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Jon Cryer -- That's Not My Twitter!

2/26/2011 5:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Various media outlets are reporting Jon Cryer has broken his silence -- via Twitter -- on the whole Charlie Sheen/"Two and a Half Men" fiasco -- except he DOESN'T HAVE A TWITTER ACCOUNT!!!


The Twitter page in question looked shady to us, so we asked his rep, who quickly responded: "Actually Jon does not have a Facebook or Twitter account. I would love for you to let folks know this is all bogus."



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Lorre just brought y'all a whore show, guess the endless dirty sex jokes were funny to a few people.

I watched all of ten minutes of the show, enough to get the picture.

Lorre was a whore for exploiting sex, Carlos was the whore for being the whore.

1301 days ago


Get a bigger breast size when you tak all natural Celebreast.

1301 days ago



Wouldnt want to be anywhere near that Charlie Skeenk toxic waste dump, you can have him, his whores and his crack tooth smile.

1301 days ago

bring back recent posts    

..all this between Lorre & Sheen is just a simple question, what came first? the chicken or the egg...cause if BOTH kept their traps shut about each other, hundreds would be back at work next week, and if Charlie wants to mess up his life on his off time, that's his problem...they should have kept milking him until end of season, I'm sure he would have shown up, but both messed it all up cause of each other..pretty simple..sad for the innocent in all of the other 98% of the equation.

1301 days ago



If you really want something that will sell, have Charlie and Lindsay move in with those Sister wives Polygamists and they can all do Bible studies, followed by porn, crack, and group shoplifting runs at the mall!

1301 days ago

nancy williams    

All co-stars are staying out of it or state that you won't get them to say anything negative about Sheen.I wish they would write a book because I am beginning to believe they are afraid of Sheen.

1301 days ago


All co-stars are staying out of it or state that you won't get them to say anything negative about Sheen.I wish they would write a book because I am beginning to believe they are afraid of Sheen.

Posted at 1:54 PM on Feb 26, 2011 by nancy williams

Reality Check!

The cast owns you nothing let alone a tell all book for you own gratification and at their expense. Just because the cast aren't a bunch of gossip whores that doesn't mean they are afraid of anyone.

Some people simply don't thrive on "tell all" gossip crap and rehashing the past. Instead they move on and focus on the present and future positively.

1301 days ago


I'm guessing the cast knew what they were involved with and realized charlie skeenk would hit the wall sooner or later.

They all had a good run I guess, now on to something else, more worthwhile...

1301 days ago

Uncle Patty    

Looks like it might be time for a Spin off series.
I just hate to see the show go. the writers are awesome on this show. The truth is I hope all this crap gets worked out and the cast remains as is. BEST SHOW ON TV!!! Charlie is the best.

1301 days ago


Sarah Silverman quipped about Sheen’s ****iness, “If I hung out w 20 year old porn stars all the time time I’d think I was a genius too.”



1301 days ago


I think Charlie Sheen is an egotistical piece of c--p. All the people out of work because of his antics and he has the nerve, to get pissed and say "he, Chuck Lorre, is taking food out of my children's mouth", when the set was closed down.
I've watched the show since the beginning and I love all the characters. I really think they could get another drunk whore monger actor to take his place!! I'm just sick of hearing about him and so should everyone else.

1301 days ago


Here is the link to that twitter account they are talking about

1301 days ago


This is just sad. I've loved the show for 8 seasons. The cast is terrific. I don't know how they replace him, but I hope they do. If the show moves on, I'll remain a fan. Best wishes and prayers to Charlie Sheen as he battles the devils that are still so obviously present in his life.

1301 days ago


I believe Charlie Sheen can be replaced

1301 days ago


Poor Jon really did not deserve Charlie's bull. Next time you watch the show, notice when they have one of their comic exchanges, who is the more expressive actor - here's hoping you do nothing but prosper while "Crackee Charlie" goes down the tubes.

1301 days ago
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