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'Men' Co-Creator -- The Show MUST Go On!!!

3/2/2011 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The guy who co-created "Two and a Half Men" with Chuck Lorre is FIGHTING to make sure the show does NOT get canceled ... and has been telling people, "This show is not over."


Lee Aronsohn – an executive producer on "Men" and "Big Bang Theory" -- has been vocal about NOT wanting to cancel "Men" .. especially because Lee recently made a deal to leave his post on "Big Bang Theory" to focus on Sheen's show.

But that was before the drama started.

Now, sources connected to the production tell us Lee had a "big meeting" with Chuck and a mystery third party yesterday regarding the fate of "Men."

We're told the mystery person could be another actor from the show ... or a bigtime exec.

Stay tuned ...



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Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

Charlie Sheen is brilliant on this show. He's naturally funny without any damn script!

That said they are going to have to allow him his private life and press ahead with the show as part of his professional life.

Without him, there is no show and no heap of revenue waiting for them.

Posted at 12:52 AM on Mar 2, 2011 by JLS

There's the lawyer/makeup person....right.... heh...supporting a CONVICTED woman beater and an anti semite. My my.

BUT Mel is a 'woman beater and an anti semite' and needs to be punished--all based on the words of a failing JEWISH cop mysteriously (right) without the support of any arresting tape at the scene and a greedy lying golddigging neverwas 'talent' who was scorned.

JLS is a HYPOCRITE, can we say it again? Hypocrite.

1293 days ago


Contract law anyone?????

1293 days ago


@tonyd they cant just make an official announcement right out of the box. We may not hear anything til May as far as the future of the show is concerned. Too many complications to decide right away.

1293 days ago

pat m    

If this show comes back with Sheen then all his rants start to sound true instead of insane. If CBS caves in and resumes the show with him I will never watch any CBS show again. NEVER nothing, nada. Anyone who insists that this is a funny, wonderful comedy is nuts. I think his entire viewing audience is as crazy as he is.

1293 days ago


I truely believe that the most important lesson Mr. Sheen can learn right now, perhaps the one that will actually save his life, is that he most certaily CAN be replaced. Robert Downey Jr. would be great! "Charlie and his stalker neighbor girl Rose" can send the family a message that they got married and are in Europe for now.
Mr. Sheen is not an "untouchable God" as he seem to this point he is a "dead man walking". If saving his life is really the issue...then do it. Let the show go on without him, and prove to him that he Actually Is Mortal !

1293 days ago


Wow....Moses and Abraham on the same stage.

1293 days ago


How about the Sheen Character gets in a car crash and spends next year in bandages in a vegitative state, they can call it 2 1/4 Men

1293 days ago


Charlie may not be a rocket scientist, but some nights he's on a rocket ship to the moon! HOUSTON, WE HAVE IGNITION! BLAST OFF CHARLIE!

1293 days ago


The show will die. Jon Cryer's charactor has been made into the most unlikeable caricature. Personally, Chuck Lorre looks so very arrogant, not impressed with the behaviours of anyone involved, including Sheen.

1293 days ago

Rhoda Penmark    

Wow, TMZ -- some impressive sources you have! "We're told the mystery person could be another actor from the show ... or a bigtime exec." What a surprise! I thought it might be a cleaning lady, or the water delivery man.

1293 days ago


Charlie Sheen is the reason I don't like the show. Replace him. Nobody is giving the other actors any credit. I personally like the character of Jake the best. I know - hire Martin Sheen to play Charlie Harper. The way Sheen is looking these days, I think it could be believable.

1293 days ago


Charlie Sheen should be replaced on the show. He is in serious trouble and needs help, meanwhile the show must go on and it should without Charlie Sheen.
Sad, he was very funny but now is a full blown addict and narcissist who obviously in denial.

1293 days ago


There is no show without Charlie!

1293 days ago


The SHOW must go on??? WTF! There was never a show to begin with!!!

1293 days ago


what a couple of morons. The show would be DOA without Sheen. Sheen was the only thing that made it a number one comedy. Without his involvement it will NEVER return to its former glory. You fired the talent and shot yourself in the foot.

1293 days ago
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