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Halle Berry/Gabriel Aubry Custody War: Round 2?

2/24/2011 4:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Halle Berry is bracing for another fight with baby daddy Gabriel Aubry, TMZ has learned ... and the info is coming right from "The Mountain Top."

Halle Berry Custody Battle

Halle is all but confirmed to star opposite Samuel L. Jackson in "The Mountain Top" -- a play set to open on Broadway this Fall which is scheduled to run for around four months.

Our sources say Gabriel is ready to raise the same stink he made over Halle going to NYC to film "New Year's Eve."

TMZ broke the story ... Gabriel was shot down when he asked the judge to prohibit his baby mama from taking their daughter Nahla to NYC for the "New Year's Eve" shoot -- which will last 1 week. 

As for whether he'll be more successful in keeping Nahla from going to Broadway with Halle -- it's doubtful.  The argument -- "You knew what you were signing up for" -- is awfully compelling.

Halle Berry


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Bottom line the baby is being used.

Why is Aubry now playing father, dad? Aubry is not getting the modeling jobs and needs money. Halle Berry has money is still working and Aubry is not.

1335 days ago


Dude's a money grubber.

1335 days ago


Kevin Federline? Wasn't he married to that former pop singer who is so incompetent that she can't take care of herself or her own finances? I see the similarities here but still, where would that baby be if Kevin hadn't gotten involved. Raised by the grandfather? Aubrey has every right to be with his kid. Halle needs a good ass kicking. She's just afraid she might end up paying child support, and the money is more important to her than the kid's well-being.

1335 days ago


Back up mike - number 39 poster. Did you say all "white men" want money? Funny, every black woman I know is supporting her "black man" because she's working and he's unemployed. Meantime, the babies are being raised by grandma.

1335 days ago


It has been reported that Mr. Aubrey is still planning to go to court to legally establish paternity and legal rights to visitation. Until that is done, it appears that Ms. Berry can continue to deny him visitation rights, either by refusing to allow visits when they are in the same city, denegrating Mr. Aubrey in the press, or taking work across the country or across the world. Perhaps Mr. Aubrey follows because it is the only way he can see his daughter while Ms. Berry holds all the cards.

1335 days ago


Sorry folks but when you have a baby out of wed lock this is what you get.
The mother basically owns the baby, the father at best can hope for visitation.
A woman really has to be a piece of crap to lose her parental rights.
If he married her, he would have more control.
If these two were 25 it would be more understandable, this ridiculous fight.

It isn't good for a four year old to be away from her mother for long stretches, where as, this dude can travel and come and go to NYC during the play.

Hence.......don't have kids this way!!!

1335 days ago


He's all about the money. If Halle Berry didn't have all the money she has, he'd not only be a dead beat dad, but he'd probably do everything possible to deny the child is even his.

It's all about the bank with Gabriel Bozo.
If one thing is sure it is that Gabriel loves his daughter very much and for that reason is trying to legalize his status as her father. As a model he is paid more than all of us put together and whilst he is not in Ms. Berry's catagory, is obviously well off by any standard.

Ms. Berry has already lost this battle because her behaviour has shown us all just who she really is. I never understood how she reached such a high status because she is an extremely limited actress. I laughed out loud at the thought of her performing on Broadway - is that a joke? And with the super talented Samuel Jackson!

Finally a message to Berry's PR Team who are posting most of the pro-Halle messages on this site. No one is buying your comments about Gabriel - he is not deserving of such dismissive and repulsive behaviour and Halle should be ashamed of herself.

1335 days ago


He paid long term sublet with his own money. I don't know when his next Louis Vuitton or Charisma gig is? Funny, how another tabloid, maybe Radar Online made it sound like he cleared his schedule to spend more time with Nahla playing Mr. Mom. Like he really several modeling gigs lined up. Again, he's on the birth certificate. Nothing wrong with having a regular visitation schedule, still think he wants more. Can't believe he gave his apt-maybe he really did have a roommate?

1335 days ago



1335 days ago


That bully will continue to everything to keep her kid from her dad. She is such an ass! Poor kid!

BOYCOTT anything this moron is in or promoting!!!

1335 days ago


"As a model he's paid more than all of us put together"!! Do you know how many starving models are running around New York and California? Not as many as starving actors, but a whole lot! What company is Gabriel modelling for at the moment? What products is he endorsing? I don't think this man has done a modelling gig in a long time...In fact, he was never a household name...Male models are not paid anywhere near what female models are paid...And he was never even at the top of the male modelling world like say Tyson Beckford or someone like that. I would bet my monthly salary this man is broke!

1335 days ago


It's sad. Halle doesn't have a relationship with her father. So, I guess she thinks that Nahla doesn't need her father.

1335 days ago


I wish both of them peace

1335 days ago


Does this man work? That baby don't need no stay at home dad. He needs to get a job like men do. I guess he should have chose a profession that doesn't end at 30 yrs old. TEAM HALLE!!!

1335 days ago


Gabriel is a f***** racist. He just want the money of Halle berry. C'est un nobody. I'm even surprise Halle feel for that duchbag.C'est un looser. J'espère que Halle va réussir à tenir ce NAZI loin de sa fille NOIRE.

1335 days ago
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