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D.A.'s Offer: Six Months in Jail for Lindsay

2/23/2011 3:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sources connected with the Lindsay Lohan case tell TMZ ... the offer Deputy D.A. Danette Meyers made to Lindsay's lawyer in chambers was SIX MONTHS in jail.


Judge Keith Schwartz said in open court he had a feeling Shawn Holley would pass on the D.A.'s offer.  That's because Lindsay will not accept jail time -- at least not now.

But here's why we're almost positive Lindsay will eventually cop a plea.  She is going to jail no matter what.

The judge ruled Lindsay's preliminary hearing and probation violation case will be heard at the same time.  At the end of the preliminary hearing, if the judge feels it's more likely than not that she stole the necklace, Lindsay will be thrown in jail immediately while she awaits trial on the grand theft case.

So even if Lindsay is ultimately found not guilty at trial, she'll still be in jail for the probation violation.

Short story ... it's likely Holley will plead guilty or no contest on behalf of her client, and then hope the judge gives Lindsay less than 6 months.


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Home Skillet    

If Danette Meyers ran for President, I'd totally vote for her. Fight the good fight, Danette!

1302 days ago


@ all the reg posters here..we called it!

so it appears no matter what lohandjob is going to do some time bottom line.this other judge dont sound no easier than the one today from the way he talked.SCH will prolly try and push for trial by judge now because there is no way hoho can get a fair jury in the US basically..hahaha..

if the DA is not offering a better deal she does feel she has a strong case and she is sticking to her guns.she will not go to trial without feeling like she can win.this initial plea offer is to save everyone a bunch of trouble and money with almost the same outcome.

remember SCH...OJ didnt have the criminal record liho does and that WILL make alot of differenc.johnny cochran is long gone and cant help yah from the grave..maybe go to nawlins and get you a voodoo queen and resurect his arse cause you WILL need him! OH and why didnt you ask for the tape from the reminds me of my cousin vinny not knowing he could have the evidence from the start.isnt that kindda newbish?

1302 days ago


All this drama makes you wonder how intelligent Lindsay really is.

To walk out with jewelry, whether she thought it was on loan or not is stupid. To speed in WeHo (as TMZ is now reporting) is idiotic.

This whole case has been going on for nearly 4 years since her first DUI case. Time for some hard core prison time to wake this chick up. She has been given more chances than anyone deserves.

I am officially done caring about this chick.

1302 days ago


Jail time is so ridiclous! These adults are going to turn this girl into a prison inmate! She made a mistake plain and simple. Don't we have enough problems in this world than all these people picking on her. I don't know who the jeweler is but I wouldn't buy anything off her. She is a bueatiful talented girl and when these people are done she will be different. They will rape her in prison and mistreat her. She might as well Od and be done with it rather than go to prison. These people are pushing her toward that. SHAME on them!

1302 days ago

Davey Boy    

LieHo, LieHo, it's off to jail you go. You worthless skank you'll do your time, LieHo, LieHo.

1302 days ago


We all know she'll hardly be in jail for any time at all but...she really needs at least 6 months in the slammer without having visitors every day for her to, hopefully, realize she ain't all that, her poop really does stink and grow up/get off her high horse/become an actual human being.

1302 days ago


This girl does not get it! She sat there with a smirk on her face. She believes she is above the law. What will it take for her to wake up and realize you are accountable for the things you do? Its obvious this girl is still hasn't learned anything because she always has an excuse for what happens , or its somebody elses fault. Step up to the plate Lindsay !! Admit to your transgressions and accept responsibility for them. I DARE YA!!!!

1302 days ago


Heheheh, yes, I KNEW I heard this right the first time. Lilo IS going to the pokey. FINALLY! Unless she runs away, which I wouldn't put past her.

1302 days ago


Way to go judge!

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1302 days ago


What was funny on the Livestream was listening to the photographer's slam Lindsay and her mother. I heard someone say, "she's down on her knees", the mother was "getting her nails and hair done yesterday" (probably getting a fresh FU on the nail) and "just throw her in jail already" It's really evident that the paps can't stand Lilo and her family. They were only there to get the money shot.

1302 days ago


If this were your daughter or sister what purpose does it set
to put Lindsay in jail. She is a victim of poor choices and bad advice. Her being in jail won't make the streets of LA any safer. Are you all just nasty revenge nerds?? Who reading this isn't sorry for some of their poor decisions and should have been put in jail, but didn't?? Have a Heart.

1302 days ago


He basically told her in a nice way that she should take the plea, get a shrink and get on with her life. He's seen the evidence.

1302 days ago


Uh, Lindsay was arrested in May, June, July AND August on drunk driving and drug possession charges, they were NOT dismissed, she plead on some and served on others. That's one hell of a drunk driving history there. Innocent my ass.

1302 days ago


6 months?? No way!!

She is charged with FELONY GRAND THEFT. There is no way she will weasel out of this without a jail sentence. Rightfully so. Sadly, she probably will get WAY less time than if any of us pulled the same stunt.

She keeps getting away with her crimes. Remember a few years ago when she CARJACKED a SUV with the occupants in it -- so she could chase after her assistance who had just quit.

Yeah, if we did that - we'd be charged with carjacking, kidnapping and a whole host of other charges.

This is insane. She's a CRIMINAL. She might have an addiction, but drug abuse has NEVER been a liable excuse for criminal acts -- in the criminal court system. The law doesn't mitigate crimes based on the perp being a drug addict.

And they shouldn't ever change that rule, because then everyone would claim they had an addiction & drugs/alcohol "made" them do their crime.

Throw her axx in prison--- not county jail ---- for at least a year, then mandatory rehab & counseling, at her own expense.

1302 days ago

Fat hand puppet    

I "used" to know her, know lindsay, but I can't make that claim anymore. I can't understand why Lindsay is has become even more unpredictable. Lindsay is irrational. I am having trouble understanding her because Lindsay seems just nuts to me.. Lindsay seems defiantly dellusional, I mean its obvious to me that lindsay stole the necklace yet lindsay is as dellusional as Gadahfi. I know Lindsay gets on these comment-boards and argues. I can even spot her if she uses a key word or phrase...but whats crazy is I think she takes her defiant attitude she gets from argueing with anonymous people and acts it out in the real world and dellusionally thinks she is innocent.
I don't know what to think! Its clear to me Lindsay will never be able to stay out of trouble. Even after jail or prison..lindsay WON'T be able to not violate probation, because lindsay will screw it up.
Lindsay is unrecognizeable .. she was more sane back in 2006-2007 cocaine days then she is now.

1302 days ago
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