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Melissa Leo

The Acceptance Speech


2/28/2011 10:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Melissa Leo's foul mouth just tarnished her Oscar speech -- because she dropped the first f-bomb of the night moments after winning an Academy Award for best supporting actress.



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Get a Nose Job, please!!!    

I've never heard of that Ugly Bitch before. Other than her, I thought it was the best Academy Awards show ever. Ann Hathaway and James Franco were wonderful!

1333 days ago


if you are on this site, then you have heard **** before! get over it you hypocrytical losers! I can't believe there are such posers on this web site! Go away tea totalers! Get an f'ing grip! I think that was the most honest thing said on the show tonight!

1333 days ago


No class..What a piece of trash! Makes me glad I didn't go see the movie.

1333 days ago


Idiot, much?

1333 days ago

Richard de Boer    

Totally classless and sucking for attention. She was not shocked, it was just very very bad acting. They should have revoked the statue on the spot.

1333 days ago


Soooo classy Melissa, she made me feel ashamed of our chosen profession tonight. Not exactly an image a Oscar winning actress should hope for.

1333 days ago

90% of you are idiots    

The people who are complaining about this are more than likely overweight, bored with their lives, and own several cats. Also they are no doubt vegetarians who suppress their body's lack of protein with copious amounts of chips, fries, and twinkies. Are you seriously offended? Or are you just following one person's comment because you can't form your own opinion? Reading these comments is comedy gold (that means it's acutely funny-for the retarded cat ladies who don't understand)
Her potty mouth was the most entertaining part of the entire show. Who the hell wants to hear someone thank a bunch of people you don't even know? Good for her. She made things interesting and funny. Go find yourselves a sense of humor and personality.
On that note I'll let you get back to your super sized bag of Cheetos and "diet" coke. I wouldn't want to get in the way of your search for the next "offensive" comment. I'd start with Sesame Street.

1333 days ago


Yep! Heard it in Ottawa Canad! Who cares? Anyone dead because of it?!?! Ah Americains are so prude!

1333 days ago


OMG so fake! She did it on purpose people! Now we get to listen to this for a week and she gets noticed more. Weeee another wanna be.....who is she anyways. Never heard of the Skank............

1333 days ago


This is America. We start needless wars, and leave 50 million people without health insurance...but are shocked by naughty words on TV.


Agree! And maybe the NRA-lovers will just decide to just shoot her.

Also #87, you are correct in saying that Melissa Leo DID take out a trade ad and paid for it herself. Usually the studios place these ads.

1333 days ago


this just shows how classless she is, amature, she needs to be more careful, she won an oscar and was expected to give a respectful speech, she dropped the F bomb I mean come on people, this is a family show, there are kids watching this show.

1333 days ago


Publicity stunt. She was looking for a way to be remembered and talked about.

1333 days ago


She pimped herself with big, colorful posters begging the academy voters to vote for her. That's very classless. Dropping the F-bomb was a mistake. We've all done it. I think the actress from True Grit should have won. She was wonderful - and it was her first ever acting job.

1333 days ago

Fidel's niece    

Melissa acting "surprised" that she won?
She took ads in industry paper
to campaign for herself and also
won a bunch of awards already!

This could be the only time in
her life that she wins an Oscar,
and she drops the f bomb
and gives a lousy speech, too.


She should have taken a page
from Natalie Portman who
learned her lesson
(after giving a dumb
"spare us your sex life" speech
after winning her Golden Globe
earlier this year.

Natalie gave an emotional,
yet very dignified speech.

Natalie, 2 thumbs UP.
Melissa, 2 thumbs DOWN.

1333 days ago

Osiris Reborn    

And someone actually thinks Melissa Leo spread her legs to win the oscar?


In Hollywood years, Melissa Leo is like 300. Those in power in Hollywood wouldn't want to go anywhere near something that old.

ScarJo is even considered old by Hollywood standards.. but regardless.. I really liked her messy hair do.. it gave me the warm fuzzies.

1333 days ago
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