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Tareq Salahi -- I'm Crashing at Michael Lohan's Pad

3/6/2011 10:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan has a houseguest while he's off shooting the next season of "Celebrity Rehab" -- Mr. White House Crasher himself, Tareq Salahi.

Tareq is living the bachelor's life in West Hollywood while his wife Michaele is off shooting "Rehab" as well. We tried to ask Tareq what Michaele's "addiction" was -- and all he did was explain she has multiple sclerosis.

Not sure how you rehab MS, but that Dr. Drew is a smart guy ... he'll figure it out!


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this guy is a moocher...
he mooches and never pays..
he is as phony as they come pretending to be wealthy but
never paying the bills!

1291 days ago

Hugh Jass    

MS patients can end up habitually consuming all kinds of stuff that is just bad for their MS condition, in addition to abusing their over the counter or prescription medications when it comes to pain or anxiety and the like.

1291 days ago


Funny how birds of a feather ALWAYS flock together! I think I'm going back to school to get a PSYCHIATRIST'S degree and come to CA for about a month! I'm sure that would be long enough for me to make a fortune and enjoy a BETTER retirement! Man, they are ALL nuts!

1291 days ago

Sociopaths are Sad    

#3 Huge A$$: A lot of people don't believe she has MS. She has gone on record saying that her extremely thin frame is not the result of an eating disorder but, rather, MS. MS does not cause fact, most people with MS are obese.


These people have been caught in many lies. I wouldn't be surprised if Michaele invented her MS for sympathy and attention. Which really hurts those people who truly have MS. I wouldn't be surprised if Michaele invented her addiction to get on Celeb rehab.

The Salahis sound like a couple of sociopaths to me. Serious sociopaths.

1291 days ago


Ms. Gatecrasher NEVER goes anywhere without Mr. Gatecrasher. He is the one who should be in rehab for his obsession with controlling his wife.

The only rehab these bums need is to detox from mooching off others and theirmobsessive quest to become celebrities.

They are probably wanting to cash in on Ms. Gatecrasher's eating disorder.

1291 days ago

Kelli French    

Why is video titled "Unlikely Friendship" These three (Lohan and the Salahi's) are peas in a pod. Worthless grifters.

1291 days ago


@ writingonthewall -- I agree. If anything, she has an eating disorder that she's not fessing up to. I admit that I like watching the train wreck that is Celebrity Rehab, but it looks like Drew is really stretching this time. However, I'm interested to see how her "MS/stress" connection is turned around into an addiction problem. I guess if Drew can turn Rachel Uchitel's "love" addiction into a story line on the show, he can do the same for her MS.

1291 days ago


I can't believe that as tight as the salahis are with the President and the first lady he was not invited to stay in the lincon bedroom.

1291 days ago


Give Dr.Drew credit for splitting up these fools from D.C. and Just "wow" on Him staying in MiLo's condo while MiLo is locked down at rehab at the P.C.R .I hope he steals everything in sight or finds some dirt on Mike Sr. or better yet Lindsay or Dina and sells it to the Tabloids..I would bet it all he is going thru closet and every drawer in the place looking for treasures,

1291 days ago


What is Michaele really in rehab for?? more publicity?? It seems like the only disorder she has is clearly being a boarder line anorexic and a gold digger. Tariq is the ugliest man!

1291 days ago


As they say - takes one to know one. Slime assimilates with slime.

1291 days ago


More media whores. Yawn. Next.

1291 days ago


The next Spencer Pratt. Don't these people realize what fools they are?

1291 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

they make a lovely couple

1291 days ago

none of that    

She has an addiction to lying! MS my AZZ.

1291 days ago
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