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Mike Starr -- Mixing Drugs Hours Before Death

3/9/2011 4:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Alice in Chains bass player Mike Starr was "mixing" methadone and anxiety medication hours before he died ... this according to Mike's roommate. 

Mike Starr Drugs

The roommate tells TMZ ... Mike had been using methadone recently in an effort to get sober -- but he had also been taking medication to battle anxiety issues he had been suffering from since his arrest last month.

We're told Mike was doing a pretty good job managing his medication -- but according to Mike's roommate, Starr was "mixing" the meds Monday night .. just hours before he died. 

Law enforcement sources tell us Mike's official cause of death has yet to be determined.

Starr's roommate added, "Mike was a beautiful person who was fighting to stay sober ... I am going to miss him greatly."


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My favorite all-time Al in Chains song is I Stay Away. A lot of other good ones too.

1287 days ago

jae kae    

Since when does the fact a band is "not relevant" to a particular decade, does it make their accomplishments any less?

Does the fact that Frank Sinatra or Elvis music isn't "relevant" to today's music make their milestones less important suddenly? They will forever have a very visible stamp on history. Yes they are dead now. Yes their music isn't "popular" anymore. They still came, saw, conquered. Now they are in peace.

RIP Mike. Enjoy being in a realm far away from the idiots on this earth!

1287 days ago


good choice number 50.people fail to realize that methadone builds up in your system every day.and from experience i can tell you its pure torture to detox from it. i went without sleep for 21 days and you can literrally feel it pulling out of your bones.with suboxone you can take it as needed so you dont go through a violent opiate withdrawel and the detox from suboxone is uncomfortable but only lasts a couple days/ and is nowhere near the agony asmethadone,or opiates.

1287 days ago


@ Donna ... people die everyday ... We all have lost a loved one. However, to blame a death for a reason to abuse drugs is not right. How long can you use that as an excuse?? Until you die yourself?

This is why I blame Dr. Drew's approach to treatment. He should have know how to properly treat Mike's troubles. Help him get over the death .. However, did he? Nope. He still carried that long after leaving Dr. Quack. Therefore, how effective is Drew's approach to treating drug addiction other than to do a 21 detox and throw his client into a sober house?
Sober House? Mike should have gone into a 12 month treatment facility ... not a Sober House. That should have been agreed upon from the start. If not, Dr. Quack should have referred Mike to some other rehab ... not rake him across the television coals. Freaking quack.

1287 days ago


He was a sweetheart (yes I met him) and I'm very sorry he's gone. I loved Alice In Chains. Rest In Peace, Mike.

1287 days ago


Guarantee the official "cause of death" = respiratory arrest

1287 days ago


How easy we want to blame everyone but ourselves. We created this image of what a rock star should be and how they should live... you know... the bad boy who does drugs and has sex every hour image... we were and still are not happy with any thing less. Take some of the blame here people. The man was a hot rock star who had to live up to the image we expected from him. When do we stop labeling and image expectations because I'm so sick of this sex sex sex sales thingy I could just scream.

1287 days ago


No, I wasn't saying that is a good excuse. I was replying to another person saying he was a drug addict because he was upset he wasn't a famous rock star anymore. That was just one reason why he continued to use. (Loosing his friend). The main issue was he was a DRUG ADDICT. It is that simple! I think it is wrong to put someone down when they are dead. Judgmental, heartless, uneducated people is what is wrong with this world.

1287 days ago


Just like Charlie... we encouraged him to be this bad boy and now that he has lost his mind because of it we turn our backs on him and leave him hanging with most of us using the words "he has totally lost it"... well, yes he has and we have encourage and applauded it tell it got totally uncontrollable for him.

1287 days ago


Drug dealers: 1
Addicts: 0

1287 days ago

Lets Be Honest    

Charlie Sheen is a WINNER, Mike Starr is a LOSER ! ! !

There is ONLY one person to blame and that is the drug addict Mike Starr (or whatever his real name is).

His selfishness landed him in an early grave.

1287 days ago



Your comments are ridiculous. What about drug addicts that are NOT rock stars? Why do they do it. Most people start off trying drugs out of curiosity and some people are more prone to becoming addicts than others. People need to take responsiblity for their own actions. I hate drugs and find them very UN-SEXY and I do NOT expect rock musicians to have this image. The rock stars perpetuate this image and do drugs because THEY LIKE IT AND HAVE THE MONEY. I can't help but wonder if you're one of those people who go through life blaming everyone else for YOUR poor's called PERSONAL RESPONSIBLITY. These actors and rock stars, they create their OWN image and then the media just shows it and then other people follow but by their own choice!

1287 days ago


as a follow up, I would like to say I feel very sorry for Mike. Addictions of any kind, drugs, alcohol, food, etc. are chemical and physical and I feel sorry for anyone who has fallen into this. My regards to his family that I am sure loved him very much.

1287 days ago


Good riddance to bad rubbish!

1287 days ago


To all the punks on here making disgusting comments, show some respect! Would you be making these same comments if he was your brother? I don't think so. Think about it, if you can manage it.

1287 days ago
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