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David Arquette in Head-On Car Accident

3/4/2011 7:13 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

David Arquette was just involved in a head-on collision and he's injured ... TMZ has learned.

David Arquette Car Accident

David was driving in West Hollywood just a few minutes ago ... when his car veered into oncoming traffic.

David is lying on the ground right now -- bleeding --  as fire trucks are racing to the scene.

David Arquette Car Accident Video
A witness tells TMZ ... David was behind a car that stopped suddenly.  David then swerved to the left to avoid hitting the car and went into oncoming traffic.  David slammed into a car going in the opposite direction.

David was driving a silver Cadillac.

David Arquette Car Crash Pics
We're told David was on his way to Burbank airport to board a private jet which was going to Las Vegas, for the grand opening of Sugar Factory -- a candy store at the Paris Hotel.  He was supposed to attend a party hosted by Kim Kardashian.

UPDATE: He's being taken away by ambulance right now.

UPDATE 3:13 PM PT: Authorities now say the drivers of both vehicles suffered minor to moderate injuries.

Story developing ...


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From past car accident experience the both had to have been going pretty fast for damage like that to be done on your car. Also, it looks like a residential area? They had to be doing 40 or more.

1330 days ago


@ #140 Gayle
I had that thought too a/b Papps being right there in his face snapping pics w/those big camera's & flashes. Judging by the area, he had to be going slow enough that they were probably running beside his car the way they chase on foot in much worse areas!I imagine they/that didn't help the situation!
& no, I don't agree at ALL w/his & Charlies ways/not backing him up that way if it shows he had drugs/alcohol in his system.
He does have a wife yet that i'm sure doesn't hate him THAT bad, plus i'm sure his daughter doesn't need to be reading in a few yrs how peeps wish bad on her daddy.

1330 days ago


I like to read the comments on this site, no matter how absurd or idiotic the writer may sound, but there is a point when people wish death on him, (DANA), that they cross they line. I don't get why someone would wish death on someone they don't even know, but there seems to be a low morality clause when it comes to some of the people who post on this site. I am so glad I have friends who are common and decent people. I would never be friends with anyone as cruel as some of you posters.

1330 days ago


in reference to some of these comments, good ole america, guilty till proven innocent.

1330 days ago


God damn it, TMZ, WHY would you post a photo of an injured man???????? Celebrities deserve to have privacy too!!!!!!!

1330 days ago

Sad sad    

Already read he is fine. Poor guy.

1330 days ago


looks minor- not seeing any blood
IV is routine for this

1330 days ago


Posting this on TMZ, and also the subsequent appalling comments on TMZ by many of you people churns my disgust. This is a real head-on collision not a fake publicity stunt. jlr repeats that a spokesperson for this actor says that he is "fine". I counter that he "is not fine". Just because he is not bleeding on the outside does not mean he is not bleeding on the inside. Two 2,000 lb. vehicles just collided. Victims of a head-on collision are never fine. Both parties' Life just changed. For better or for worse, STFU instead of posting disparaging nonesense toward all of the injured parties.

1330 days ago


I am a huge fan of TMZ and David Arquette. That said I want to also say that as a parent and wife, posting his picture on the ground after an accident is not very considerate. His children may see that. And God forbid what if something happened to him. I'm sorry but to me it was invasive and wrong.

1330 days ago


Does anyone else notice, that this is a residential neighborhood street.
How fast were these two cars going to totally destroy the front end of a large caddilac, and an suv
the speed in residential streets is 25 miles per hour.
this accident looks like it was a high speed head on.
someone is in trouble.
the car damage looks like someone was travelling at about 50 or 60 mph.
guess we will find out.
hope all involved, are well.

1330 days ago

Jack Steen    

I hope you are all right, David - and that the silly ass that stopped suddenly in front of you has been apprehended and will sit and answer for their stupid actions that caused this accident.

G F Y to the posters here that suggest DA was somehow drunk or impaired.

1330 days ago


Look at size of the road, and the houses so close to the street. It appears to be a residential neighborhood. Aren't speed limits around 25mph on streets like that? From the damage to both vehicles, I'd say they were going a bit faster then that...

1330 days ago


Was Charlie driving?

1330 days ago


Maybe I'm too cynical. I don't know, but...I've seen a few bad car accidents, but I've never seen someone who was seriously injured just lying in the grass like that.

It looks like a photo op. I could be wrong, but you never know anymore. People will do anything to get big emotion from an audience.

1330 days ago


People really need to learn to drive instead of going on pure instinct - he should have rear ended the person who stopped suddenly instead of ruining someone else's day. A head on collison is far worse then a rear-ender - MORON

1330 days ago
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