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Melissa Leo

The Acceptance Speech


2/28/2011 10:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Melissa Leo's foul mouth just tarnished her Oscar speech -- because she dropped the first f-bomb of the night moments after winning an Academy Award for best supporting actress.



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She should of have hosted the show! What a snorefest!

1279 days ago


Here she campaigned for the award and then stumbled all over the place trying to think of something to say. Sh*t! 95% of the speeches were crap as usual. Names, names, names, names, names, names, names, names and MORE NAMES. Ugh. Year after year I hear that the nominees are lectured about not being boring and reading a list of names and year after year I sit through this crap. Never again. I'll check the internet for clips next year and not waste 3+ hours.

1279 days ago


pretty sure it was done purposely as perhaps any of the nominees would have done after having been put on hold the way the were but maybe under its talk - f-ck i dont care how old and cute somebody beleives itself to be have a bit of manners for public courtesy and dont carry on as an attention hoarding s-cker - not to carry on that the dude was a s-cker but entitlements only go so far but then again hollywood likes are of a differant mentality - but any f-ckin' way the broad is blabbering about people at the balcony then the next bit that leaves its face is blah blah f-ck sheep - what the hell ever but it is how alot of people are looking to leave a stain to cover others attention for all of nothing - so then f-ck it all -

1279 days ago

Floor registers    

I agree with her opinion It's a great wood vent as we always say.

1279 days ago


At her age, she should learn how to watch her words. She should also have practiced her speech in advance.

1279 days ago


and just because the best acceptance dialogue was the person that placed for the oscar for costume design even as i wasnt really paying that much attention to show as various reality news cables were being read ---- just the same eff e news and popeater for their selective issues for what it posts when the demeanor is at base respects by post - f-ckin' hypocrites ----

1279 days ago


at page four and you people are right its just a word but its a word with alot of sh-t behind it at any rate so take this and feed on that you simple f-ckers but dont take the results to personal cause i really really really really-keep at this until it goes worn into your paces- dont give a you no what ----

1279 days ago


You guys saw those "CONSIDER" ads of hers? Subtle and modest she ain't. Tacky attention hog, she is. I'm not horrified by the F word, per se, but that she's trying to pass it off as an "aw shucks" accident. That's just insulting to our intelligence. None of the awards tonight were a surprise, especially hers. She knew she was winning, she knew what she was saying, hopefully this blows her chances of presenting next year.

1279 days ago


the truth about 6pack abs.

1279 days ago


It's funny how people think of her as white trash JUST for a single word. If she slipped or not, who cares. Everyone here have said it before, no matter how prude or stuck up you are, it is JUST a word that can express everything you feel from A to Z. I thought it was freaking hilarious!

1279 days ago


I honestly don't see what the problem is.

1279 days ago


Her words and actions were inauthentic - she was "on" and irritating. Over the top. Embarrassing.

1278 days ago


This goes to show her intelligence. You don't just drop this word mistakenly especially when you are in such a public forum. She can apologize, but it certainly won't erase how ignorant it makes her look.

1278 days ago


wow! really? you would even print this as news for discussion.

1278 days ago

billy vassi    

Welcome to the world people . Notice how the US audiences seem to be the only classy few who care what a grown woman says in a wild moment.

You know when the annoying mom at school would complain about her little boy getting hurt doing something everyone else in the class just dealt with and went on learning. America is that Mom.

Have some fun , drop the pursuit about bitching about everyone else not living up to your ideal seeing as how right now. your the economic and social ruin of the world.

1278 days ago
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