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Nancy Reagan PRAISES Obama

3/1/2011 3:34 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Barack Obama has at least ONE famous Republican supporter ... Nancy Reagan.

Nancy Reagan

The former First Lady of the United States was leaving Spago with her Secret Service team yesterday when a paparazzo asked, "How do you think Obama's doing now?"

Reagan simply replied, "He's doing well."

Obama recently announced that he read a book on Ronald ... we're guessing it scored him a few points with the Gipper's wife.


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She obviously said this so when she has a stroke or something, Obama won't kill her off with his healthplan.

1275 days ago


she's always been a class act. she was merely being polite. Trust me, she doesn't like or support Obama. But then again, can you blame her? Only 2 more years of this putz, and no, I am not a right wing nut job....

1275 days ago


She'd say the same thing for Charlie Sheen.

1275 days ago


Reagan was the most corrupt president in recent history, and planted the seeds of American greed and ultimate demise, particularly in turning back alternative energy laws mandated under Carter. Because of Reagan the FED has more control over our money supply than ever and we are more addicted to foreign sources of oil than we should have been. And Nancy with her "just say no" campaign really worked, didnt it. lol..


1275 days ago

Virtual Insanity    

Absolute class. She was being diplomatic.

Wishes- same here. If the Republican Party can produce a candidate who isn't far right (no Huckabee, no Jindal and definitely no Palin), I will not be voting for Obama again.

1275 days ago

george clooney    

Get real, she reads the news...and knows she is a candidate for the Death Panels of the Obama Administration; of course she is going to say he is doing think she wants to to be one of the first in the panel? I will say though, she is looking very young in that photo. DWTS??

1275 days ago


Obviously, Ronnie wasn't the only one with memory problems.

1275 days ago

george clooney    

#20 I know you will read have an ego....but Pres Reagan was liked even by you are almost all by yourself but that would not really be strange for you huh? I bet you get intouch with yourself a lot huh? are really a whiz.

1275 days ago


She's great but why are taxpayers paying for Secret Service for her? Once Ron died that should have ended? It was changed recently so Obama will only get a certain number of years of protection (maybe 5?) but protecting Nancy 23 years after her husband left office is ridiculous.

1275 days ago



She was being GRACIOUS!!!! (As always.)


And what she said is NOT praise.

Go back to school IDIOT!

1275 days ago


I like her son Ron a lot. He is a very smart man who is also a Republican who backs Obama. Those of you who push the hate need to get your brains examined. Ron and Nancy are great supporters of Obama. I'm excited to read his new book and also... I have yet to hear him speak highly of any Republican in Washington, Ron actually says his father would disappointed in the GOP today.

1275 days ago


Who really cares....

1275 days ago

Alan Carver    

Nancy Reagan in her 'trademark' red coat (or dress). I agree with the few first posters that she is being considerate in her response to the question. Regardless of whether or not Obama read a book about Reagan, has no bearing on her response.

1275 days ago


Hahahahaha!! Nancy was only being POLITE. Obama is doing HORRIBLY!!!

*Here's my take on Obama:

Point #1:
I think the guy wanted to be president for the "glamorous" side of it--like all the traveling, the public limelight, the power & prestige...I mean C'MON NOW, HE WAS ON "The View" the other week??? Presidents shouldn't be wastin' time on talk shows when you've got a messed up government to manage!!

Point #2:
I don't think he knows crap about foreign policy and budget management...He took Bush's failure and multiplied it. He is a good talker, that's about it.

I think we need a strong Independent in the White House, and forget about all these extreme left or right winged people.

1275 days ago

Jeb Bush 2012    

We must all unite as Americans to defeat the Kenyan born, muslim communist residing in our WHITE House. He is waging Jihad against America and is imposing Sharia law! The only way to stop him is to demand more Tax Cuts for the Wealthy and prevent building of the Obama 9/11 victory Mosque at Ground Zero. Say no to Obama "death panels" murdering millions of our Sr. Citizens.

1275 days ago
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