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Sheen's Korner -- The Disturbing New Rant

3/8/2011 11:32 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

His hair was a mess ... he couldn't sit still ... his rantings were more maniacal than ever ... but still, Charlie Sheen got in front of his webcam for a very disturbing edition of Sheen's Korner last night.

When he wasn't burying his head in his arms ... or chain-smoking away ... Charlie once again lashed out against the "trolls" ... this time, blaming them for bad telephone service.

Bottom line -- this isn't fun to watch. It's disturbing.


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Fools and trolls at WB. See all of Charlie Sheen's winning quotes on

1325 days ago


I'm not a doctor, but unfortunately I have experience in recognizing mental illnesses in people I love. I hope Charlie's family is preparing a legal solution to force him into treatment he desperately needs. His money is only a problem now. It lets him stay independent and fills his life with parasites who don't give a damn about him. Martin Sheen, find a good mental health facility and speak to them about legal action...there are are not alone in your pain!!

1325 days ago


haa haaa! his days are numbered and he will die soon. it's too bad but thats what happens when you do hard core drugs for years. this is the outcome kiddies, don't do drugs. when do you think channel e will make a 1 hour special on him. :)

1325 days ago


He's going to die. Will TMZ be broadcasting it when he takes his last breath? For the dumb asses who say he's faking it to make money, if he wanted money he would have stayed on his number one show where he was the highest paid actor on TV. I don't understand why he can't be committed. Maybe Harvey could answer this for us.

1325 days ago



After 1 1/2 wks of watching this man self destruct from addiction, withdraws and violent unheard of actions from anyone!!

I feel I have basically earned a minor in Psychology and plan to add that to my resume. Maybe help in job search while Charlie pouts over 1.5 MILLION AN EPISODE!!!!

You know they're rewriting text books studying this guy.

1325 days ago


Thank you the artist FKAHT. I've been saying this too. You're spot on, this show was for the judge. I'd bet anything he has more "sane" footage from this video of him saying it's fake.

1325 days ago


So disturbing, we are literally watching a man lose his mind right in front of our eyes...I think we should all stop watching and make this go away! I used to be a big fan and now it is really just sad :( I hope he gets the help he needs before it's to late.

1325 days ago


This must be AWFUL for his family, however they now have MORE than enough to have him taken away for awhile, say a year?

Harv, yes we all want the "latest" but please may we tone it down a bit with this one? I mean why give this guy an audience, when one day he will off himself on camera, are we really thisclose to The Running Man?

Enough Sheen for awhile I think I need Charlie Sheen rehab, I've had to much !

1325 days ago


Why cant his family commit him on a 72 hour hold...he needs help so bad and nobody is doing anything about it...with the money his family has they can pay a lawyer to find some law some where that will have him committed...i am sick of all of us sitting back and watching this man die...someone needs to step in and real soon

1325 days ago


@14-bull**** it's self-inflicted. He clearly has a mental illness. All of his symptoms are textbook. This is probably why he turned to drugs 20 years ago in the first place.

I feel for him. This is just really sad. Those "friends" of his standing by his side while he holds up a machete are all just enablers getting a free ride.

Maybe he hits the low soon and will be ready for help.

1325 days ago


I think that TMZ should stop posting Charlie stuff. This is becoming as graphic as a major traffic accident. We aren't following our friends anymore, we are watching the body parts being flung all over an internaitonal stage. I like TMZ but I can't stand this anymore.

1325 days ago

spelled cyndi with one eye    

maybe he thinks he is pulling a "joaquin phoenix" and lost track of where the act ends and reality begins. this guy is so ready for a body bag, he really is as good as dead.
i'm thinkin' full blown schizophrenia.

1325 days ago


I said PSYCHOLOGY...not grammer

1325 days ago


GOOD GOD - doesn't anyone care enough about Charlie to save his life? Has he turned everyone away that love him? I am willing to call the police to have him commited, if noone else wants to step-up!!

1325 days ago


TMZ, can you rest the media coverage for 24 hours to "test the waters" with Charlie Sheen?

Media seems to stoke Charlie's decline "fires".

I know you need to report news but Charlie's "rants" are not news.

1325 days ago
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