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Jon Cryer -- That's Not My Twitter!

2/26/2011 5:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Various media outlets are reporting Jon Cryer has broken his silence -- via Twitter -- on the whole Charlie Sheen/"Two and a Half Men" fiasco -- except he DOESN'T HAVE A TWITTER ACCOUNT!!!


The Twitter page in question looked shady to us, so we asked his rep, who quickly responded: "Actually Jon does not have a Facebook or Twitter account. I would love for you to let folks know this is all bogus."



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hacked,and lost his

1337 days ago


no not hacked,just just, done in.

1337 days ago


John is smart enough not to get in the middle of this. No reason to piss off your producer or your co-star. Plus, while he'll never be A list, he's always be able to find work.

1337 days ago


Thank you TMZ. I will now be able to sleep tonight knowing this.

1337 days ago


what do you mean he is smart not to get in the middle of this he is out of work becaus of Charlie i be pissed if i were him and angus you know two and a half men is going down the tube they is screwed

1337 days ago


Jon's a classy guy.

1337 days ago


I agree that John is a classy guy. If Charlie Sheen was my co-worker and costing me my job because he is a sex crazed, drug addict....I would have a hard time not calling all the talk shows like Charlie is doing.

Charlie is hurting all the people that work on this show...not just himself!

1337 days ago

Made it Past 27    


1337 days ago


By scrapping the rest of this show's season, you are playing into Mr. Carlos Irwin Estevezs' hands ( did he conveniently forgot he has a "real" name, when referring to Mr. Lorre). He has held this show, and it's talented ensemble cast hostage for too long with his erratic and addictive lifestyle. He should be easily replaced, so fans can continue to enjoy the writing that has made it such a success. In reality, he is the weakest link in this award winning cast, and the character he "portrays" is only a mirror image of himself. He isn't even acting, just memorizing lines. No one owes him anything, he's the one that should be grateful. Not only does he get coddled, but comes back more arrogant each episode. Replace "Mr. Estevez" and watch the ratings soar! We would look forward to a replacement that can be counted on rather than giving this any more attention.

1337 days ago


Cryer and the rest of the cast of the show are fantastic - too bad that Charlie Sheen's brand of S.H.I.T. has to be smeared on them - HOPEFULLY THE BIRDS WILL COME HOME TO ROOST - for Sheen and what he is dishing out may it come back to him 10 fold!!!

1337 days ago


I actually got "into" this show while watching it in re-runs. The one thing I always thought was that Charlie played and said the same damn thing every show.
It was Jon, the kid and the housekeeper that actually did some acting.

Jon, if this show does get cxl'd because of this jerk...I wish you the absolute best!!!!

1337 days ago


Greg Kinnear is free. Much more talented and much more funnier than Charlie will ever be.

1337 days ago

Bons are RIGHT on!!!

1337 days ago

bring back recent posts    

..I also agree with Billykay..although..Lorre should shut his trap too..

1337 days ago


Well Mr Cryer (and everyone else) should get to say what ever they like about this self-centered addict who has cost them all their jobs. He made enough to continue living this arrogant life style for a few more years, but his cast members and the crew, don't make 1.25 million per episode. I hope something can be salvaged from this show for the sake of the crew, but I doubt there is since One and a Half Men just would fly. Allan Harper without Charlie (and now Jake is all grown up) just wouldn't cut it. Too bad it was a funny show for quite some time (not the last two seasons though).

1337 days ago
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