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Rihanna Photos


2/24/2011 12:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

New photos of Rihanna reportedly taken shortly after Chris Brown beat her have shown up online.

Rihanna Abuse Photos has published photos of Rihanna which appear to have been taken at a hospital back in 2009 ... following the brutal attack.

Rihanna Assault Photos
No comment from Rihanna's camp ... at least so far.

Shortly after the incident, TMZ published a photo of Rihanna's injuries. Brown eventually plead guilty to assaulting Rihanna and was ordered to stay away from the singer.

However, just this week, a judge agreed to allow Brown to once again have contact with his ex-girlfriend.




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big ups 4 chris,MLK would have baeten her ass too!

1324 days ago


Yet, she now sings a song about S&M and how violence excites her.

1324 days ago


That's all right because she likes the way it hurts.

1324 days ago


Chris Brown is my brother
She came on to me so i beat her with a stick
He didnt do a thing

1324 days ago


It absolutely astounds me, that in 33 pages of comments and two weeks NO ONE has brought up several key details:
- The police report also talks about him slamming her face into the car window repeatedly (hence the blunt impact cuts from her teeth), and at one point choking her which is when she scratched at his face.
- Chris Brown had not *once* mentioned Rihanna hitting him prior to the incident, and if she had been then why didn't HE come forward to the police with claims of domestic violence? Just because she started things in the past, even physically, doesn't mean those actions were severe enough to warrant the retaliation displayed above.
- The restraining order EXPIRED, it was not lifted by any person, there was a set date it would end and that date simply came and passed. Rihanna didn't fight to have it extended because she has MOVED ON, and she never wanted it in the first place! No one has brought up that she is not a US citizen, and probably didn't want much to do with our criminal justice system either.

Finally on a more personal note, I am also a victim of domestic abuse at the hands of someone much larger than I was - and it doesn't matter who starts things, the bigger fist prevails every time. Dragging this back up does hurt Rihanna I'm sure, but it also serves as a good reminder to females everywhere just what he - and other men who will put their hands on women - is capable of. Like it or not he is a role model for young people, and an absolutely terrible one. I'm a mere two months older than him and even hail from a town in Virginia not far from Tappahannock, but he let down a lot of fans, including myself, when he beat the living he*l out of Rihanna. I deleted his music and never looked back, not one more cent of my money will go to trash like that.

1323 days ago

ts rouff    

Well I certainly don't condone beating up your girlfriend but I also question why a girl who went through this is now singing "sticks and stones may break my bones, but chains and whips excite me" in her new song S&M. She may have problems of her own.

1323 days ago



1321 days ago


Tmz just ran out of stories gosh this is so old. I think tmz should carry on chasing other celebs, the most popular one at the moment is....hmm CHARLIE SHEEN!!

1321 days ago


that is some crazy s*** rihanna is a good person she definitley did not deserve that type of stuff i think that chris brown needs a good a** woopin 4 dat s*** but of course that is my opinion and i hope that no girl out there would let a guy abuse them like the way chris did to rihanna or abuse them at all my best friend lets her man do that **** to her then calls me crying then goes back to him all the time

1321 days ago

Read in DC    

TMZ who are you trying to hurt Chris or Rihanna? These two young adults are trying to move on with their life and careers...why don't you do the same and get some new material. I would never recommned anyone to watch your show. You are on the same level as the National Enquirer in my opinion and I haven't watched your show since you printed the photos the 1st time.

1320 days ago


I cried reading and looking at this pictures because I am a homosexual white male who loves big black rods shoved in my little hairy white hiney. My last boyfriend Jamall tagteamed my white hiney with four of his big black friends and now my hiney leaks fluid all the time. I hope this did not happen to Rihanna. God bless her.

1319 days ago

Khandie ('',)    

I hate the fact that these were published. The girl has moved on. When something that traumatic happens you want to forget and move on not constantly be reminded of it. Let Her be.
I must say though that I love Rihanna and Chris Brown Equally even thoug what he did was f**ked up. But I think He's sorry and he;'s changed. I think he's paid his dues or as close to it as he is ever gonna get si I think everyone needs to stophating on him as well. I was really mad when it happened but I'm still a big fan of both of them. They have moved on and I think the world needs to do the same.

1319 days ago


Granted she has some decent lacerations but just for the record...there is no bone in your lip to split down In fact when the laceration (split) is on the inside of the mouth, the deeper it goes the closer it gets to the outside of the skin. Just a simple observation. But you gotta admit..."split nearly to the bone" would sell more copies.

1319 days ago


First of all the lip does not have a bone! I'm sorry she went thru this but my question has always been...What did she do? If her ass was beat that bad, and looks like outta anger, I'm just takes 2. Keeping it real.

1318 days ago

Chris Brownisadick    

How did Brown not get the S### kicked out of him? What a turd. Then the awards show where he plays Micheal Jackson, that had to be a proud dayin black history, having a woman-beater play a child molester

1318 days ago
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