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MTV Abram -- Why I Smeared My Poop ...

3/2/2011 7:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Abram Boise -- the MTV star who smeared feces all over the walls of his jail cell this weekend -- is telling friends he wanted to make a statement because the cops were treating him like crap.


Sources close to the "Road Rules" star tell us ... Abe feels like he was "targeted" by police on the night he was arrested for peeing in public ... because he was one of several people relieving  themselves in a bar parking lot after the toilets inside broke down.

Abe has told friends ... he believes cops recognized him from TV and simply wanted to take down a famous person.

Abe claims the cops relentlessly taunted him after he was placed inside of a jail cell ... and that's why the MTV star decided to paint the place brown.

Abram pleaded not guilty to 2 counts of defacing property and is due back in court May 5th.


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Celebrity is a term that would be used very very very loosely when applied to this guy.

No matter the reason you did it - you're still the guy who **** in your hands and painted the walls with it.

1339 days ago

RoRo Walton    

****ty ****ty bang bang.

1339 days ago


Cops wanted to take down a famous person...hahahahahahahahahahahah

1338 days ago


He's only famous in his own mind. I love the shows he's been on but hate him and tune out when he's on. The epitomy of 'acting like a 2 yr old'. Cops shold have ade him clean it up.

1338 days ago


They should remand this trash over for a psych eval. Only the lowest of animals (rats) will even touch their own crap. Any so-called person who plays with his own excrement for any reason will do anything. I remember this psycho from Road Rules. He's obviously off and capable of anything. He didn't land in the right jail. A lot of cops would have gave him a good old fashioned for what he did. They should have tasered him.

1338 days ago


I don't know which is more disturbing, the fact he finger painted his cell or the fact he thinks he is famous!

1338 days ago

Bobo Frog    

Hey, there's nothing wrong with public peeing on the occasional drunken night. We've all done it. You keep smearing that poo, buddy.

1338 days ago


Take down a famous star? Where's this famous star?

1338 days ago


Famous? Really? ummm if he says so. He must have been really drunk.

1338 days ago


oh well- **** happens- defeaced property

1338 days ago


Famous? I don't recall seeing you ANYWHERE. You're not part of the 'Jersey Shore' get over yourself. They're the only cast of a reality show on MTV that I'd consider famous.

1338 days ago


Dude has problems............ He's not famous. I have no clue who he is I know the shows he was on and don't have a clue as to who he is! However that might be just because I don't watch MTV. But I am assuming most cops and probably the ones who arrested him watch as little if not maybe a little more then I do still did not know who the hell he is aside from john doe. I have been arrested and for charges much worse then his. I have felt I was charged wrongly and I blamed the cops.... (I WAS WRONG) (Not them) I broke the law and I deserved what I got. I spent much more time in a jail cell then this punk did and it never once crossed my mind to touch my own or someone else's feces. Let alone use it as finger paint. That is just gross disgusting sick and, excuse me.... F@$king twisted!!! And yes the few times I was detained and held for one day two days and on one charge 4 days I was drunk every time i was arrested. Drunk out of my mind and I never thought to touch poop and put it on or near anything near a room i was locked in and forced to stay in. This ass clown should be forced to clean it with his bare hands and or tongue.

1338 days ago


Unfortunately, his logic does not make since...Smearing poop on the walls doesn't get back at the cops, some poor janitor or maintenance guy will have to clean that up

1338 days ago


So low class.
Maybe He'll get a prime time show on CNN.
They like to award bad behavior there.

1338 days ago


"... he believes cops recognized him from TV and simply wanted to take down a famous person."

It's a good thing I wasn't one of the cops there that night. I would have completely missed the suggestion that he is a "Famous Person!"

Who the hell is he, anyway?

1338 days ago
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