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Charlie Sheen:

The Debut Episode

of 'Sheen's Korner'

3/6/2011 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

He opened by unveiling a new tattoo and giving a shout-out to his kids -- and closed the show with an original poem -- and in between Charlie Sheen gave us 50 minutes of pure #winning.


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Mr Sheen Thank You. this is what Hollywood does to nice people. you are out there and i am happy for you.
is where you, as an artist is exactly the right place. the spot on the calendar, the time of day the moment that you are breathing. is all where you want to be. is called art! and nobody understands it!

what do people expect??? perfection according to their expectations???

you are doing the exact right thing for YOU!!

I support what you are saying.

I just want for you to be un rattled by your freedom. you worked hard, we need to do something from now on. we need to plant more trees. let the phone ring.... and really, enjoy these moments.

I am not a TV show fan, I nver saw your shows.

if I saw any of the actors on the street I would walk past them. I have a fun life, I love to meet new people. we are all famous, because we have lasted on this planet to this day.

Mr Sheen, enjoy!! I dont believe that you are sick.

Hollywood is fake. many sad people like to use it as a drug. for reality is hard. many need stimulus, not TV!! lets say, "let the man be!! send him the best wishes that you all know would want for yourselves ( hoping Positive, of course ) morbid wishes come back to you all that condemn him. Charlie Sheen is not sick!!!

the rest of us are , because we I ( say lightly ) rely on TV FIXES!!!!
im closing and not writing anymore .

Good LUck...Mr Sheen,,,dont let anyone bring you down... sit back and watch all the freedom of expression here on this blog,,isnt; it great? is what made the USA!! Freedom, lets keep enjoying it.

I am!!!


1322 days ago

J Radford    

No one is irreplaceable; not even Charlie Sheen/Harper. .Two and a half Men wasn't just about Charlie; in face, his antics had become boring and old hat. Bring on Alan and Jake, Berta, Judith, Herb & Evelyn at Charlie's funeral and then a long lost son of Evelyn shows up and works his way into Alan's home in Malibu. . . . we don't need Charlie Sheen, just great writers and a great ensemble cast. . . .so long Charlie! We've had enough of your drama. . .. Haiti is a good idea, bye bye!!

1322 days ago


Charlie why don't you just give it up. No one cares anymore. Go into rehab and get on with life

1322 days ago


dude your ****ed get off the pipe you fool
your obviously lying to yourself and anyone who beleives you are clean is an idiot
you are experiencing cocain phsycosis and you are dying a slow and sad death please spare your fans from watching this you should be remembered for your talent not your drug fueled downfall dude the rocking and eyes darting all arount you are ready to jump out of your skin and that idiot enabler on the phone is loving it cause he is on the free ride of his life (deos michael jacksons doctor ring a bell) this guy will help you smoke crack till you run out of money then he is gone
smarten up dip****

1322 days ago


Amazing ~ What drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes (and probably no sleep) can do to your mind! Charlie, you are funny... but so funny that it is very sad. Hopefully, soon you will get back on track. I hope you get a good mentor soon.

1322 days ago

Whip It    

alot are saying charlie is sick? so this is what you do to a sick person...!/teganandsara

Fri is Worldwide Unfollow Charlie Sheen Day. Why not do it today for Intl Women's Day? No celebrating domestic abusers!

teagon and sara trying to ride the gravy train and make themselves relevant.

~whip it

1322 days ago


really everyone is way overbored with charlie the own producers are giving an okay with them actions. just because hes acting like in the show dont mean anything hes "two and a half men" hes the show i love charlie n what he does in his life is his own no one is hurt his kids momtook his kids cuz of the media everyone could think what they what me as a mother i would have removed them too media over does everything...only fault is producers...charlie we support u live it up cause u sure can **** everyone stay strong for ur love ones wish you yhe best with all this drama

1322 days ago


WoW!!! Sheen's Corner is raw truth from Charlies let loose feelings about a culmination of years of holding back some really deep emotions that some may realize we all must vent sooner than later!!!! Good Luck Charlie, but, remember it is not what you say, but , How you say it that makes all the difference. Yes, the world is a bit out of order, but, remember, don't forget the kids!!!!!!!!

1322 days ago


I think Emilio Estivez should replace Charlie...

1322 days ago


this whole Charlie Sheen thing...I think its another publicity stunt from the not real city of Hollywood. They say he is out of his contract...yada yada........meanwhile he is probably going into rehab, get himself straight ( good for him ) but everyone is playing it up like...he will never be seen again. C'mon many times have you seen this story out of fake town b4..( Robert Downey...remember...he was down and out...then all of a sudden...HUGE MOVIE!!!) thing you know...he will be back....either with another show......or a movie on the screen...... everybody buys into this crap...that he is down and out cuz he is blogging that he is crazy. The studios probably put this story out..... So...let the guy get straight...good for him....but...he will be back.............

1322 days ago


Charlie Sheen is the man. Haters need to stop hating. All he does is WIN WIN WIN.

1322 days ago


I've always like and you and your family. Celebrities have a difficult path that we as fans do not always understand. I think that it is funny how everyone just loved the role and could not get enough of you when you played as a womanizing drunk on Two and a Half Men. And they didn't mind all of the $$$ the they brought in because you were the main character on the show, however when life imitated art Everyone turned their back on you.

I do not know what is going on in you personal life that caused this current situation, none of us could. There is an old saying; Walk a Mile in My Shoes. So Unless any of us are where you are then NO one should be sitting back in judgement of you.

I believe that this venture you are about to take in Haiti will be one of the best things to happen to you. You will be able to re-orient yourself and start over with a new life.

I sincerely hope and pray that you will one day be able to get your children back. I wish you and your father and brother the best.

1322 days ago


Were is Woodview, Calabasas when you need it, right? Charlie come on guy, enough is enough.

1322 days ago


this is soooooo funny , charlie is so spun , he needs some sleep bad

1322 days ago


Charlie if you are reading are on a train travelling at a million miles per hour...with no breaks. You need to leave all of those people in your entourage and go far far away back to your mother and father who hopefully can talk some sense into you. Just because you are a grown man, it doesn't mean that you can't go back to your parents. I am happy you got fired, because you need to realize that you are not as mighty without the money. I will miss your show. It was my favourite. PLEASE GET HELP!!!! Please don't OD on coke, heroin or crack. Please, please, please get help. MY FAMILY LOVES YOU.

1322 days ago
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