Sheen vs The Oscars -- ABC in the Middle

2/27/2011 11:00 AM PST

Sheen vs The Oscars -- ABC in the Middle

ABC has landed a big "get" (Charlie Sheen) and tonight has the biggest promotional vehicle with which to promote it (tonight's Oscars) -- but it seems the two go together about as well as Sheen and Chuck Lorre.

Common sense would dictate ABC would promote the hell out of its Sheen interview during tonight's Oscars telecast, but Deadline Hollywood is reporting the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences has a say in ANYTHING that airs during the show ... and wants Charlie nowhere near the Oscars.

The interview is scheduled to air in part on "Good Morning America" on Monday, and then in a special episode of "20/20" on Tuesday night.

UPDATE 12:20 PM PT -- ABC will air two promos for the Sheen interview during the Oscars, this according to The Hollywood Reporter.