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Snooki Puncher -- In the Army Now

3/6/2011 9:43 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The guy who infamously punched Snooki in the face back in the early days of "Jersey Shore" has had such a tough time finding work since the incident ... he's had to hit up Uncle Sam for a job.


Brad Ferro pled guilty to one charge of simple assault, paid a $500 fine and served six months probation back in 2009 for the Punch Heard 'Round the Shore.

His dad tells the NY Post Brad hasn't been able to find work, so he's now in training to be a Cavalry Scout -- which, according to, means he's "the commander's eyes and ears on the battlefield."

If we ever invade Seaside Heights, he's our guy.


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Most military guys are violent so suits him perfectly.

1329 days ago


Hey #8 you just proved my point-"brainwashed"

1329 days ago


She went down faster than a two dollar hooker! Lol

1329 days ago


#20 he went off to basic training that means hes in that army. duh. the use of he hit them up for a job is word play. he very much is in the army or they wouldnt be sending him to basic.
this guy is a real piece to hit a girl, im glad he lost his teaching job hes the last kind of person that we need teaching our kids. and for him making them famous what a load of crap. he sounds like a real **** and is right where he needs to be maybe they can teach him some respect.

1329 days ago


This dude should have a National holiday named after him or named for what he did. It can be called "Hit a Pig Day"

1329 days ago


The entire cast of the Jersey Shore should be paying this guy a percentage of their income. He is the only reason this absurd show full of inane mental midgets got a season 2 let alone their 15 minutes.

Thinking we need a new law in this country. Contributing to the dumbing down of America punishable by death.

1329 days ago


I'm not a fan of Snooki, obviously...but anyone who hits a woman needs to go to prison and be @$$r@ped daily for at least a month.

1329 days ago


Should give the guy a medal for punching that pig.

1329 days ago


i am so glad that that little creepy oompa loompa got knocked the f$&@ if they could bring that awesome dude back to take out the rest of people on jeresy shore then the world would be so much better

1329 days ago


i am so glad that that little creepy oompa loompa got knocked the f$&@ if they could bring that awesome dude back to take out the rest of people on jeresy shore then the world would be so much better

1329 days ago


Not supposed to hit a PERSON - not just women.

She was sitting on top of the Bar-Counter where people are trying to drink & throwing her OWN hand in HIS face - Twice, while antagonizing him & cursing at him to "Get Your F#ckin Ugly Ass Out Of Our Faces"



1329 days ago


NEVER would've happened WITHOUT HER actions.

75% Her FAULT
25% His FAULT


1329 days ago

Snooky In My Tooky    

Hey Linda, I'm a 8 year veteran of the USAF and WE are NOT brainwashed. You have NO experience of what it's like to serve this country so don't act like you know what it's about. You can't claim the knowledge if you didn't experience it. By the way, you can thank all Military members for giving you the freedom to make such comments.

Posted at 9:38 AM on Mar 6, 2011 by ItsLikeThat


You don't need to serve to know that killing people over oil and land is wrong. What did Iraq do to the USA? What did Afghanistan do to the USA? When you're a soldier, you have to do what your told, and you cannot question orders.

People who choose not to serve are just as entitled to their opinion about what they perceive as 'brainwashing', which is actually true. You can't be a good soldier if you hesitate, which is why they break you down and then rebuild you into a fighting machine. The training process IS brainwashing you into doing things you would not do in your ordinary civilian life, which is to kill without hesitation.

As for the 'freedom' people have to say things, try going to a few anti-government protests. You'll find out soon enough how free you really are.

1329 days ago


snooki the skank. You boys (and girls) that bedded with her better get checked for std's.All that punch did was uncrossed her eyes. Don't forget to use your booster seat snooki,4'9" is the requirement when driving. Now someone needs to knock the taste out of pa pa pa pa pa pa pa poker chip face,you know,rabbit face Gaga.

1329 days ago


ooooooo...I can't wait for a Drill Sergeant to get ahold of his dumbarse. They thrive on bringing the big meatheads down. I wish, I wish, I wish that I could see all that unfold.... are ignorant. I am proud to have been a Soldier and you should thank your GOD that you have others who would defend your freedom(s) to run your mouth. Apparently you didn't have the guts to sign up for a job with crappy hours, little time for family, and no appreciation from ignorant saps like you.

1329 days ago
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