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Zuckerberg Adopts The LUCKIEST DOG EVER

3/7/2011 12:58 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Facebook honcho Mark Zuckerberg just adopted a super-cute little puppy dog ... that LUCKY son-of-a-bitch.


As TMZ previously reported, Mark and his girlfriend Priscilla Chan had been in the market for a Puli for a while -- and finally found one in Oregon.  They even created a Facebook page for him.

The couple named the puppy Beast. We were hoping he would have gone with Bark Zuckerberg.


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A dog?

Stick with hookers buddy.

Sure they cost more but the inside of their butt feels better than a dogs (I know)!

1335 days ago


That is an expensive dog. NOT an Adoptee. It is also not a Puli, it looks to be a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrior and mine cost me $1400.00. He really should have adopted from a rescue, instead of paying outrageous amounts for puppies from Puppy Mills like I unfortunately did.

1335 days ago

Puli Power    

A Puli (the plural of Puli is Pulik) cost less than a pure breed german shepard. Yes, that it a puli, the chords take almost a year to start forming and a few years to grow to floor length. A puli is a hypoallergenic dog that does not shed so is perfect for anyone who is allergic to dogs (perhaps one of Beast's new owners is). Maybe they are donating money to an animal shelter. Gavin Rossdale had his Puli 'Winston' at his London wedding ceremony to Gwen Stefani. They are very intelligent dogs. We now have our second puli (first one lived to 16) as my husband is allergic to dogs and, yes, we donate to animal shelters.

1335 days ago


The Winklevoss twins are suing, claiming they had adopted the dog first.

1335 days ago


The Winklevoss twins are suing, claiming they came up with the idea of puppy adoption first.

1335 days ago


This man can do what he wants with his money. If YOU want to adopt a rescue, then do it. FB is a monumental waste of human time.

1335 days ago


omg that is the most awesome dog i have wanted one for years. its hair grows out to be like rope. omg ::)))

1335 days ago

Sociopaths are Sad    

Sure he should have adopted a rescue but so what? It's great that some people pay for others' mistakes (sociopaths who just abandon their pets...unbelievable) but not everyone has to. Don't force your values on others.

Look at it from another point of view: If people don't purchase expensive pure-bred dogs then they will die out. The end of a species. Is that good?

At least Mark Zuckerberg isn't a pretentious "I am better than you and I am godlike" like so many rich people out there. He lives very modestly.

And he made a ****load of money simply by working hard and being at the right place at the right time. Lucky! Wish that happened to me (and other good things).

1335 days ago


I can't believe all these people are getting their knickers in a bunch. The man got a dog! Jesus! Weather it was "adopted" or "purchased" or "rescued". He got a damn dog! Period.

1335 days ago


@CrashandBurn: I hate you for making me laugh at that.

1335 days ago


Well look at picture number 5. That is a grown Puli with the puppy. I guess this is their 2nd dog. Very cute.

1335 days ago


The lady is his girlfriend he met at Harvard. They have been living
together since approximately 2004.

So what if he is Jewish. He's a computer prodigy and a genius. Good for him.

1335 days ago


My niece got wind of a black lab being abused she wanted to rescue and she mentioned it to me. Sad. About 3 weeks later I asked about the dog and what happened? Next thing I know we going to where the dog was and after about 1.5 hours of trying to bribe the dog, I finally said screw it she is either going to bite me or not. I got the chain off of the fence. The dog was too scared to move finally got the dog and the dog igloo. I agreed to the dog provided there is no way she is pregnant. Dog is spayed. Ok.

Basically, we stole the dog. We named her Lacey. Great dog. About 6 weeks later she jumps on my bed around 2am (never went on any furniture or bed) starts scratching my covers I had no idea I'm thinking the dog is sick needless to say, Lacey gave birth to 7 little Lacey's on my bed right next to me.

Talk about up close and personal. I have never seen that before outside of TV. I tried to help Lacey...Don't do that. I got off the bed sat on the floor and just watched Lacey do what is natural.

Was I mad yes I was. My neice was going to take the dogs to the ASPCA but it was way too early. As mad as I was for being lied to I couldn't do it.

We took the puppies down to get check out and shot up and wormed and whatever had to be done. All 7 little Lacey's were fat and healthy. As mad as I was, that was worth it.

Around 9 weeks we took the puppies back down to the ASPCA for adoption and in 4 days they were all giving to good homes. I checked up.

My point of all this is Please adopt. The best dogs turn out to be those who are adopted.

1335 days ago


Looks like they're planning a special meal tonight.

1335 days ago


hey i adopted a rescue dog and she is a pretty dalmation that some one had to get rid off. I feel I was blessed,
May be he could give a donation in his puppy's name and it might make a few more people happy.

1335 days ago
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