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Charlie Sheen on Firing -- 'This Is Good News'

3/7/2011 6:57 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained a statement from Charlie Sheen on his firing from "Two and a Half Men" today:

 "This is very good news. They continue to be in breach, like so many whales. It is a big day of gladness at the Sober Valley Lodge because now I can take all of their bazillions, never have to look at whatshiscock again and I never have to put on those silly shirts for as long as this warlock exists in the terrestrial dimension."



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Several "in the know" thoughts:

1: CBS Execs threw away a gold mine. With Two and a Half Men's Status as "'THE #1 Comdedy Show on TV" and then ADD to that the kind of advertisement Charlie has brought them for FREE that many Millions could not have purchased! So then Charlie bolstered their #1 status to: (what's beyond #1?)

It's just unimaginable a company would throw away Billions when you consider the entire life cycle of this show ...and all that thrown away... for what reason? Charlies antics are just real life unscripted continuation of the show whose script in part is what people loved.

Lorre simply lost control and like a child couldn't take it so threw his temper tantrum and "showed Charlie whose boss!" by firing him. THAT childish act just shows that Charlie's the controlling party in all this! Someone needs to slap some restrictions on Lorre ... unless money means nothing to CBS and they are making the worst decision of their company this year...this decade!

Lorre you really showed us!!! (how your a bad businessman and still a child who simply needs to GROW UP!)

1303 days ago


He just made six figures for one endorsement on twitter. Still WINNING

1303 days ago


I look forward to seeing what's his name, homeless on the street some day; he thinks way tooooo much of his sorry self.

1303 days ago


I wish everyone would just stop giving him all this coverage. He really is not worth it. Just let him go away PLEASE!!!!!

1303 days ago


I support Charlie Sheen 100 percent versus his Big Media, Corporate, Hollywood Greedy Employers. They use his abilities, then "trash" him like they attack public employee union workers in Madison, Wisconsin, and across the country. Really, Workers are under assault by idiotic bureaucracies and the disgusting folks who inhabit their latticework of peculiarly unfair and egregious "rules and regs" for many years now, here in America. Remember who Warner Studios are: They fired Bonnie Hunt Show star, Bonnie Hunt, too, when she spoke out about factory farming. This was political, and the same is true of Charlie Sheen; he is a friend and supporter of Alex Jones, a controversial radio host with a gimlet eye on our own government and banking and media elite shena****ns.

1303 days ago


Charlie, your actions and words advocate TRUE FREEDOM and the embodiment of such! **** the establishment and all of those that 'THINK' there is something amiss with your mental state. I am 42 years old and have embraced the change the world is making and the NEW & IMPROVED REALISTIC society on the brink of creation. These damn 'Baby-Boomers' and their parents will soon DIE-OFF [meant literally & figuratively], leaving those individuals whom are WILLING to face REALITY, no matter how brutal it may be! All of those who doubt your intentions and actions are the same damn HYPOCRITES that do the same damn things that every other HUMAN BEING does or has done, that they HIDE or don’t particularly want known by the public at large (i.e.: LIE, CHEAT, STEAL, MASTURBATE,- ABORT CHILDREN, EXHIBIT GREED IN SOME FORM, HAVE IMPURE THOUGHTS, OR OTHERWISE ERR IN SOME FASHION, ETC.); no matter HOW SMALL/TINY/INSIGNIFICANT they have rationalized the offense(s) to be! But yet they have the AUDACITY to ATTEMPT to pass judgment on your veracity! You are NOT causing deadly physical harm to anyone! Unfortunately for us (our generation), we are at a cross-road whose history has not yet been written. We have those that have embraced technology and the TRUE future of our species and those that will just NEVER get it. The WORLD is changing. For those who are CLUELESS as to what I’m ‘getting-at’, watch CNN! You are a true inspiration to MANY! PLEASE don’t let the *******S that are set in their ANTIQUATED-ASS-WAYS/TRADITIONS and the IDIOTS whom- feel obligated to TRY to PUSH their beliefs onto you, rather than express their own values as a means of debate, be of ANY consequence. TRUST ME, they are FULL-OF-****! We ALL have, or have had, demons to face and you are doing a GREAT job eradicating yours. We are ALL human and NO ONE, on GOD’s GREEN EARTH, is WORTHY of judging ANOTHER! WE WILL ALL BE JUDGED BY OUR CREATOR, without the opportunity to be represented by an attorney, neither utilize a LEGAL loophole nor get the opportunity to perjure oneself to ‘get-out’ of a situation. CONTINUE to speak your opinion and remember the ****HEADS that express theirs have an ******* just like WE ALL DO! Lest NOT forget Dr. M. Joyce Elders hypotheses. SHE EXPRESSED THE TRUTH, AND SHE TOO WAS FIRED! God Bless You Charlie and- KEEP YOUR HEAD-UP! Live YOUR life, NOT that of the media or those TOO ****IN’ AFRAID to express their honest beliefs due to their OWN SHORTCOMINGS! YOU ARE ‘#WINNING’ to the generation THAT MATTERS!

1303 days ago

Staceyann Dolenti    

Can you imagine how embarassed he's going to be when he wakes up from this bender....

Staceyann C. Dolenti

1303 days ago


"Hey Charlie, its your remaining neurotransmitters. We got together and decided we're not on board for the psychotic equivalent of a white bronco police chase down an LA freeway. We got off a couple of exits ago. You sir, are heading directly for the crazy train station to take the Gary Busey express to the nearest pajama farm. Good thing there will be overnight stops in Zoloft, and Librium. Enjoy the trip. "

1303 days ago


its abiut time why dont they out charlie sheens real brother o the show or is ===

his dad

1303 days ago

Jo Huskey    

It's very much a shame that someone thinks they are so talented that people will put up with behavior like Charlie Sheen. He has everything in life, fame, fortune, and people who loved and supported him and yet in his mind-the only one that matters is him. Two and a half men, was in the past my favorite show, it has continually gone down hill with the changes and I find the story line too stupid to watch.

Now, I do worry about all of the support people who no longer have a job and instead of it ending on a high note-it ends with this.

I pray that Mr Sheen figures out he does need help and he also needs to learn to be humble to those who did support and help him in the past and as for his comments toward his father who loves and supports him SHAME ON YOU CHARLIE SHEEN!

1303 days ago

Monty Howard    

Don't let your thoughts ruin the truth here. Charlie Sheen is an abruptly talented and keen player. He has led WarnerBros down a path where they have woven themselves seemlessly into an inescapable trap.

If you think Charlie is over the top read those idiotic rants Chuck Laurie post after the show. Audiences read it but frankly the content amazingly sucks for a writer of his supposed caliber.

My money is on Sheen WINNING!

1303 days ago


I think Karena at #226 is riding the same train and Charlie! Jeezzzzz

1303 days ago


Forget Charlie(I was a big fan). Bring Adam Corolla on the show. He is a one man show himself. Adam, Adam! Thanks, Tammy

1303 days ago


Charlie has LOST his mind!! Period!! Acting like a real fool, not respecting himself or anyone else in his path. Good reddens to him, personally, I can't stand the sight of watching someone "self-destruct" as much as he's doing. Obviously drugs and booze does take it's toll on a humans brain!!

I'm sorry Charlie, I did like your show...Get some help!!! You NEED it bad!!!

1303 days ago

Eivind Lindstrand    

I just heard that he was ready to get some help! finally he got it in his head, i`m glad he sees this now before it`s to late.
I`s easy for us to judge him but put your self in his shoes and think about all the people around him just want to abuse the situasion. I wish him well and hope he can get back to the show.

1302 days ago
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