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Warner Bros. To Pay 'Two and a Half Men' Crew

2/28/2011 8:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Warner Bros. will open its corporate wallet and pay the crew of "Two and a Half Men" for the 4 weeks they would have worked for the remainder of the season ... TMZ has learned.

Members of the crew tell TMZ .... they were told "Men" creator Chuck Lorre spearheaded the move, got Warner Bros. on board and as a result more than 100 people will be getting their paychecks.

Members of the crew estimate they will collectively get around $2 million for the 4 weeks of work.

One crew member tells us he and his colleagues are "ecstatic."

Warner Bros. had no comment.


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Sara Hart    

Way to go Two and Half Men cast and crew.Warner Brothers?Ummm...dump Chuck lorre you have way more with your original cast and crew.Many funny writers out there.

1270 days ago


That should have been done from the start..its not those peoples fault whats going on with CS and the brass.

1270 days ago



1270 days ago


"You know what's really sad? Look at the figures given here. They'll be paying ONE-HUNDRED people for FOUR weeks, totaling $2 million dollars. A-hole CS makes that PER EPISODE!!! Do the math, then realize just how absurd it is that so much money goes to such a frickin' LOSER!!!"

What's even sadder is that Sheen was asking for a $20M sign-on bonus for a possible Season 10 so that he could pay the crew for work lost. Yeah, pay them $2 mil and pocket 18 mil for yourself. Classy.

What a ****.

1270 days ago


F any one who says diffrent... But why in the heck is everyone one giving WB and Lorne the props for this? Charlie Sheen has asked for this since the second week the show was put into operation charlie rehab. Now three weeks later, and less then 12 hours after he says he will sue for the breach of contract to give him AND the crew their money for the "wrongful" stoppage to the show, they go and do what Charlie said he wanted, and even offered to half pay for himself, and thats pay the crew. Now the stars who make millions anyway should not be to upset, but concidering some will no dout not have a show or movie to do after Two and a Half Men, they have reason to be some what uspet. But why give WB and Lorre the props for doing what Charle Sheen asked for 3WEEKS AGO.

1270 days ago

Sad sad    

Oh, wow the loser brigade is here. Yes, I'm so sure Charlie is the reason they are getting paid out of their pocket and not Losing Charlie's who caused this whole mess to begin with. Keep believing your distorted mind.

1270 days ago

And thats the truth    

UMMMMM!!! I'm no expert, but I believe that Sheen has a very powerful case against Lorre and WB. First of all there is not morale clause in his contract, so they cannot fire him for whatever he chooses to do during off hours. Also, if Charlie does indeed have a drug problem, by Lorre making fun of him AND posting the vanity cards after each show, well that is a BIG NONO when it comes to labor laws. I'm sure that Lorre and WB have been advised by their lawyers that Charlie will win whatever lawsuit he has and will put forth. Good for Charlie.

Posted at 3:41 PM on Feb 28, 2011 by Mag


Cant help but think that you are affiliated with Charlie in some way, maybe even his attorney..... better yet, maybe even him!

1270 days ago

Go Tiger!!!    

Tricky math?
If Warner Bros are dishing out $2M for the 100 man crew, wouldn't that mean that on average, $20,000 would go per person for the months severance?
Please clarify.......

1270 days ago


So much for charlie sheen's drug fueled ramblings of "I'm the only one who cares about the crew; the producers are jerks, I'm a great guy". When it comes down to it, it wasn't Mr. "I make $2 Million an episode" who stepped up & paid the crew; it was the producers who sheen has been ripping for days. The same ones who are not engaging in the same kind of childish coke fueled delusional rantings as sheen.

We're witnessing a monumental "circle the drain" death of a career here in charlie sheen; I can't remember a more epic "I killed my own career" move. It's worse that sh*tney or BLOWhan, and it just won't stop. This is a perfect example of what NOT TO DO as an actor; I hope all up & coming actors/actresses are taking notes...

1270 days ago


Way to Go !!!!!! Team Lorre.....Get rid of the Ego Monster Sheen.....Tired of his druggie talk and his pent up anger.....

1270 days ago

Go Tiger!!!    

Was referring to the genius math from Comment # 8 that everyone has been responding to.

1270 days ago


Why isn't anyone interviewing Jon Cryer. Or with all these interviews why doesn't someone ask Charlie if the 2 have spoken since this mess started??

1270 days ago


Charlie Sheen...WINNING! I hope that the crew of this show sends him im sorry letters and thanking him for getting them paid!

1270 days ago

January Jonez    



1270 days ago

Sherlock Bones    

Why isn't anyone interviewing Jon Cryer. Or with all these interviews why doesn't someone ask Charlie if the 2 have spoken since this mess started??

Posted at 4:28 PM on Feb 28, 2011 by Marianne

Cryer has more class then to step up to a camera and start giving his two cents, or rip Charlie apart. That's the difference between the two actors. Jon knows it's better to stay quiet and let Charlie do all the talking. If Jon says nothing he's more likely to find another job soon if they choose not to keep the show.

1270 days ago
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