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Dr. Drew -- Charlie Sheen Has a Point About AA ...

2/25/2011 11:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Drew Pinsky -- the world's most famous addictions specialist -- says Charlie Sheen may be manic ... and possibly bi-polar ... but admits the actor made a point when he criticized Alcoholics Anonymous.

Dr Drew Charlie Sheen
As you may have heard, Charlie ripped AA during an on-air radio rant yesterday -- calling the group a "bootleg cult" with a success rate of 5%.

And last night at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, Drew admitted, "He's got a point ... their  success rates aren't that great ... but it DOES work when people do it."

When asked about Charlie's recent behavior, the "Celebrity Rehab" star explained, "It's no joke, he's getting manic ... these are bi-polar, manic symptoms."

Drew adds, "I'm frightened for the guy."


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Wow this coming from a man who runs a fake rehab for D listed celebs?

Hey Drew whats your success rate? Two of your alumni have just been busted for drugs this month alone.

1333 days ago


Drew is OK, except for his constant fawning over juicy new celebrity addicts to recruit them for Celebrity Rehab.

Yeeees, I'd love to see Charlie expose his addicted guts on Celebrity Rehab. Do it, Charlie, do it!

1333 days ago


hmm but it does work when you do is he saying it doesnt work if you do not do can it work if you do not do it

1333 days ago

Davey Boy    

Does Drew have any behavioral health credentials backing him or does he just play an expert on TV. Just wondering. I think he's spot-on though. Charlie is riding a crescent of extreme manic paranoia.

1333 days ago


tmz why the hell do you keep shuffling the stories, for a daily reader this gets very confusing

1333 days ago


Dr. Drew needs to get a real life...and some porn stars and crack ho's! He is like Dr. Phil lite....!

1333 days ago


I have known many people where AA worked well. They are the support, but the individual has to want it. Charlie doesn't fit that profile. He wants to keep drugging, and he's furious so many people have his number now. So he is attacking everything and everyone around him as the problem. Charlie is headed for a real tragedy---I just keep wondering if there is anyone out there who loves him enough to really get him help.

1333 days ago


Charlie is so high right now he has no clue
his acting of late hast appearance of another hollywood drugged out actor it's pretty common per history but he is the latest idiot

1333 days ago


actually you can pick up pretty wild women at these meetings and then afterwards everyone heads for the local bar

1333 days ago


Sorry, Dr. Drew- I'm going to disagree with you here..... I'm a medical health professional- ARNP and I've been around and treated lot's of addiction patients as well in my professional career. Why is it that doctors are so quick to label a patient with bipolar ?? It's the easiest diagnosis to give I suppose....Charlie is clearly a drug and/ or ETOH addict and needs professional help!!! Once you take away his addictions, then lets see what we have if any behavioral problems. The people in Hollywood are spoiled and they are used to getting what they want... maybe this plays a part of his behavior..... as far as I can see this is all drug induced and he isn't well, but what Charlie should want if he cared and loved himself, and his children he has a clean sober life before he is a Charlie in the past... as in drug overdose and death !!!!

1333 days ago


first of all, i was listening to alex jones live when charlie was on. alex jones was the one that mentioned thomas jefferson, and charlie responded by saying he was a pssy. dont try to twist it like charlie just mentioned thomas jefferson out of nowhere in a completely irrelevant way because THAT IS NOT WHAT HAPPENED!

this is exactly what charlie sheen was talking about in respect to the media. hollywood isnt about truth, its about perception. money is the root of all evil and who needs the truth when you have lots of money..... think about it!

1333 days ago


Dr. Drew is an ass. I used to love him back on the Loveline days with the Poorman, but he is just a sad excuse of an "addiction specialist." How many of your former patients were busted in the past 2 weeks, all mighty one?

1333 days ago


Charlie's latest movie project:

How I Met My Maker

(Charlie plays the devil, the grim reaper, and the undertaker. Ow, wait, that is reality.)

1333 days ago

charlie bit my hooker    

Charlie bit my hooker! haha! lol Did you know Charlie Sheen tried to be a singer in the late 80's? He put out an album and everything! LIsten to his single here>><<... he's pretty good! If the tv thing doesn't work maybe he can hook up with lady gaga!
P.S. Snooki is a man. Damn the man. Defeat the evil empire before its too late!

1333 days ago


this is like watching a train wreck, you know you should look away but keep staring to see what happens next. enter dr. drew trying to tack on some more minutes to his 15 minutes of fame - big question - where will dr. drew and charlie be in 5 years??? we know the answer

1333 days ago
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