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Lindsay Shows Up At Her First Lawyer's Office

2/24/2011 6:48 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan just showed up at the law office of Blair Berk --- Lindsay's first lawyer --  to noodle over her felony grand theft case ... TMZ has learned.


Sources tell us Shawn Holley and Lindsay decided to call Berk and ask her to review the evidence in the case and strategize with Lindsay.  Sources tell TMZ ... Holley met with Lindsay and Dina for hours yesterday at Holley's office.  That meeting was followed by a lengthy conversation between Holley and Berk, and the two decided Lindsay should continue the discussion with Berk today.

Holley is and will continue to be Lindsay's lawyer, but in this kind of a pickle, two heads are better than one.

Berk, by the way, is the lawyer who repped Lindsay when she got her 2 DUI's ... and managed to get her off with a legal slap on the wrist.  One of the main reasons Berk is meeting with Lindsay -- she was the lawyer in the case the has now led to the probation violation.

It's likely Berk and Lindsay will discuss the D.A.'s plea offer, which would require her to accept 6 months in jail. 


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@ 96 Lou

I think your right, and even with no sound it should help put this mess to rest. I have witnessed enough shop lifters (hundreds) that I believe I could come to a final conclusion in my own mind from watching the tape. Maybe someone will leak it to the net,

1305 days ago


@John Smith--past acts can come in AND the individuals involved can testify--by subpoena if necessary. So, you are completely wrong on the hearsay theory. You must have missed that day in law school!!

1305 days ago


Still say Lindsay needs to run off to Mexico, change her name to Linate Lohandro, dye what's left of her hair to black, and join a gang just to throw people off. She'll be well-taken care of for awhile cuz everyone knows how gangs take care of their own. Its about the only option that she has left. Since she just proved she's not bright enough to take the easy way out......just frikkin take that plea deal already. Its LA County. She'd only be locked up for 6 wks and then we'd all quit bitching that she continually avoids any jail time. I do not agree with the comments calling her nasty names,,, honestly, learn some english before you post. Being a smart a** makes you sound like a dumb a**

1305 days ago


She is going to jail, but not for any real time! The six months will result in her being in a cell for about 24 days, maybe as little as 12 days if her previous 12 days are counted against the sentence. No matter how long she sits in that **** hole jail it will be her real academy award performance. Her mother and father will get paid to tell the world how hard it is on her. California can expect even more expenses for the shrink(s) etc.
Probation is going to be whatever the judge says it is and my guess is it will not be too restrictive. She can bog down the court with requests for permission to travel etc if it is not.
The strategy she will not let the public know about is the interviews and appearances and articles that will surely flow post jail. I'll bet big money that Dina is already counting the money.

1305 days ago


It is clear that Holley has not be able to impress upon Lohan how much Lohan has screwed up in the past year. Maybe Berk can help Holley make the point very clear. Between the two of them and the tape from the store, Lohan should now understand the facts of her case. It is time to grow up. Do the crime, do the time.

1305 days ago


You can't wiggle your way out of this one Ms. Lindsay Lohan. Your life sucks and so does your mother.

Enjoy life behind bars you haggard tool

1305 days ago


July 6th was an injustice and Blair even visited Lindsay in jail.

1305 days ago

Alan Carver    

Judge Schwartz made it perfectly CLEAR SHE IS GOING TO JAIL! Even if she pleads out she is going to jail for the PV for the new charge. She is not getting off of anything! Period. She is trying to see if her previous lawyer is going to be able to do something different than what Holly is or isn't seeing or doing. Lohan does not want to go to jail, and I get that, but she VIOLATED her probation not once not twice but three different times. She has been in front of her judges more this past year than ever before and when you keep showing up, for Violations, they get tired of that very quickly. It shows them, that you are getting what you need to be getting from the directives that they have given you. Eventually, like being arraigned for the grand theft charge, this Judge gets it and knows what she is up to! Nothing is getting past him, regarding her record and what the directives have been from the previous Judges regarding her case and now cases. Sorry Lohan you are going to JAIL! Just go and get it behind you! You're no better than anyone else in the judicial system!

1305 days ago



Get over July 6, won't you? It's over, done, in the past. Lindsay has committed more crimes since then.

1305 days ago


Nicole- Haha there you are. I think you need a better role model in your life dear. How bout oh say someone like oh Betty White.
I know its bad for me to like bad girls like Lindsay, but thats why Im single.
How can you not realize that Lindsay is a bad girl? How?

1305 days ago


Not willing to pay the bill for the jewelry, and not willing to own up to her dastardly deeds. Loser; in the industry as well as character.

1305 days ago


Lohan got ticketed for doing 59 mph in a 30 mile hour zone. The porche did it.

1305 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Dina and Lindsay look like Elsa Patton. Good job freaks.

1305 days ago


I suspect Lindsay and Dina didn't like what Shawn had to say about the chances of success at trial. And, as usual, instead of advising Lindsay to listen to her attorney, Dina probably told Lindsay that Lindsay was right, and they're off to find someone who agrees with them. Sadly, more "yes" people is not what Lindsay needs right now.

1305 days ago


I have to say, after reviewing a video of the hearing the other day I really like that judge. I think he gave her a lot of sound advice because regardless of her guilt or innocence of this case there are obviously issues in her life and unless she works them out this will surly not be the end of her troubles.

I don't know that she did this, everything points to her so the most reasonable answer is she stole the item, but there are other possibilities. The stores name has now been one news sites world wide. A conviction will surly help the Ada in her quest to become DA. All in all its an interesting case but not a huge one. Regardless of the outcome her actual jail time will be measured in days, perhaps weeks but thats it.

Regardless of her involvement in this case she has made admitions that she does have issues with drugs and alcohol and she just finished a stay at a rehab facility but I have to say her behavior even when you remove this incident is not healthy behavior for someone just out of rehab. At this point of her life her sobriety should be the one and only most important thing but that does not seem to be the case.

The whole thing about recovery is admitting to your self that you have no power of drugs or alcohol yet she seems to be in denial about this because she is frequently seen at clubs. People in recovery do not hang out at clubs, especially 2 moths out of rehab, they hang out at 12 step meetings. She may not be drinking, she may even be paid to be at the club, not likely but it doesn't really matter because there is no reason in the world she should be there. Its just a tell tell sign that she has not fought her last fight with substance abuse.

If she ever does get serious it will be easy to tell, first off you wont be seeing daily stories about her on TMZ. Second she wont be using words to say how seriously she takes her sobriety we will know by her actions. Things like not showing up at clubs or hanging out with people who are constantly parting.

1305 days ago
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