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Mike Starr's Last Voicemail -- I 'Need' Drugs

3/10/2011 7:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Alice In Chains bassist Mike Starr was on a desperate hunt for drugs the night before he passed away ... and TMZ has obtained the last voicemail Mike left for a person he was trying to score from hours before he died.

Mike Starr Voicemail

On the tape, Mike says he's willing to pay whatever it costs to get his hands on some "bud" ... and insists, "I need it so bad."

As we previously reported, Mike had been struggling with addiction for a while ... but just hours before he died, his roommate tells us the rocker was mixing methadone with anxiety medication.

So far, no cause of death has been determined.


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Went out like a star.

1323 days ago


It's too bad people don't understand what Addiction really Is

1323 days ago


weed doesn't kill, more to the story....

1323 days ago


Addiction is "Less Than Zero" with Robert Downey Jr.

1323 days ago


There's a song called I Need Drugs. Listen to it.

1323 days ago


So sad, I feel guilty for being able to be a fly on the wall, and listen to probably his last attempt to score drugs. Such a sad thing to have happened. God bless him, and his family.

1323 days ago


Screw you Tmz, this man had a disease, and died, and now you have turned someone up with a voicemail of him begging for drugs, and you pay someone so you guys can play it for everyone? Have some damn respect! I kinda understand the 911 calls and stuff, even though that creeps me out too, but at least thats news of some kind. This is just sad and pathetic and low, even for you. Mike Starr, R.I.P, I hope you finally found peace.

1323 days ago


Gimmie a break. The guy wanted a sack of weed, it doesn't mean he intended to kill himself. If he would have found the weed we probably wouldn't be talking about it right now cause it would have calmed him down, would have made him relax, stop his mind from racing. He just mixed a little too much with the other not realizing the strength in combination with other meds. Don't judge this dude on his desire to buy a bag of smoke..


1323 days ago


Damn that sucks. Maybe if he'd found the bud he would have mellowed out some and been okay.

1323 days ago


He was surely wanted to buy weed otherwise he woudnt use the "ounce" thing.
I guess the dealer never called him back and he stick to chems.

1323 days ago


Also, the dealer dude REALLY sucks for selling this tape.

1323 days ago

Sheeple Herder    

This is really so sad. I watched a few of the Rehab shows and the drugs definitely showed a Jekyll and Hyde side of him, but he seemed like a deeply thoughtful and decent person when sober that was trapped in deep depression and almost certainly the past? He was cut from AIC a long time ago, but he remained close to Layne right up until his death and he expressed feelings of responsibility for his death. It just seemed like he never recovered from any of that and was possibly determined to join his friend. He was on the show later as a success story, but I just feel like that show is a complete scam and exposes things that do not need to be exposed in that manner. Who's on this show this season really seems to drive that point home, unless they are just doing media whore addiction this season.

Either way, I still regard Alice in Chains as one of the absolute best bands to ever come from that time period, as well as any other time and Mike was a big part of why they were so good. Obviously none of here know all there is to the story, but it's just a bummer to see a talented and good person (when sober) lose the fight when it seemed like there was real hope for him. It's too bad he probably never realized just how many people were pulling for him to quit the stupid stuff and just how many people would miss him.

1323 days ago


That is so sad he used the phrase "Mike Starr,from Alice in Chains" in his last voice mail. He could never get past that on Celebrity Rehab. And I agree, there was no need to play this is really low TMZ.

1323 days ago


Very tragic end to a very talented & tormented soul. It sounds like the man was literally fighting for his life as an addict. pot has been helpful in numerous cases to lessen with drawl symptoms. It is very possible that he was still trying to stay clean.
Hopefully he just went into a peaceful sleep.
Side note : The person that came up with the tape, and the writer that chose to head the article in such a way are pathetic.

1323 days ago


I'm pretty sure that whatever killed him wasn't weed...

1323 days ago
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