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Warner Bros. to Charlie Sheen:

You're Fired!

3/7/2011 6:29 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Warner Bros. has just fired Charlie Sheen from "Two and a Half Men."

Charlie Sheen Fired
Warner Bros. issued the following statement: "After careful consideration, Warner Bros. Television has terminated Charlie Sheen's services on 'Two and a Half Men,' effective immediately."

The statement does not say if the show will go back into production.

UPDATE: A source at Warner Bros. says no decision has been made on whether the show will come back.

Charlie Sheen Fired From Two and a Half Men


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lisa worsham    

Charley looks terrible! His face is sunk and that grey hair!! And the crap comming from his pie hole, Thats a winner(ha!)for sure.....He looks like a drug head, talks like a drug head, acts like a drug head, he's a Drug Head!!
Truth hurts dont it charley! and you were cool,not no more.
I feel bad for his father....

1321 days ago


I am waiting for the tmz staff to make a connection between Charlie Sheen and Planet Sheen(Estevez)......the Nickleodeon cartoon show.

1321 days ago


why don't you try ahving "herb" move in with Allen &son and pick on Judith for a change may be hillarious!

1321 days ago


I think Warner Bros made a huge mistake by firing Charlie Sheen. Yes they can hire someone else to take his place, but it is not going to be anywhere near the same. Charlie Sheen is hillarious on that show. I love the entire cast on there, I never miss it. I dont think I will watch it anymore since Charlie is not going to be on there. He just needs some help, they shouldn't punish him for that, help him get the help he needs instead of being an ass.

1321 days ago

Tee Bee    

Can't wait to see his replacement. Never watched the show before, but plan to start and should enjoy it in its last two seasons with a new actor in place of Sheen (the winner/looser).

Very interesting.

1321 days ago


Oh, yeah, I wanted to ask that. I mean..I guess it´s ok if they fire you, right? Just quitting would have not been good.

Yeah...on the copy: so, Angus is your copy, right? With the copy it´s like this: you see the copy doing well and so you wanna go faster. But you are the copy are connected, as if you push Angus on in a shoppingcart. Right?
So: if you want to win over Angus, then you must go slow. Cause like this you can take the energy, the motivation, the motion, away from him. Then you can make HIM go slow.
Do you know what I mean?
If you try to be better than Angus, then you somehow just help him, with that energy you are putting in. Right?
So, to win over Angus, you have to pull the energy out of him.
Just go slow yourself, then you slow him down. He doesn´t have any motivation and drive, to go anywhere.
He is only powered on your drive. Right?

1320 days ago


ur ok though right? You have some people here worried. Not me...I others on tv

1320 days ago


without Mr Sheen there 2 1/2 men will fail, simples!

1320 days ago


charlie will not be replaced by any one. thisshow is tanked by a boss who just not like charlie Sheen who made billions for him. there is no clayse iin any contact that says each one has to like each other. Rver. Charlie did his job and that was all he was supposed to do. his script was written for him. He just played the part and acted as put before him. I can see no reason to fire him with out hurting theentire cast with him. This is notonly unfair to the rest oof the crew but bogus of Lorres him self. I guess he did not read the contract very good. Go get him Charlie and then go your way and forget you ever knew Lorres. there are other jobs waiting for you. If I were you,,I would be ranting too.

1318 days ago


the show is over 2 never return Charlie was the show ya others complamented him but his attitude his ways his swag made the show what it was & if he was not gettin high the show wouldnt of bookedanother season in which Sheen was givin 8 million for doin absolutly nothing now tell me how is that not winning?

1318 days ago


lose? hes made millions upon millions... what have you done?

1312 days ago


Are you kidding?! This show IS charlie sheen. I LOVE this show. He is a F(*&^%%ing ******* and GREAT to watch. Now I will need to survive on re runs...Dang.

1305 days ago


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1301 days ago


Read the truth...

Bring it! Trolls..

1291 days ago


Dont take Charlie Sheen off the air because, he is the best thing on tv right now!.... DRUNK OR NO DRUNK

1279 days ago
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