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Lindsay on Surveillance Tape -- I Told Ya So!

3/7/2011 9:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sources close to Lindsay Lohan tell TMZ she thinks the fact Kamofie & Co. sold the surveillance video of her proves what she's been saying all along ... they are just using her to make a quick buck.

As we previously reported, the jewelry store worked with a broker to peddle the tape -- despite the fact lawyers for the prosecution asked them not to, fearing it would ruin their case.

Now the tape is out there ... and sources close to Lindsay tell us she feels vindicated.  Lindsay insists it proves Kamofie & Co. are trying to capitalize on the situation and are motivated entirely by money.

Lindsay hopes the store's actions will sway public opinion -- and the prosecution -- to see things her way.



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She deserves jail. Big friggin deal if she is a celebrity. If it was me or any of you, we wouldnt have gotten so many damn chances.

1324 days ago

Stephen Siegel    

I think she needs a hard spanking and semen-boarded.

1324 days ago


I'm sorry to say that most of you are a bunch of sorry, pathetic square bears. She got into some trouble yea, a couple dui's (thankfully no one was hurt), but people are just running around acting like these are things you've never done. Im sure at least half of you have gotten tanked and drove home... It's unfortunate that as a celebrity of high-interest she gets herself into some situations. But ask yourself, what if it was your daughter, sister, friend? What then, still the jail time? Face it, its Los Angeles, she's going to do less than 1/3 of the time she is sentenced to. Why stress an already burdened justice system with having her incarcerated. Pay the fines and court costs associated with this ridiculous media circus and move on with life. Honestly I'd never thought I would be one of the sheep that feels the need to comment on such an unworthy news story but after reading the slew of rants and raves portraying this woman as some sort of sociopath I couldn't resist. Judge not if you don't want to judged - take a long hard look in the mirror and remember way back when in your 20's to all the dumb **** you did, and ask if you or your friend got caught would you be pushing for jail time. Honestly people, stup being a bunch of prude ****s and move on with your life.

1324 days ago


TMZ Cares......about revenue.

1324 days ago


I am amazed at all the people out there that are so eager and willing to attack Ms. Lohan (Yes, Ms. Lohan, I do not know her and that is how I would address her if we met).

She may have issues, or not. Regardless, I believe all this is the business of her, those directly involved and the courts if need be . . . not those of us on the outside looking in that do not have the actual facts.

People in general these days are so greedy and out for themselves and then when you add anyone from Hollywood, it gets worse. I believe nothing said by anyone and in this case, the store owners are the more likely liars . . . after all, why didn't they call police immediately after the supposed theft?

I see Ms. Lohan as a talented actress and quite frankly, a very beautiful young woman . . . nothing more, because I do not know her. I will not judge her and neither should any of you.

1324 days ago


they were just using u 2 make money never believe these dam scams

1324 days ago

Snoski Roc    

I love how my tax dollars are going to work here. There is real crime in L.A. that does not even get close to this attention. Wasting valuable resources on all these idiots is stupid.
They should go after everybody and make them all pay restitution. The jewelery store and L.L. have made a mockery of D.A....Well Steve Cooley is an idiot anyway!

1324 days ago


she needs to go get those lips taken care of.

1324 days ago


ahhh ... leave her alone ... she didnt steal the necklace ... she should go to jail like ... woody allen or mel gibson should go to jail ... she just needs to get clean and start a re-think process. Get rid of the negative people surrounding her.

1324 days ago


Bull. This tape means nothing except that she did, in fact, put on the necklace & leave with it. If they "loaned" it why did she initially deny that she had even been to the store? Why did she ignore their calls? Why did she send the necklace to the police station instead of store? Why did she send store flowers? Whether or not the store should have released the tapes (I don't blame them, the tapes would have had no value once they were publicly released) lohan is a lying, thieving sack of s**t.

1324 days ago


grow up gutter trash youre a thief plain and simple, any ordinary person off the street would already be in jail, which is right where you belong. your the most disgusting celebrity, and i use the term very loosly,ive ever seen. you make it bad for the real celebrities. little bitch.

1316 days ago
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