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Mike Starr's Last Voicemail -- I 'Need' Drugs

3/10/2011 7:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Alice In Chains bassist Mike Starr was on a desperate hunt for drugs the night before he passed away ... and TMZ has obtained the last voicemail Mike left for a person he was trying to score from hours before he died.

Mike Starr Voicemail

On the tape, Mike says he's willing to pay whatever it costs to get his hands on some "bud" ... and insists, "I need it so bad."

As we previously reported, Mike had been struggling with addiction for a while ... but just hours before he died, his roommate tells us the rocker was mixing methadone with anxiety medication.

So far, no cause of death has been determined.


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This is Mike Starr, Alice in Chains. He left the group in 1992. He was beyond lame. Why not bring up that he won a spelling bee in the third grade as well.

1322 days ago


The dealer was probably an addict too. Why is he not getting sympathy for his addiction? We probably can't even imagine all of the sickening things Mike Starr did to fund his habit. If he was the one who was still alive and needed drugs and had a chance to make money off of a tape like this don't you know he would do the same thing.

1322 days ago


TMZ reached a new low.

I AGREE @feliciarox @Disturbed @Christy @Seattle @JLS @Jackie @Skydancer @Arizona @Chris @Josh @FlamingoNut @beautifullybroken @BigTime @Peter @Marina @N.O.Lady @Cochino @Lalaland @spenditall @Genevieve @Dude @realdeal

1322 days ago

Straight Talkin Texan    

He sounds bad on the tape, like he's pretty messed up on something.

1322 days ago

His friend    

Man this sux cuz i was supporting him all through 'Celebrity Rehab'. Plus not to mention he was a damn good bass player, and im one to know whats its like to fight addiction. especially with pills and that kinda stuff, i almost died cuz of them.

You will be missed mike very very much. Rest In Peace brother.

1322 days ago


Hey # 48, I agree with you 100%. You are not born with an addiction. The only way you can get it is to take that first one. You are committing a crime with that first one. Why is everyone so damned arrogant to think that the addiction would not happen to them. You are sll so weak. You have to respect yourself enough to say no. Why would anyone choose tha risk is beyond me.

1322 days ago


It is EXTREMELY poor taste to have this audio clip on your website. Disgusting, TMZ.

1322 days ago


How sick to put this tape out there. Greedy, greedy, wow.

Not to mention the fake headline, sounds like he was seeking hard drugs when he was only looking for weed. Kick the guy when he's dead, TMZ.

1322 days ago


TMZ, you really do things in distaste. Let Mike Starr die with some dignity! This is a sad recording and shouldn't be exposed to the public. Think about his family having to listen to this. He sounds desperate and pretty high and that isn't the last conversation his parents want to remember him having!

1322 days ago


so you think a drug dealer would not make money off the tape? its a drug dealer, the worst kind of person. also on crh, he called his sister who was fighting her addiction and asked her to go get some asian food with him (meaning drugs) he was not stupid, he used it as a cover. he was so mad when she wouldnt do it, cursing her. also to all the people who think weed is harmless (and thats millions) most addicts started with weed. it funny outlaw cig but make weed legal. anyway its sad that he had to die to quit.

1322 days ago


Poor Mike if had found some bud he wouldn't have used chemical to relieve his stress.RIP Mike

1322 days ago

Merry Moore    

Someone said it before me "weed doesn't kill!" and you people are just trying to get people to look at your website...if he died from a drug overdose it was not from a weed people sicken me. As a recovering drig addict I know first hand the struggle and I am one of the blessed one who made it out of that hell...RIP Mike Starr!

1322 days ago


TMZ would you sell ur own soul for a story? what's next autopsy photos? you people make me sick! Why would you make public something like this? How can you sleep at night? Theres enough people bashing him as there just have to attack everyone in sight. He was an addict but firstly he was a human being that deserves respect! So because he was an addict that means he deserved to die? Thats what u are saying along with many other people making comments. What would you all like people to say about you when you die? R.I.P. MIKE STARR YOU WERE AN AMAZING ARTIST

1322 days ago


I watched Mike on Celeb Rehab & I don't think a true friend would share that voice mail with the press.Someone sold out to the highest bidder & that's a shame,because using his addiction to help other people is one thing but to share his personal agony at the end is BULL****.

1322 days ago


Is this the guy who, while going through withdrawals, was throwing up all over his "Celeb Rehab" room?

1322 days ago
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