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Michael Lohan Jr. -- In the Name of the Father

2/27/2011 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan Jr. has decided he's had enough of the moniker that links his him to his infamous father, so he's changing his name ... TMZ has learned.

We joked about it on TMZ TV this week -- that the name "Michael Lohan Jr." was holding him back in life. Now ... sources close to Junior tell us he had been thinking about changing his name for awhile, but our TV segment was the straw that broke the absentee camel's back.

Sources close to the Lohan clan tell us The Artist Soon To Be Formally Known Michael Lohan Jr. will be changing his name to ... Michael Cameron. We're told Michael plans on using the name starting with the upcoming movie he's starring in, produced by his mom Dina.


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I don't care he still has the Lohan Eyebrows! Maybe his sis Alli can recommend a good waxer!

1273 days ago


Now that's a kick in the balls for daddy dearest.

Good move Michael, if a name holds you back, change it and move on.

1273 days ago


If he really wants to get a career going, might want to get someone else to be his producer.

1273 days ago


are these kids brainwashed or are they really just that stupid that they do not see Dina is just as bad as Micheal and sees them as nothing more then a pay day.

There first child in the spotlight turned into a druggie, alcoholic, thief, etc and any responsible parent would have done anything in there power to prevent the rest of there kids from going into the spotlight due to what happened with the first kid but Dina is just to selfish and money hungry that she would rather see her kids get into drugs and alcohol just to get money

1273 days ago

keeping it real    

4 REALZ people! I don't want to know about this sucka!
He's a nobody! Get him outta here! Later punk!


1273 days ago


The sins of the father will be visited upon his son...

1273 days ago


Mike sr. changed his name to "Desidero"(I think)so he could scam old people out of their retirement money In Florida and was convicted of felony fraud so his kid can scam the little girls out of their lunch money..Maybe he could change his name to Jay Coopman his new GOD...

1273 days ago


hmm I guess Dina's slowly realizing Lindsay will no longer be her cash cow so she's pimping herself now and whatever children she can use

1273 days ago


Koopman ,sorry check him out he is the Eddie Munster Troll that shows up with Mike sr. at court and that Kate Major suspected them of being lovers .Total freakshow he is Mike jr's spiritual guide..

1273 days ago


When you are born into a family like that, it's a wise move. Change your name and keep your distance.

1273 days ago

george fudge!    

ROTFLMAO, did you claim a Lohan is 'starring' in a movie! Produced by the skanky mom no less.
Any Lohan movie will be direct to the dollar discount bin at Walmart and BestBuy.

1273 days ago



1273 days ago


He has a loudmouth father that airs the family's private matters publicly and continues to call Dina out in the press. Since their names are the same he can distinguish himself by changing his name from his father, not his sisters, brother, or mother. He's called Dina the backbone of the family. For those that say the whole family is messed up what's this based on? From where I sit Ali Lohan is completely normal and stays not only out of trouble, but out of the media altogether. There's nothing about her demeanor that says Look at me at all. She's understated. Cody also stays away from the media. Michael Cameron graduated summa c u m laude last year and has begun to support his sister but doesn't make excuses for her. People can criticize Michael Lohan Sr., Dina, and Lindsay but have no right or justification to criticize Lindsay's siblings.

1273 days ago


sorry to see him go down the Hollywood path....This kid graduated college with honors....what a waste.

1273 days ago


Delmar, you are partially correct. We've heard nothing whatever (that I am aware of) of Cody trying to break into show business. But we've already seen the Ali Lohan attempt - where she was practically going crazy on her reality show to grab some of the Lohan attention. It was not a pretty situation. Actually, it was sad because it seemed to me that Dina was pushing Ali along into thinking that she SHOULD be a star and SHOULD go into show business. First of all, Ali doesn't seem to have the talent, and second of all, Ali needs to live a healthy, normal life, far away from show business. (Exhibit A, her sister, Lindsay Lohan, as proof of this statement.)

And now we see Michael Jr. going down the same path, starting to make the gossip sites as well, and calling Dina the backbone of the family. Sorry but seeing the Lohans trying to push themselves into the public's eye is NOT going to go down well. They are ill thought of, as a group, and for this very reason. Their ONLY interest seems to be famewhoring themselves. I can't think of a better word to use for their behavior, sorry. And I AM sorry to see Michael Jr. starting in on the same path in life.

I think that Dina and Michael Sr. are equally responsible for creating a highly toxic family environment. Each time they get in the press, they bash one another and then try to press their own agenda whenever talking about Lindsay or their other kids. It's never really about their children, it's only about themselves.

We are entirely sick of the Lohan family, no matter what name they may go by. The name may change but the dynamic doesn't seem to, alas.

1273 days ago
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