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'Men' Co-Creator -- The Show MUST Go On!!!

3/2/2011 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The guy who co-created "Two and a Half Men" with Chuck Lorre is FIGHTING to make sure the show does NOT get canceled ... and has been telling people, "This show is not over."


Lee Aronsohn – an executive producer on "Men" and "Big Bang Theory" -- has been vocal about NOT wanting to cancel "Men" .. especially because Lee recently made a deal to leave his post on "Big Bang Theory" to focus on Sheen's show.

But that was before the drama started.

Now, sources connected to the production tell us Lee had a "big meeting" with Chuck and a mystery third party yesterday regarding the fate of "Men."

We're told the mystery person could be another actor from the show ... or a bigtime exec.

Stay tuned ...



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I love this show and feel the original cast have a certain chemistry. I dont think it will have the same success without him.

1284 days ago


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I've watched quite a few episodes of Two and a Half, I thought all of the characters were fun to watch, but the Charlie guy got to be sooooo predictable. Sometimes I'd change it if the script centered on him. The poor guy isn't even handsome anymore, now he's all bony faced and grey. What a burn out. I feel for his family and pray for his children.

1239 days ago

Joseph T Babbo    

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1229 days ago

Donna Deneault    

Rob Lowe cannot replace Charlie Sheen. Ashton Cutcher (not sure of spelling) cannot replace Charlie Sheen. You have to bring Charlie back. You knew from the start his life style. You created the show based on his life bring him back.

Stop biting off your nose to spite your face !

Sincerely, DeeDee

1225 days ago

s. guidry    

You are talented no doubt witha huge ego something you don't like in other people. Your show has the greatest writers don't forget that and you speak their words very well I might add..But you need to get on some bipolar meds now before you screw up any more. If I had showed up for work messed up I would have been fired on the spot and every one else I know...You are no better than anyone else who screws up at work,,,and thats what you have it's called a job charlie..

1222 days ago

Toyya Braskey    

I just saw Ashton Kutcher on E with the other Two and a half Men co-stars. Ashton looked fabulous with his new look. He looked mature, and handsome. I loved his new hair style, and I don't even like facial hair but he looked great with it all. He is so perfect for the role because he's always been kind of the ladies man type, like on "That 70's show" and he's great to look at, and genuinely funny. I don't even think he needs a script. I always loved Charlie Sheen too, both were great actors for the show. I'm certain Charlie will move on to something else. I am rooting for him to recover. I can't wait to see the new episodes. I think there were a lot of good looking actors that wanted the role but they weren't funny. I could only visualize two actors that would fit the role: Russel Brand or Ashton Kutcher, these two actors have on screen womanizer personalities, good looking, genuinely funny without effort. I think Charlie Sheen really needs to get down on his knees and ask God to forgive him and help him be the person he was before the day he ever hit a single one of the many women he has been accused of beating, and blaming substance abuse. How can we fans continue to praise Charlie Sheen knowing this dark side exist. Not one of those woman deserved abuse. Denise Richards was the prettiest wife he had, and he has beautiful children with her. She is the mother of his beautiful girls, and Charlie needs to honor her for that. I recognize alcohol and drug abuse because I tried to save two of my friends, and a cousin with the same issue, and they died. If any of Charlie's new "friends" were really friends they'd beg him to get help. I remember a great looking Charlie Sheen take made me laugh on many episodes, On some of his latest interviews he looked like a worn out alcoholic druggie, and as old as Dr Oz. I know lots of men 40-60... that can still be hot if they are healthy & get rejuvenated. He's gonna need a lot of facial filler's to hid his substance abuse. I am not even worried about his love Goddesses. (I'd like a couple of boyfriends myself. Here is my fantasy Polygamist group of boyfriends :Oliver Martinez, Eduardo Verastegui, Carter Oosterhouse, Chuck Lorre, the blonde longhaired guy on TMZ, Ashton Kutcher, Russel Brand. One for each day of the week.) I just hope the next story we hear is not that one of these "Godessses" is pregnant. Please get a vasectomy Charlie! I loved the old Charlie and am sad to see who he's become. Charlie I love you but get help! Ohhhh, and I love TMZ! Thanks for great entertainment.

1218 days ago

jeffrey barnett    

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1117 days ago
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