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Lindsay Judge to Broker Plea Deal With Jail Time

2/23/2011 11:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The judge who will determine Lindsay Lohan's fate in the probation and grand theft cases will be the middleman in plea negotiations today between Lindsay and the prosecutor ... and sources connected with the case tell TMZ ... the judge thinks Lindsay should do time.

Lindsay will appear today before Judge Keith L. Schwartz, and sources connected with the case tell TMZ that during the hearing prosecutor Danette Meyers will present Lindsay's lawyer, Shawn Holley, with a formal offer to plea bargain the case.

Sources tell us Meyers has already told Holley any deal will include significant jail time ... but Lindsay steadfastly refuses to accept a plea that involves time behind bars.

Sources connected with the case tell us Judge Schwartz will propose that Lindsay accept jail time for the probation violation and three years felony probation for the grand theft case. But here's the BIG problem with that -- if Lindsay gets in trouble during the probationary period, she'll go to state prison.

We're told Holley has not seen the surveillance video yet, but Meyers will present her with her very own CD tomorrow -- before the hearing.

If Lindsay doesn't accept a plea, the judge will set a date for a preliminary hearing.

UPDATE: Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ, as of early this morning, Lindsay insists she's innocent and is ready to go to trial to clear her name.



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Two weeks ago, Lohan pleaded not guilty to a felony grand theft charge that she stole a $2,500 necklace from a Venice, Calif., jewelry store.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Keith Schwartz was expected to get reports on Lohan's probation and decide whether the case can be resolved before trial, reports AP.

•Sen. Scott Brown has advice for Lindsay
•Christian Slater offers to help Lindsay
Dmitry Gorin, a veteran former prosecutor, tells the Los Angeles Times that Lohan's attorney Shawn Chapman Holley will have a hard time avoiding another trip to jail for Lohan because the star is already on probation for a 2007 conviction for driving under the influence. If she were to receive probation after being charged with a felony, Gorin says, the district attorney could face accusations of giving Lohan special treatment.

1307 days ago

Davey Boy    

Where LieLo Gets Her Nails Done

Should Lindsay need to prepare for court today. This is an actual place in Gallup, NM.

1307 days ago

Davey Boy    

Hilarious. LieLo won't accept a plea day that has jail time and she'll get jail time if she doesn't take a plea deal. Sounds like another mug shot coming our way.

1307 days ago

Davey Boy    

"Nicole" is the first one to comment on yet another Lindsay case. Does Harvey send Dina a text every time a worthless LieLo story breaks on TMZ?

1307 days ago


6 months in jail, a fine, a course on shoplifting and 3 years felony probation is MORE than fair for someone with Lindsays criminal history.

Of course Lindsay will be sure to f*k up on felony probation so she will surely be going to prison in her future.

1307 days ago


The TMZ update to this story said Lindsay is ready to go to trial to clear her name. In my opinion thats the right thing to do, lets see the 'evidence' and let the jury decide.

1307 days ago


She's a lot of things, but innocent is not one of them. She better take a plea. She was photographed wearing the necklace long after she took it. If it was a mistake she would have taken it right back. She didn't. She decided to continue "borrowing" it. Don't tell me that she has better jewelry so she didn't need to steal it you dumb Lohan lawyer. That's not the pyschology of thieves and you know it. They will steal anything. It's the act, not the stuff. It's the high. It's an addiction.

1307 days ago


I hope the bitch goes to jail. I'm sick and tired of her thumbing her nose at the law. She thinks she's better than anyone. She is a skank and loser! No one will hire her and if they did, the public would boycott the movie or not buy the product. So advertisers, if you have anything to do with Lindsay, it's career suicide! Just disappear Lindsay. You made your bed, now lie in it.....alone!!

1307 days ago


"No she is being charged with felony grand theft for a $2500 necklace which was returned because Danette Meyers wants to become the new District Attorney." - nicole

I'm sorry, but this is not an episode of some lawyer/cop drama television series. Danette Meyers is a professional, working amongst other professionals, and has no known record of taking on frivolous cases in order to boost her notoriety or for political/professional advancement.

The reason this case is going forward is because there is clearly sufficient evidence against Lindsay Lohan to do so. No one is sitting behind a desk rubbing their hands together diabolically, thinking of a master plan on how to gain career advancement on the hide of a washed-up starlet. Wake up Nicole.

1307 days ago


Lindsay partied with Charlie last night! Big time in the old town! Lindsay tried to steal Babe Ruth's ring... Charlie recovered it and gave her a Filthy Fuentes. All good; all cool!

1307 days ago


Well should be interesting to see what she wears to court a pants suit with the top open to her crotch or a dress up to her a$$ this ho dresses like a slut.

1307 days ago


i was really rooting for Lindsay after all she's already gone through... but seriously? enough is enough. any normal person wouldn't be given that many chances, wouldn't be let out of jail so early, etc. it's time for her to face the same consequences that non-celebs would.

1307 days ago

Davey Boy    

I too find is ironic that LieLo blamed it on "the black kid" and now she has a black lawyer representing her and a black DA gunnin' for her.

LieLo's life of racist tendencies and chronic theft have finally caught up to her. Maybe she'll get shanked in the prison yard and then the taxpayers can stop funding this self-involved train wreck of worthless sack of human excrement.

1307 days ago


I doubt anything serious will happen today. Eventually the prosecutor will have to reveal all her evidence an list her witnesses. I would not agree to any deal until my lawyer had a chance to look at everything.
Not providing the security video until in court seems to me to be a cheap trick.
Three years of felony probation seems harsh I would have thought 18 months would have been the offer. Felony probation could end up being expensive to the state, she would be able to constantly ask for and get hearings and decisions. An out of state trip or to work could result in several and any formal complaint about treatment would result in more.
Jail for the probation violation is fair, the previous threat of 6 months would be my sentence if I was the judge. That would result in about 24 actual days.
Should be a good show but I doubt anything real will come from todays episode of this long running soap.

1307 days ago


Yeah, Puckett, prison is full of innocent people.

Posted at 2:29 AM on Feb 23, 2011 by Carvey

Oh but it IS, Carvey. People like MICHAEL LOHAN. I'm sure that Puckett would agree with that. Mikey boy was soooo innocent, he just refused to squeal and was punished by being sent to prison, just like poor, LINNOCENT Lindsay. Mikey didn't actually STEAL anyone's money, no no, it was all just a simple misunderstanding and the DA had a hard on to put Mikey in prison so it just...happened. LINNOCENT again.

The entire family is just so darned LINNOCENT that they should be given a Carvel-esque "Get out jail FREE" card for life.

(Sarcasm now turned off.)

1307 days ago
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