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Samuel Jackson RIPS Oscars -- No Black Men!?

3/1/2011 9:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Another HARSH criticism of the Academy Awards ... this time from Samuel L. Jackson . .. who's pretty damn upset that there weren't more black actors involved in the show.

Samuel Jackson Video
Jackson was in L.A. yesterday, where he told a photog, "Where were the black actors?"

He continued, "I guess they didn't think we were available to read teleprompters that night ... not a big deal, hopefully it'll get better ... it wont happen again."

Jackson added, "We work in town ... they know who we are, they know we're available to be on that show to represent the people of color who are in the business in town."

For the record, there were no black male presenters during the show -- to which Jackson stated, "Hopefully they wont make that mistake again."


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Well, lets see: Danny Glover is busy spewing anti-American rage down in Venezuela with his new best friend, Chavez; That other guy Wesley Snipes just went to jail for not paying his taxes; Samuel hasn't made any films so they might have forgotten him; Denzel wouldn't lower himself unless they were presenting him with a lifetime achievment award....Billy Dee name a few......

1332 days ago

Flagrante Delicto    

Hey Jackson,

Why is there no White Entertainment Television, a White Spirit Award, a United Caucasian College Fund? A National Association for the Advanement of Caucasian People?

1332 days ago


The fact is, white Australia was better represented at the Oscars than Black America was. Mr. Jackson has a point.

Just sayin'.

1332 days ago


Boo Freaking Hoo

1332 days ago

Chris - Austin TX    

@ 125. Most of the actors in Hollywood are from Australia, England, Scotland and Ireland hence their strong representation. Jackson is just doing his thing. He's got a angry black panther thing going on at times. Maybe his a bit miffed at the fact he can't get any role that credits him as an Real actor. Don't get me wrong, dude makes bank but Snakes on a Plane ain't going to get him an Oscar.

1332 days ago


Samuel L Jackson should be ashamed of himself. Quit trying to start a race war. Stupid.

1332 days ago

Chris - Austin TX    

@129 Eavesdrop on their conversations. Like eavesdropping is necessary. I can stand across the street and hear an entire conversation. Go to a Tyler Perry movie and see how much dialogue you can actually hear.

1332 days ago

truth hurts    

there should be more diversity. period. he has a valid point and anyone not even willing to hear his opinion should reevaluate themselves. when will America's media be truly multicultural?

1332 days ago

truth hurts    

a lot of true colors are flying tonight! I've read every stereotype imaginable just because a man had an opinion. wow.

1332 days ago


EXCUSE ME DONNA but unless you're American Indian you better find a boat to take you back to wherever YOU came from!

1332 days ago


Waaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh. Yep, it's all a C O N spiracy! Cry me an f ing river.

Go change your diaper, whining idiot.

1332 days ago


What an incredibly petty observation. I'm sure they were all in the kitchen.

1332 days ago


I know how he feels. Everytime I see a basketball game I say "Where are the white men."

The blacks sure know how to keep racism alive.

1332 days ago


Whoever wrote that "monkey" comment is a total racist. Racism is deeply rooted in America and still very much exists especially after reading all of these ignorant and hateful comments.

1332 days ago


Look at who was there. They dug up Kirk Douglas, lol. ALL THEM PEOPLE THERE...ALL THEM SEATS.And you tellin' me not one BLACK MAN deserved to be in those seats...Only three black women deserved seats?

Also, when did Sam Jackson say ANYBODY was racist?!

Hollywood has major issues with diversity!! All those movies all have stereotypical roles for minorities (if any minorities at all) and the moment somebody casts black actors in anything different YOU don't want to watch it. Tyler Perry (no matter how poor the quality of work) is doing big things by showing black actors and actresses in REAL roles. Not in roles that WHITES see them as.

Whatever, happened to OUR history. There are dozens of movies made about white history that exclude black people (no one wants to see slaves in their history movies, I guess). Where are the black history movies?! Their made by black people and are laughed at and shunned.

1332 days ago
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