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Brooke Mueller -- Flaunting Child Custody

3/4/2011 12:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Just hours after Brooke Mueller backed out of a custody agreement with Charlie Sheen, the actor's  estranged wife took their twin boys out to dinner last night at a place where everyone could see them.

Brooke -- along with her twins Bob and Max -- hit up Johnny Rockets at The Grove in L.A. -- a place popular with stars and the paparazzi -- where they dined on french fries and other '50s-inspired cuisine.

As TMZ first reported, Mueller called off the custody deal yesterday because Charlie blabbed about the terms to the media.


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Wonder if the kid told these paparazzi to "kiss his ass."

1329 days ago


She always used to take her kids out, TMZ *******s just never flaunted footage of her until now ... wonder why?

Charlie FLAUNTED the kids on film and live TV every chance he got! At home with his self-scheduled urine tests and porn stars!

1329 days ago


"Flaumnting Child Custody". Again, TMZ is team charlie all the way. Did we see similiar headlines when Charlie "flaunted" his children for ABC, NBC, Radar Online?

1329 days ago


Charlie even tried to FLAUNT a photo-op including BOTH his porn actresses and Denise's girls! Luckily Denise refused. Charlie is the ONLY one who has been FLAUNTING, because CHARLIE INVITED the photos and videos! TMZ is the one doing the flaunting here, for their own gain.

1329 days ago


How is she flaunting them any worse than Chucky who was have the media come by and film him, the kids and the two whores?

1329 days ago


You idiots who say Charlie doesn't flaunt those the whole taping on Radaronline of the police taking the boys from him wasn't done to gain him some sympathy?? Puh leez. That was the biggest show of disgust by allowing that to be online. He has no business having custody of those boys right now. I know she doesn't want to go go court due to her own drug issues, but at least her sanity isn't questionable and she would appear to be the more fit parent at this time. He needs help. The children do not need to be near him right now or his coke whores.

1329 days ago


If someone doesnt feel cooking and eating home food why they should be out to be seen?

1329 days ago


Seriously? The kids are better off with Charlie in his home? No one knows what goes on in that place for certain and I wouldn't trust that lying bag of bones after denying hitting women. I still think that Brooke's mom needs to have the kids until she has been clean for an extended period. It's the only thing that will motivate her to get healthy. Sober or not, Charlie will always be a sociopath.

1329 days ago


what is the big deal to take her kids out to eat? why should they be sheltered and not enjoy life, its really not a big deal maybe they just needed a breath of fresh air!! gawd you people are so judgeMENTAL

1329 days ago


@Wellington Remeber Brooke is a drug addict, arrested 2x her mug shots avalible on line. She has been in rehab more times than you and I can count. Brooke was forced into Rehab at 6 months pregnant for giving her unborn babies crack. Oh-lets see their first christmas she was so drunk and high from the night before that @ 8am she called 911, Charlie was legally NOT drunk or high, she was. Those children are better off raised by Denise Richards, she is a model mother, obviously Brooke this was a publicity stunt. Good Mother? NOT, a disgrace and a drug addict. God help those poor children!

1329 days ago


Hey Brooke, how about you quit being a publicity wh0re and try learning how to cook for your twin' home! Oh yeah, that's right...she's only getting them a few hours a day and then HER mom takes care of the twins. How dare she get mad at Charlie for being in the media when she just turned right around and did the same thing passive aggressively with this photo. She saw Charlie getting some air time and so she jumped back into the picture wanting her "kids" that she didn't have anything to do with for the last year because she was too worried about getting her next fix. Charlie seems a bit manic, but Brooke is just a defective, money hungry, fame seeking, substance dependent loser. Just sayin’!

1329 days ago


I wonder what drugs she had in her system? Brooke Mueller is the ultimate un-fit mother. Any woman who would be hooked on drugs during her pregnancy is the worst P.O.S. on this planet.

Duh! Winning!

1329 days ago


With all of Brookes years of drug abuse, she's much prettier than those 2 ho's Charlie calls goddessess, plus Brooke is 12 or 14 years older


1329 days ago


Too bad LOSING Carlos, so sad, warlock assassin Apocalypse.

1329 days ago




It read:

the title of my book has finally been delivered thru vast and extensive Lunar channels. "Apocalypse Me" Warlock Latin for WINNING. c

DID HE TAKE IT DOWN BECAUSE PEOPLE TOLD HIM IT WAS JUST TOO TOO CRAZY? And does it mean he is going to off himself?

1329 days ago
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