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Brooke Mueller -- Look At Me, Look At Me, Look At Me!

3/6/2011 10:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brooke Mueller CLEARLY wants to get on TMZ to send a message  ... because for the second day in a row, she trotted out the twins in the middle of the day and took them to paparazzi hotbed The Grove.

Not everyone gets to host their own Internet talk show.


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CHARLIE SHEEN -- LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME!!! Works both ways TMZ. You mock Brooke for going to the Grove, but Charlie is "Winning" when he is on TV 24/7 --> TMZ = HYPOCRITES.

1327 days ago


These poor kids don't stand a chance. Two attention-whoring, addict parents that obviously put themselves before giving any thought to their kids. Charlie is a jackass, and she is just a bitch with no job besides being an overpaid addicts wife. LOSING!

1327 days ago

MJ is LOVE    

Anyone notice how she always holds the twin who looks like Charlie?

1327 days ago


The show she is doin with Paris will ne shot down after first season same like happened to Living Lohans or even worse after first 3 episodes like Live to Dance.

1327 days ago


I have yet to see a pic with her holding the son that looks the least like Charlie when she is around the PAPS...she is a media mongrel.

1327 days ago


I'm starting to wonder if Harvey is a wifebeater. Has researched his past yet? Considering his lovely, unbiased coverage of Gibson and Sheen, I'd bet the farm there are a few women with their teeth knocked out in his past too.

1327 days ago


Brooke is obviously in love with the cameras. She had to have been pretty crazy herself to hook up with Charlie Sheen and do meth.

1327 days ago


Actually "Look At Me, Look At Me, Look At me!" should be your slogan, TMZ. And how much is Charlie paying you, Harvey? Or do you just have that FOX syndrome? You are incredibly biased.

1327 days ago


After reading the caption for the picture above and watch the video to make sure I was seeing just a set of twins before commenting. Don't take me wrong but.. you wrote and quote: ",..she trotted two twins.. Incorrect! The word itself implies two. You could something else such the twins or her twins,etc. Just saying...

1327 days ago


Mr. Sheen, whose behavior has been repeatedly and affectionately dismissed as the antics of a "bad boy" (see: any news article in the past 20 years), a "rock star" (see: Piers Morgan, again) and a "rebel" (see: Andrea Canning's "20/20" interview on Tuesday). He has in essence, achieved a sort of folk-hero status; on Wednesday, his just-created Twitter account hit a million followers, setting a Guinness World Record.
But there's something else at work here: the seeming imperfection of Mr. Sheen's numerous accusers. The women are of a type, which is to say, highly unsympathetic. Some are sex workers -- pornographic film stars and escorts -- whose compliance with churlish conduct is assumed to be part of the deal. (For the record: It is not.)

Others, namely Ms. Richards and Ms. Mueller, are less-famous starlets or former "nobodies" whose relationships with Mr. Sheen have been disparaged as purely sexual and transactional. The women reside on a continuum in which injuries are assumed and insults are expected.

"Gold diggers," "prostitutes" and "sluts" are just some of the epithets lobbed at the women Mr. Sheen has chosen to spend his time with. Andy Cohen, a senior executive at Bravo and a TV star in his own right, referred to the actor's current companions, Natalie Kenly and Bree Olson, as "whores" on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" program on Tuesday. Arianna Huffington sarcastically tweeted that Mr. Sheen's girlfriends "symbolize modesty, loyalty and good taste." Mr. Sheen's own nickname for Ms. Kenly and Ms. Olson -- "the goddesses" -- is in its own way indicative of their perceived interchangeability and disposability.

It's these sorts of explicit and implicit value judgments that underscore our contempt for women who are assumed to be trading on their sexuality. A woman's active embrace of the fame monster or participation in the sex industry, we seem to say, means that she compromises her right not to be assaulted, let alone humiliated, insulted or degraded; it's part of the deal. The promise of a modern Cinderella ending -- attention, fame, the love and savings account of a rich man -- is always the assumed goal.

Objectification and abuse, it follows, is not only an accepted occupational hazard for certain women, but something that men like Mr. Sheen have earned the right to indulge in.

As Jennifer Pozner points out in her recent book "Reality Bites Back: The Troubling Truth About Guilty-Pleasure TV," misogyny is embedded within the DNA of the reality genre. One of the very first millennial shows, in fact, "Who Wants to Marry a Multimillionaire," was notable in that it auctioned off what producers called the "biggest prize of all": a supposedly wealthy B-movie writer named Rick Rockwell -- who was later revealed to have had a restraining order filed against him by a woman he'd threatened to kill. According to Ms. Pozner, the reaction of one of the producers of "Multimillionaire" was, "Great! More publicity!"

On reality television, gratuitous violence and explicit sexuality are not only entertainment but a means to an end. These enthusiastically do***ented humiliations are positioned as necessities in the service of some final prize or larger benefit -- a marriage proposal, a modeling contract, $1 million. But they also make assault and abasement seem commonplace, acceptable behavior, tolerated by women and encouraged in men.

1327 days ago

go home!    

Ew TMZ, you are starting to act like Radar online. Better for her to take her kids outside to the mall during the day instead of staying home with drugs and pornstars.

Get your priorities straight Harvey. Charlie abuses women. You will defend dogs and gay rights, yet you wont defend women? Again, you are starting to act like shady Radar Online. I might have to bail on your site too. ew.

1327 days ago


I am going to have to guess that those slamming Brooke or Denise are men who are abusers too that got slammed themselves in court and assume all women are gold diggers etc.

Every woman in CS life has all had the same expressions of abuse. It just gets worse when children are involved and they have to protect more than just their own life.

Who cares if they "don't work". They have babies to raise and were doing so not working while with CS.

Why does what they are doing now become such hype? Please, look at the father who has obviously lost it in the media, so we are now all seeing who CS truly is and why he has no one but "paid" friends and lovers around him.

1327 days ago


Why is it when Charlie has the twins out and about TMZ reports it as " cute Charlie is with his boys...what a GREAT dad he is" and when Brooke takes the kids out she is a skank ho??? They are both unfit but Charlie is YOUR cash cow...Very biased reporting TMZ....YOU are Charlie's ho...

1327 days ago

Sociopaths are Sad

What a funny article in People Magazine...just 2 years ago. BOTH Brooke AND Charlie come of smug, entitled, and better than everyone.

And BOTH parents obviously favor "Bob" as does the Natty pot goddess. All are a bunch of sick f!cks

1327 days ago


what a horrible woman. she is a drug adddict, liar, dont know how in the world the stupid judge allow her to have the children. these kids should be with their grandparents.

1327 days ago
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