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Rapper Juvenile Arrested in Louisiana

2/27/2011 11:49 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Juvenile -- birth name Terius Gray -- was arrested in Louisiana yesterday for possession of marijuana and driving on a suspended license ... TMZ has learned.

Rapper Juvenile Arrested in Louisiana
Sterlington PD says Juvenile was busted on a simple possession charge and released on $750 bond. How's this for bad luck -- cops tell us Juvenile was pulled over for doing 75 in a 65.

Juvenile's biggest success came with the 1998 album "400 Degreez," which sold over 4,000,000 copies.


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I wonder if he will be charged as an adult?

1303 days ago


I guess he's a 'Juvenile' delinquent.

1303 days ago


@Stilleto-ROFL-ing....that is sooo true!

At the others....what the hell is a "reversed racist"? Lol.....
Really, what is it? Never heard of it. Is it what you tell your children as you bring them up? It must be b/c none of the white people today had a damn thing to do with slavery or desegregation of yesteryear.

"Laquesha, you know da big bad white man today is the cause of all your problems...."they" are all racist-don't ever trust a one of 'em. Them whiteies be all crackers with whips hiddin' under they kkk coats-they will steal ya weed too!"

Funny how black see color in everything-everything is a shade of black or white. Whites could give a rats ass. We have no reason to even think about our color. When we f-up we blame our parents or ourselves for being so is never..."that dang black man, if I still had a slave my life would be soo much easier". Come on.....take responsibility for yourself and your bad decisions.

And isn't 'bossip' a little bit of a racist website? Where is the 'wossip' site? Oh, that's right we don't have one. We don't seperate people like that. Racism is racism-own yours.

1303 days ago


@Stiletto and Thinkabout it,

I am a social worker. When white people stop showing up to my desk asking for food stamps and money with their dirty greasy neglected and sexually abused children I will take your vile words into consideration, not to mention have a very slow work day. How could you possibly lump a whole group of people together and think you actually sound intelligent and have some kind of "proof" of your idiocy.

What do you say of the white women who come to me drug addicted and living in meth houses that represent YOU, as mothers, daughters and sisters. Not to mention your odorous cigarette smoking fathers, brothers and sons who think sex with their relatives is okay.

Please look at you and your people before judging others. Your ignorance may become contagious as is your filthy, drug addicted, meth making, incestuous mentality. Think about this: white people have the highest suicide rate of any race in the US. So maybe things are not quite as sunny as you would like for them to appear.

So, in closing, go listen to you heavy metal satanic music, kill your classmates and then shoot yourself.

Good day mates!

1303 days ago


yeah, it must suck to be black. getting free money from the government for having as many kids with different daddys as possible. It must suck to get housing allowances because you cant (won't) get a job. It must suck to get food stamps to by food. It must really suck to be black. Quit talking shizz about some bullcrap rapper "riding dirty" without a freaking license and claiming its because he's black and not a white "actress". This azz whole sold over 4 million records and cant keep his license current? And its because he's black? Up yours!! The presidents black so if he can be successful, why cant you?

1303 days ago


dudeblu and joecrabs (how appropriate)LOL

Bringing blacks here gave you peanut butter,the street light, gas masks, eye sugery to help blind people see, the super soaker, and electronic control devices for guided misseles.... BITCH!!!!!!

How Mad. So Sadd :{


Dont be disgruntled because black people all you around you are surpassing you by leaps and bounds......

According to you, you brought us here. It must make you feel like crap to know the slave race you brought here is owning and selling....... while you waste away in your self-pity and HATRED OF YOURSELF!

I guess the evil of the European is catching up big time. Study your evil his-story dude. Not just the mind controlled BS they feed you.

And by the way I am not racist just a bitch witha serious attitude towards ignorants MFers. I will always come harder and stronger because I am about the truth not what I was told.

Hate on haters.............

1303 days ago


@Andrea-you just proved my point. Thanks. Racist much?

1303 days ago



Black Panthers was a Target the Honorable Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King was a Target and when our leaders died in the 60s in the 70s and 80s Black and Latino Communities was a target.....

You think its about Rap and its content cuz they damn sure watching Athletes too. They watching executives and they watching anyone making any paper... GO On Excel in your career and live the American Dream and see if you don't get targeted too...

1303 days ago


I highly doubt 3rd World people started a WAR with the big bad America 50 years ago. ALL THEY HAD WERE DIRTY ROCKS & THE QURAN!! WE WERE THE ONES WITH GUNS AND TANKS!!!

We started this war over oil years ago when we found out how much oil was underneath the Middle-East. GO DO SOME RESEARCH!!!



1303 days ago


Racist white ppl r such HONKEYS!!!! LMAO at all you're racist comments! I'm black, balling n're white, weak and wore out!(WAY b4 your age/time) (30 looking 54)ROTFLMAO!!!!! The KKK makes me kum knowing that you love 2 hate us!!! WE da fkn best bytchez!!!! N PLZ do respond if u don't like what I said.....must be referred 2 u!!!

1302 days ago


Let an obscure Black rapper drop new music or sign with a label and TMZ is nowhere to be found. Now let one get arrested and guess who's at the police station before the arrestee? Yup, you guessed it. TMother****inZ! LOL! Damn jokes.

1302 days ago


Why do rappers have such stupid names? D'uh!!!

1302 days ago


juvie usually gets in minor trouble. back then he used to get in ****. He's gotten older and somewhat calm down. He just has a weed charge. Nothing special. Who doesn't have that now and days. I mean, hey, if my son killed wife and daughter, I know I'd be smoking weed. Oh yea I do anyway. But I don't ride around with it. ANywayz stay out of trouble juvie, and good luck to you.

1302 days ago


He lives in NJ...a few years back they contacted NJ MVC to film him at an agency getting his license back and retesting and all that...he was told no. I guess after that he decided he didn't want to legally drive at all...

1302 days ago

D Johnson    

To Stilleto, you keep believing in the fairytale the news media spoon feeds you daily that only black people commit crimes and you might miss the white pedophile, meth addict/dealer, or serial killer that might ACTUALLY come into your home. I would never take the side of any criminal, as I am not one myself, black or white but 2+2 doesn't add up if you only have half a criminal picture from one race of people. Bowling for Columbine, excellent movie (by a white man)!

1302 days ago
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