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Sheen: I Am on a Drug, It's Called "Charlie Sheen"

2/27/2011 2:59 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If this promo is any indication, the ABC interview with Charlie Sheen is going to be good.

*BTW -- that headline is an actual quote from Charlie. Yes, really.


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Bubbles The Chimp    


It says the drug called 'Charlie Sheen' also goes by the generic name 'DumbAss'.

1270 days ago



"I'm convinced that Charlie is bipolar, manic depressive, he just hasn't been diagnosed yet. Anyone who is familiar with this disease will recognize the symptoms. Even when under treatment the affliction is difficult to manage. It comes in cycles, peaking and subsiding. Among other symptoms are a tendency to ramble, jump around from thought to thought for hours at a time, can take in massive amounts of alcohol and drugs without be affected as much as a normal person. All the symptoms are there with Charlie. Hope someone can get him the help he needs before it's too late. It's difficult if not impossible to get through to these people when they're in the throes of mania."

Posted at 1:20 PM on Feb 27, 2011 by mamamia

Mamamia, I think you hit the nail square on the head!! I too--think that Sheen probably has undiagnosed Bipolar Disorder. I once dated a guy that had Bipolar and he wouldn't take his meds for it. As a result--his behavior got very much out of control. Like you've mentioned Mamamia, Bipolar is really just the clinical term for Manic-Depressive Disorder. My ex would get states of mania, where he'd be very grandiose, and had a BIG ego...But then other days...he'd be really quiet, sullen, and depressed. Sometimes, he'd get verbally abusive towards me -- like he'd snap! Sufficed to say--I didn't stay with him very long like that.

If individuals that have Bipolar Disorder don't take their medicine (they usually are prescribed drugs like Lithium, Depakote or Abilify) they can go off the rails of sanity and become very impulsive. Charlie needs psychiatric treatment QUICK cuz he'll self-destruct!!

Also, people with Bipolar...have a tendency to not want treatment or meds--because they wanna sustain their manic episodes and not be brought down. The manic cycles are like a high for them...That's probably why I initially thought Charlie was smoking Methamphetamine--but he's not...He's probably just manic. And when the manic cycle stops--and they shift into the downward, depressive cycle...a lotta times, the person will take Cocaine to get back up...That's what my ex was addicted to.

*Hey maybe Lilo has Bipolar also??

1270 days ago


Comments #88 and 90 are right on target. Pray that wacko-cracko Charlie Sheen is not at the Oscars tonight — EVERYONE IS SICK OF HIM (and Lindsay Lohan).

1270 days ago


I say we all sit back and watch the "train wreck" on Tuesday night.

We all know what the wreck sounds like after last Thursday...FINALLY we get to "see" it! This is great!

BTW- If he really has been "clean" through all this? Then I don't want be a "Silent Assassin" in his octagon of war anymore. He makes it sound like the position comes with a paid "prescription" plan. I know it doesn't have dental. Darn and I took time off work.

1270 days ago


With all his money, he has one ****ing ugly concubine of whores. Where does he find these broads? The bus station?

The 'abortion for birth control' bitch has a pig face like Amber Portland. One of the Goddess'in the linked video looks like Alfred E Newman with a bad dye job. I can't believe she hasn't asked him for money to get her ears pinned back, unless of course Charlie likes them. He probably uses them as handles.

1270 days ago


So basically this story is a "non story" because TMZ reported incorrectly in the first place. Why continue to post it? Poor reporting even by TMZ standards.

1270 days ago

I Luv TMZ    

Charlie looks like death warmed over. Why hasn't he gotten his teeth fixed yet?

1270 days ago


Tragic yet entertaining all at once.

Curiously, the media never mentions how he shot Kelly Preston when she was his fiance some years ago. He is a psychotic crackhead who needs hospitalization in a mental health facility.

1270 days ago


Look at his face, he looks stressed out and thin. The guy needs help.

1270 days ago


Wow, he looks terrible. He has the classic look of someone whose body is irreversably shutting down. It can only take so much. I'll be shocked if he's not dead within a few weeks.

1270 days ago


You mean a train wreck.

1270 days ago


the ABC announcer is taking some of his audio riff style from the TMZ video clip narrator. rip off

1270 days ago


This 'promo' is so sad. I know that look and it is the look of someone on one hell of a bender. I have had friends like Charlie, who I knew for years and drank with, who all died in their forties from the disease of alcoholism. Thank goodness, I was able to embrace AA as many of my friends also did. But, sadly, those who could not, or would not, are now dead.

But, it is also sad because of those two young girls, who are in danger. Porno is NOT a victimless industry. Sexual abuse of children, poverty, exploitation and powerlessness are the foundation it is built on.

Your own child is probably older than these scared looking girls!

Charlie! Please go write these girls a check, send them on their way and immediately go to detox!

1270 days ago


"I am on a drug, it's called 'Charlie Sheen.'" And his dealer gives him a discount for letting him use the name.

1270 days ago


My father smoked 2packs of cigs a day and looked better when he was 65 just before he passed away. Charlie won't make Two and a Half Months at this pace.

1270 days ago
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