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MJ's Kids -- We've Got a UCLA Education!

2/25/2011 10:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's 3 kids have already had a taste of the college life ... revealing that a UCLA film teacher used to come to their home to conduct private classes ... and even flew to Ireland to help the gang make a movie. 

Michael Jackson's Kids

The kids sat down with "Good Morning America" this morning -- where they also revealed that their favorite school subjects are "gym and lunch."

Still, 14-year-old Prince says he's already thinking about his career ... insisting, "I'm looking at a couple of opportunities in show business ... mostly producing."

In Hollywood, it ain't what ya know ...


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a 14-year old is exploring opportunities in show business because all 14 year olds have that kind of maturity and with a specialization in production. never mind that he spent the majority of his life wearing a veil. Hey Paris, here's some advice: SHUT UP.

1336 days ago


Michael was the legal and biological father of all three of this children........move on! It's done and redundant!! No other man on earth is the father of Michael's children. No one is coming forward to petition the court because there is no other father out men father white looking children everyday. only in the case of michael jackson does the studpified lunacy prevail among the ingnorant clones and lame!!! pleazzzz!

1336 days ago


Well I dont want to spend all day on this computerer.Today is my Birthday.What I like to say is Michael Jackson's children are wonderful Children!!Bless them !!!!

1336 days ago


Come again?

Posted at 2:05 PM on Feb 25, 2011 by mymjj5

That's probably some kind of verbal diarrhea. Yeah, mymjj5, after the trial, I've got the feeling that there would be a drop in hits for TMZ. Hey, what's your take on the GMA interview of MJ3. They look great & happy. Just not too sure about this Howard Mann, promoting the book, and which Heal The World Foundation are they talking about. I know the one that MJ was associated with, became inactive long time ago, and the new one that I found on the web, clearly states that they're not associated with the MJ estate. Wonder if the kids are made board directors for a reason, i.e. give HM/KJ credibility which in turn of course will give them $$$.

1336 days ago


Well I dont want to spend all day on this computerer.Today is my Birthday.What I like to say is Michael Jackson's children are wonderful Children!!Bless them !!!!

Posted at 2:14 PM on Feb 25, 2011 by Eleonora49

Happy birthday, Eleonora, I hope it is a good one for you! :-)

1336 days ago


and as for the people who keep saying if something happens to katherine they'll be fine living with the other jacksons.
have any of you actually really thought about the chance of the other people in micheals family caring for those children the right way? if any jackson gets them most likely they are going to be expolited, or turned into litle weirdos. as for naming diana ross guardian what can she really do for those children?
she has her life, her own family, she doesn't even know Micheal had those kids.??? Don't think the sperm donors have given up trying to get those children ethier...,

1336 days ago


Katherine is clearly brainwashing those children.
I saw that oprah interview, and I saw this one...

paris said she wanted to be an actor?
well wait a minute? what does someone her age already know what she wants as a career in live..?

prince said he wanted to be a film director?
well how does even know what that means?
seems to me the children have some outside influence controlling everything they say....
they don't seem to really know what they're even saying.

and as for blanket why is he not in school with other children
his age? why can't he just go to school with his brother n sister?? they never did ask blanket what he wanted to with his life..

1336 days ago


Dumb Asses. NO WONDER THE U.S. IS RANKING AT THE BOTTOM IN EDUCATION COMPARED TO OTHER NATIONS. Biology is usually taught in the 10th grade. Scientists found that there are 64 POSSIBLE COLOR RANGES for children from a white parent and a black parent. If you want proof of this scientific fact look at Mariah Carey, Nicole Ritchie, Vin Diesal, and yes, Carol Channing, age 90, who will be honored this Sunday at the Oscars, just to name a few. (Ms. Channing announced years ago that she is of African-American heritage.) So these ignorant comments are either from people who did hot complete the 10th grade, flunked Biology 101, just looking to hate, or have BLACK in their own lineage that they are trying to hide. Michael Jackson knew his kids, and certainly, finished the 10th Grade.

1336 days ago


Hi Daphne
The interview was fine. I have no problem with promoting the book. it's showbusiness. no one is forcing anyone to buy it. as for heal the world....i'll have to revist that and think on it for a minute. yet i have no problem with the children working. it's their birthright of being born into a showbusiness family.
jaden smith (son of Will Smith) made over 50 million dollars in three days for the Pursuit of Happyness. no one ever accused his parents of exploiting him or his sister. I think Jaden made 3 films by time he was 12....all of them were huge money makers.....

Prince and Paris need to go for it if they want too. Prince Jackson is going to be a super rich man in his own right one day.

1336 days ago


they were forced to wear viels,masks,scarfs, all other material.. my question is why did he hide them so much?
what was the main reason they had to be hidden/isolated/sheltered for dear life?
they didn't have a mother? Nobody knows how micheal really raised them, I doubt he was acting like a father....
sure it looks nice on the outside but I doubt anything micheal told us infront of the cameras. I know it wasn't just the fact those children were white that he had to have the viels over them...

1336 days ago

Phantom of the Opera    

1336 days ago


they are not micheals biological children.
I'm now just understanding why he didn't have his own
whatever reason he had those children he didn't want his own to suffer the same way he did.

have we actually forgotten that micheal was black?
how has blanket ever resembled micheal in anyway? I certaintly done see it.
btw those children are getting tall' I can see that they are not going to be average height in the next four years. certaintly see those children aren't finished with puberty..

1336 days ago


Hi Siggisis,

great post, and thanks for the link – it’s really much enlightening!
I absolutely share your respect for Katherine and your sight on this issue.
Yeah, maybe Katherine has problems with the way her income and her allowance is handled by the estate. Yet, from my understanding she’s so much better situated now than when Michael was alive. Hasn’t Hayvenhurst been close to foreclosure? And isn’t it completely debt-free know? Doesn’t Katherine get more money than ever before? Money, and in addition the expenses paid for running the house, for employees, for cars? Her monthly allowance is huge, as far as I remember the sum she wasn’t satisfied with was 260...00 Dollars; and I read that the kids got additionally 59629 Dollar alone in October. What more could Katherine wish? IMO it’s not wise to start fighting with the estate – it’s like biting the hand that feeds you, as we say in my country!

1336 days ago


glory-Why do you "haters" keep bringing this issue up! Get over it already!

1336 days ago


I hate hypocrisy-Seriously you believe that?! Check your facts,also the Jackson's have white ancestors,plus Prince and Paris' mother is white! They ALL look just like MJ as well as other members of the Jackson family.When did Mesereau make any comments about that? He didn't! Noone has ever said they were not MJs biokids! I will defend MJ,and his children from ignorant people like you.I will say this back to you because you seem like you need it more than´re just insecure and confused.
Be careful what you believe. You can have a big, big disillusion. Check your facts,before making stupid comments!

1336 days ago
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