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Charlie Sheen Offends The Warlocks

3/2/2011 4:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A coven of real-life warlocks are BOILING at Charlie Sheen -- claiming the actor's constant use of the W-word is disrespectful to the entire male-witch community ... TMZ has learned.

After Sheen declared himself a "Vatican assassin warlock" during a radio interview last week ... an actual, practicing warlock from Salem's Coven of the Raven Moon in Salem, Massachusetts told us he's "fuming" over the statement because it's a "blatant offense against our ways."

The warlock -- named Christian Day (pictured above) -- tells us he plans to take action against the actor ... not legal action -- but magical action.

Day explains, "I am going to magically bind Mr. Sheen, not to harm him, but to simply prevent him from using this word in such a negative manner in the future."

Day continues, "If Mr. Sheen is open to it, our coven would be willing to perform a cleansing on both him, his home, and his career."

So far, no word if Charlie will accept the offer.



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tiger blood    

Winning! t-shirt

1295 days ago


The word warlock has been around longer than the word "Wicca". It dates back to when witches, wizards and warlocks were known as traditional Pagans. Gerald Gardner created "Wicca" based on a variety of beliefs he had learned. Basically it's a hogpodge of different versions of witchcraft -

"He would go on to develop his own variant of the Craft that has come to be named after him, Gardnerian Wicca, which combined the teachings that he had received from the New Forest coven with additional ideas taken from a number of disparate sources, including Freemasonry, ceremonial magic, mediaeval grimoires and the writings of the occultist Aleister Crowley, a man whom Gardner knew personally."

Wiccans are usually the only ones who are offended by the word warlock and they typically are the only ones to spell the word magical magickal - which was invented by Aliester Crowley, a well-known dark wizard.

1295 days ago


What's really sad is the cast and crew had to suffer because of Mr. Sheen's immature behavior. Being a star does not mean you should be able to predict a co-workers financial status. What in the hell was he thinking??? If you want to play with the big boy's then grow up and act like one... My 13yr old is more responsible than Mr. Sheen!!!!!!!!!!!! All I can say is GROW UP DO YOUR JOB AND MOST OF ALL RESPECT YOUR CO-WORKERS. I hope the show is not taken off the air...Charlie Sheen did not make the show by himself. The show should continue with or without Charlie Sheen. There is so much talent in the cast, Charlie Sheen can be replaced....

1295 days ago


I know to go to TMZ for the latest update on the "Sheena****ns!"

1295 days ago

Sad sad    

Mr. Charlie, what went wrong in your head?
Oh, Mr. Charlie, you look like the walking dead
Your lifestyle to me seems so tragic
With the thrill of it all
You fooled all the fans with winning
Yeah You waited on Chuck levine's call


1295 days ago

KATHY =( ^-^ )=    

So... if Charlie was born dead (and came back) wouldn't he maybe have brain damage? Heck....Maybe that's what happened..I see a lot of signs that go beyond his drug use to really set this scenario for brain damage..

1295 days ago


I think I beat this warlock guy up in high school.

1295 days ago


I wonder if Warlock here is any relation to Goldilock.

Hehehe! I got a million of them! And if you don't send me money right away I'll post 'em all!

(just kidding kids)

1295 days ago


Did it ever occur to anyone that the poster "GRIMLOCK" is none other than Christian himself? What's even worse, he believes his own hype! His best pal is a former porn star named Toppsy Curvey, also a 'reknowned' psychic! Will she be on here next?
As far as 99% of Salem is concerned, he is whack job. He says his phone has been ringing off the hook all day. Who's calling? The funny farm? You are correct: ANYTHING for a few minutes of Fame!!

1295 days ago


Response to 178: Brilliant summation!!

1295 days ago


Response to 162: I couldn't have said it better myself.

1295 days ago


maybe this is all just a really bad dream and we are all in it....... dreaming this new crazy world we seem to now belong to and relish in.

he needs to get OFF ALL MEDIA Im so sick of him

1295 days ago


Has anyone ever been under the spell of a witch? Well I have, stay away from strippers!!!

Posted at 4:42 PM on Mar 2, 2011 by therock


Whhhhaaaaaaaattttttttt!!!!!!!!!! Isnt this the same poster who lurves everything about charlie and wants to be him and live his life but instead sits on his computer all night posting on these sites...!!!!

So, did the mean old strippers offend you???? rip you off???? break your heart???

1295 days ago


Charlie might like Christian Day both nut jobs and Charlie likes whores and Christian Day is a media whore. Anyone that goes in his stores named Hex and Omen is a fool. Talk about beginning ripping you off

1295 days ago


Is this guy any weirder than someone who prays to a jewish zombie born of a virgin for everything?

1295 days ago
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