb 23, 2011 by CriticAl


Don't worry about it, Al. The kind of people who read celebrity gossip sites and vote in the polls... they don't actually get off their asses and go out and vote anyway.

Most of them could care less about politics. Unless TMZ or Larry Flynt's got some good "dish" on one of the politicians sordid past, they aren't interested.

1340 days ago


To post #26 Janie - So are you suggesting that because he supposedly has a male lover in Italy that he has AIDS? First, you have no proof of that, and second, just because someone has a same sex lover doesn't mean they are going to get sick. Actors weights jump up and down all of the time depending on the rolls they take. He doesn't look sick to me, and at least he's honest enough to tell about his past.

1340 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

73% of you would vote for him? Sad & frightening. News flash for you: Passion for the issues is not enough. Being good looking with a hot gf are not enough. Being a great actor is not enough. But you go ahead & vote for him ya potheaded lemmings. You get what sh*t you deserve.

1340 days ago


he's a walking std.

1340 days ago


and he's a man wh*re.

"I f**ked too many chicks and did too many drugs, and that’s the truth."

1340 days ago


Well it never stopped a Kennedy...Live and learn, I appreciate honesty!

1340 days ago


He's a lib-tard yet Clinton did these things and these pinko extremists think he's the greatest thing ever. I thought personal matters didn't affect the job of the President, eh? That was their justification then. Hypocrite. Just goes to show the poor reasoning abilities these lefties have.

1340 days ago

Big Daddy    

Run Charlie Sheen for president, with George as vice president. Hell, Lilo could be speaker of the house. :)

1340 days ago


While George Clooney is easy to look at and very good at his craft, both in front of and behind the camera, I would not vote for him. I am a democrat, but George does not meet my qualifications in both foreign and domestic policies to be president. Also, he does not know how the house and senate work. It's called starting at the bottom. Sheeish.

1340 days ago

Big Daddy    

Hey Mary. Obamma learned after he was elected. Well, I think he learned a few things. LMBO :) Back to Charlie Sheen for president!!!!!!

1340 days ago


You kidding,George? You'd fit right in with the rest!

1340 days ago


Clooney is the man!

1340 days ago


Except for the fact that he is not pro-life, I would vote for him. That is where I draw the line - not at drugs or women.

1340 days ago


OMG we're discussing politics and I come here for the sole purpose of being distracted from my worries.

Least any of you die-hard republications forget the latest George Bush put this country in it's latest woes:

1. Two wars which are bankrupting us daily; (both started while Bush in office)

2. failed econoomy - Market crash on September 15, 2008 - (Bush in office)

3. Bush cannot even travel to foreign countries for fear of arrest on war crimes.

4. When Bush took over from CLINTON we had a surplus -- we did not owe money to anyone and were not in debt. Now we owe trillions. If only Clinton could be our president again.

4. Countless other things, including right-wing crap!

I supported Hillary Clinton and believe she would have been our best choice.

1340 days ago
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