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Mike Starr's Last Voicemail -- I 'Need' Drugs

3/10/2011 7:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Alice In Chains bassist Mike Starr was on a desperate hunt for drugs the night before he passed away ... and TMZ has obtained the last voicemail Mike left for a person he was trying to score from hours before he died.

Mike Starr Voicemail

On the tape, Mike says he's willing to pay whatever it costs to get his hands on some "bud" ... and insists, "I need it so bad."

As we previously reported, Mike had been struggling with addiction for a while ... but just hours before he died, his roommate tells us the rocker was mixing methadone with anxiety medication.

So far, no cause of death has been determined.


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He's talking about WEED!!! Come on??? Weed is NOT what killed this man at all!!!!!! Weed is the best medication there is!!!! Love the title of this "NEED DRUGS" Weed shouldnt even be called a "drug"!

1330 days ago


Probably wanted some weed to come down from whatever was bothering him. And instead turned to methadone and xanax.

This lowlife dealer should be strung up by his sack and beat with a bat. What a POS. Hopefully he got enough money from selling the tape to afford an OD himself.

1330 days ago


very classy TMZ

1330 days ago


Shame on TMZ, some things need to be left OUT of the media. It's sad when we get off on making $ and fame off of the posting of a sick person's private phone call. I know that's the name of the game, but it just makes TMZ's staff look like a big pit of slithering snakes. There are millions of people that struggle w/addiction every day & there are others who also suffer from their loved one's addictions, it's just made into a joke. These are people's real lives.

1330 days ago


I hate to say it, but of all the people I watched on his season of Rehab, I kinda thought this was how it would end. You can even sense the struggle still when he talked about recovery on the latest season. I was so pulling for him. Albeit, the weed probably would've helped, but smoking weed and using sedatives probably could've also slowed his heart down to the point of failure perhaps. And I hope his dad is taking this as a wake up call and I pray for him and Mike's close friends and family.

1330 days ago


And while it's a topic, someone needs to "interview" Sheen and interVENE on him with some serious help. I can't watch that guy lose his mind anymore (crack is a helluva drug).

1330 days ago


how ironic and pathetic that the person who made money off of him *selling him drugs* made money off his death by selling the audio of the message.

More sad for TMZ to go even lower than that by playing this.

1330 days ago


Who's the pig that sold that message?

1330 days ago


Really?? The man is dead and you have to release his voicemail?? How shameful and disrespectful to his memory and to his family. Deplorable.

1330 days ago


nothing is sacred or off limits anymore, not even when someone is in the throws of death. Shame on you.I bet your excuse would be well someone is going to print it, it might as well be us. Its the dude's fault who is selling the tape.He's a moron too!

1330 days ago


Bud is not what killed him.

1330 days ago


This is just sad. For one I agree with the person that said "Weed doesn't kill". That is true... No one overdoses on weed. But the Methadone and the anxiety pills which are probably Xanax did the job. Ok my question is how can the government keep giving these people with herion and hard drug addictions Methadone. I personally have not ever taken any Methadone, but in the last 4 months in my town there have been 15 different people to overdose the same way. If you know anyone that has to take this drug you will notice the side effects that it has on the body. This stuff is legal herion. Your teeth rot out just like Meth, you look like you are 10 years older than you really are. And I know that when you go to a Methadone clinic, there are signs posted telling you to not mix with any anxiety meds. This is just horrible. My point is I live in GA and the government can legally get these s*** bags high, but I just want to smoke a blunt out in public and I could get arrested. That is the dumbest thing ever. Alcohol and all these perscription drugs are legal, but weed isnt? How many people go out and get into a car accident and kill someone because they were too high? I havent heard of any. If the government would just legalize weed crime rate would go down and these people that are trying to score these pills to get high would not be that big of an issue. Sorry I got a little off track. Thanks

1330 days ago


TMZ obtained something from a drug dealer, seems you guys are harboring a known i know you have no morals what so ever...shame on you harvey

1330 days ago

real deal    

Really Harvey?!? He was looking for pot, not heroin, not crack, not meth. So what? If he was trying to buy hard drugs, it's a story; but pot? Does anybody actually care if someone smokes marijuana? Besides, the NY legislature is currently considering a medical marijuana bill; and it's being decriminalized all over the country. Look at Cali. Maybe if he had smoked marijuana, he would not have overdosed on hard drugs; the ones that actually kill, like the ones that actually kiled him. Not one person has ever overdosed on marijuana - none.

And that dude is in straight violation for turning over that message.

Harvey, I bet you could go in the alley behind your building and find your own staff puffin'. Wanna bet? Get a little perspective - you sound like Nancy Grace for Pete's sake!

1330 days ago


Reply to #55- "May God help your soul when/if you ever lose someone you love from addiction...."

The point I was trying to make is that people need to realize how dangerous mixing anything with methadone can be.

1330 days ago
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