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Lindsay Lohan -- Looking Suite

2/26/2011 11:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan showed up at Kari Feinstein's Academy Awards Style Lounge at Montage Beverly Hills yesterday.

Generally at these things, all the stuff is free.


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Duh Netta " Now Miss Lohan let me axe you a question, you weht in da store and den you tried on da necklace, did you axe da store clerk how much it was?"

Posted at 1:34 PM on Feb 26, 2011 by john smith


Why is that LL only appeals to racist White Trash??

Ms. Meyers is a well spoken attorney. Unlike LL she doesn't have a record and she's employed!

1343 days ago

Red Cloud    


Sitting Bull has been exiled to Canada. Red Cloud is a much nicer guy.

1343 days ago


If LL gets "jail" time, do you think it will be at Lynwood (jail) or Frontera (prison)???? If it's at Frontera, when she gets out do you think Dina will issue a statment like she did in August: "She's great. She's been through a lot. The judge played hardball. Lindsay was in prison with alleged murderers, and she's become friends with a lot of them. Lindsay's rolled with the punches and she's doing wonderfully."??

1343 days ago


#88, where ever she goes to do her time, i bet she walks out with at least 12 pairs of handcuffs .

1343 days ago


Why should she be embarassed? (Gee, I don't know, maybe because thieving is not considered something to be proud of???)She is rightfully holding her head up high. (HA HA HA HA HA HA, and a million times more HA HA)
Rehab was a success and she has been clean and sober since failing the drug tests on September 7th and 10th. (Rehab is never a success when the person in rehab is only in rehab to avoid jail or because the judge sent them there. It is never a success when the person in rehab doesn't want to be "better".)
(Clean and sober is relative, especially when you come back tipsy and refuse to be tested until the alcohol can be out of your system)

Danette Meyers should be embarassed for pursuing a misunderstanding about an overpriced necklace. (Danette Meyers is the L.A. County Deputy District Attorney, and probably never is embarassed for doing her job, which is to prosecute suspected thieves and other scoundrals who break the law) (The misunderstanding is by enablers who refuse to accept that LL has video evidence against her, which will also, if it goes to trial, will be convincing evidence that LL is a Liar as well) (The alleged overpricing of the necklace has only been done by proxy, and from what information is out there, it will not stand up in a court of law)
She wants to make Lindsay a felon to aid her district attorney campaign (LL made herself a felon the moment she stole the necklace that she knew was valued at 2500.00, she will become a convicted felon when she pleads to it or when she is found guilty) (any case she successfully prosecutes will aid her, since she will have been successful at doing her job)
LINNOCENT (Hey, keep counting 23 days if released at midnight, it seems to be your mantra)

1343 days ago


still wearing the heart lock/key earrings that was loaned to her for her court date feb 23 by tres glam "Gastineau provided Lindsay with an Anti Envy Protection Eye necklace worth $3,000 and the signature Heart Locket earring that go for $1,800. Wonder when LL is planning on returning that jewelery

1343 days ago


I love the "drag to share" button that came up on the photo. She has shared enough of herself and dragged herself around to the point that maybe TMZ should just remove that button from postings about this former actress. Who on earth would want to drag or share her anyway?

1343 days ago


Why didn't she wear that to court? Much more appropriate.

1343 days ago


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1343 days ago


In the hypomanic state, people may feel that they cannot slow their minds down, and that their speeding thoughts are crafted exceptionally well. Some examples are speaking or writing in rhyme or alliteration without planning it first; quick responses to people talking; or the ability to improvise easily.

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Hypomanic individuals may also experience difficulty with decision making, resulting in behavior such as reckless driving, gambling, spending sprees and sexual adventures. To a varying degree, promiscuity, loss of social inhibitions, and risk taking, are all very common in hypomanic episodes. Many have described hypomanic individuals as 'the life of the party'.

Case closed

1343 days ago


Boy, Nichole!!! I know you're a die-hard fan but you have to face reality. Her name is MUD in Hollywood. She should not be out and about.

1343 days ago


The laugh would be on Lindsay if they allowed her to film the PSA but then decided to never show her portion due to the fact that serving in the military is honorable and felony theft is not. World of difference between the two "careers".

1343 days ago


Seriously, how can people not tell that Lindsay Lohan suffers from hypermania? Has there ever been a more obvious case? Ever? I think not.

1343 days ago


are you a doctor who is qualified to make a diagnosis, and have you treated LL medically???

1343 days ago


Danette Meyers should be embarassed for pursuing a misunderstanding about an overpriced necklace.
She wants to make Lindsay a felon to aid her district attorney campaign

Posted at 3:55 PM on Feb 26, 2011 by Nicole


Nicole - You follow the legal system very well and seem to understand many intricacies that would be lost on a lot of people (me included).
Why is it that you have such a hard time with the ADA doing her JOB? Ms. Meyers had absolutely no influence on who her next case was. It was just the next case that was put on her desk. It just happened to be Lindsay Lohan (lucky D. Meyers). If she DIDN'T prosecute LL, she wouldn't be doing HER JOB. If, during her successful career, she is appointed DA because she did her job well, so be it. She earned it. But she didn't earn it on the back of LL - if LL hadn't put herself in that position she wouldn't even know who Danette Meyers is. And more importantly, neither would I.

1343 days ago
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