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Clooney: I've Done Too Many Drugs, Chicks for Politics

2/23/2011 5:09 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

George Clooney will never become President of the United States -- explaining, "I f**ked too many chicks and did too many drugs, and that’s the truth."


It was one of several political-ish statements Clooney made to Newsweek ... insisting, "I didn't live my life in the right way for politics."

When talking about his vision of the ideal candidate, Clooney insisted that a savvy politician "would start from the beginning by saying, 'I did it all. I drank the bong water. Now let's talk about issues."

Clooney then joked,  "That’s gonna be my campaign slogan: 'I drank the bong water.'"

So we gotta ask ...


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The 72% must be the same ones who voted for the Kenyan born Muslim.

1335 days ago


H's a nice guy. I wouldn't care if he's slept with half of Hollywood and has a meth dealer on speed-dial. But I wouldn't vote for him because I disagree with his politics. That's all that should matter to a voter.

1335 days ago


His age is really starting to show. George is looking tired, old, too-skinny-yet-still-flabby, wrinkly, and grey. I'll pass.

There's too many young fresh hotties in Hollywood especially with all these new Marvel superhero movies (Henry Cavill as Superman, Chris Evans as Capt America, Chris Hemsworth as Thor).

1334 days ago

"I didn't live my life the right way for politics."

How about, "I didn't live my life the right way, at all." It's not all about politics.

1334 days ago


I wouldn't vote for him for dogcatcher...why? Because, with his crudely worded confession of what he's done to "too many chicks", he revealed a man who is a mysogynist and no gentleman. Women are referred to as "chicks" and he does not make love to them, he f________s them...and too many of them. I guess these subhuman little creatures all run together in his little mind...they all look alike after awhile don't they George. You lost me kiddo, both as a voter and a fan.

1334 days ago


What an adolescent jerk. His charm and looks are only skin-deep. And, political posturing doesn't make up for the fact that he boasts profanely and cavalierly while pretending to be "honest."

1334 days ago


He would never make it...he is to honest.

1334 days ago


FINALLY someone who tells the truth!!! He should run for president - open and honest is what we need!!!

1334 days ago


I agree with Dee @#121. I have really enjoyed his work, and typically look forward to his movies. These comments are pretty pathetic and cause me to consider avoiding his work altogether. Who needs to support this kind of unhealthy outlook about women? And, that is what one does if you pay money to people who use it to fund unhealthy debased lifestyles.

1334 days ago

Paula Mete Maxwell    

I'd vote for George dependning on his platform. I mean what has Obama done for us middle and low class people. NOTHING> Trying to force a mandatory health insurance and where will we get the money to pay for it? Didn't the US Supreme Ct say that law was against our Consitutional Rights> How about deporting the illegal aliens, that would alleviate alot of our monies.How about making Puerto Rico become a State so that they have to pay into the ssystem like the rest of us bfore they come to the mainland to collect OUR SSI and Social Security, welfare and food stamps?? Hows that sound?

1334 days ago


Really... This is what he thinks a politician should do?

John P McNiff, Philadelphia

1334 days ago

In L.A.    

Haha, George Clooney and chicks - he's already told the first lie. Your future career in politics has just been granted. First on his list will be to legalize Gay marriage. Go George!

1334 days ago


Okay, the operative word is HAD. He didn't say he is currently doing those things. Everybody does stupid stuff when they are young and dumb. I admire George tremendously, not for what he did in his past but as the decent human being he is. He got malaria for god's sake going to the Sudan. And it was not his first trip there nor was he by himself. His dad, the great Nick Clooney was with him on some of those trips. He is HONEST. That right there counts huge in my book. The people on here who say he is conceited or full of himself are full of THEMSELVES. GC is a classy, smoking hot, kind man. He is the salt of the earth type just like his dad. He is also funny, smart,talented and did I say smokin hot??? He does a lot of charitable acts, some not known to the general public. I love me some GC!!!!!!

1334 days ago


thanks 4 the "chiks" darling

1333 days ago


I'm so confused. All these down with liberals comments... What are the religous RIGHT doing on TMZ... just sayin...

1329 days ago
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