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Police Raid

At Charlie Sheen's House

3/11/2011 1:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The LAPD and other law enforcement are converging at Charlie Sheen's house in a pre-planned raid.


Sources tell us the LAPD has been conducting an investigation into criminal activity -- possibly drugs or weapons. And someone who is at the house tells us cops may be attempting to put Charlie on an involuntary -- 5150 -- psychiatric hold.

UPDATE: Someone at the house tells us, one of the reasons the cops are there is because Charlie allegedly violated the temporary restraining order Brooke Mueller obtained ... which prohibits Charlie from possessing weapons.



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those aren't police copters you idiot

1291 days ago


Hey this is great news for Charlie! Maybe they will have him committed and he will get the help he needs!

1291 days ago


I trust that someone is in the TMZ Mobile, running all the red lights. We the public have a serious need for live video!

1291 days ago


Since Charlie has a domestic violence conviction any gun found in the house would be a felony.

1291 days ago

Bonnie J.    

You don't need a warrent to get someone on a 5150. His father probably orchestrated this to save Charlie from a disasterous fall from "grace". Sadly, a 5150 doesn't do much...a patient can check themselves out of the hospital after 72 hours as long as they are not a danger to themselves or others. The parameters are very wide in regards to this. They literally have to have a gun to their heads to prove the "danger to themselves" part. Very sad.

1291 days ago


Charlie Sheen, nice Giants hat. Did Brian Wilson give it to you? Winning.

1291 days ago


If everyone would quit broadcasting all this idiots weird behavior he would go away. He loves all this attention and he feeds on it. We have military guys fighting for his sorry ass freedom that are giving up their lives and he wants to parade around and talk some crazy garbage. Maybe he needs to crawl under a rock and go away. Enough of this crap. I blame the media for all this crap. Quit giving him his airtime and he will go away.

1291 days ago


I hope they have all the warrants they need and this wasnt brought on by pressure from his boss. This sounds illegal as hell but thats the LAPD for ya

Posted at 8:16 PM on Mar 10, 2011 by c

Riiiight. The LAPD just conducts raids without warrents...just for the hell of it.

Listen...the next time a criminal breaks in to your house or your car, instead of calling the police, just handle it yourself. Chase down the suspect and take them into custody. Don't call the cops.

What an azzclown. I suspect the only contact you have ever had with the police has been "bad", that meaning YOU were the criminal not the victim.

Chuckles has had the police intervene in his life how many times in the past 6 months? There was that little hotel trashing incident in NYC. There was that pesky little incident where he held a knife to Brooke's throat in Aspen. Then just other day, the police had to remove his twins from his custody. I've never had that much contact with the police in my entire life.

Grow up.

1291 days ago


Careful Charlie with that 1800's old rifle.

1291 days ago


I didn't know quite where to "comment" on that Sheen auto-tune rapping video. I LOVE IT! I mean: I am serious, I love it! It's brilliant! I'm starting to think this guy's got it going on! I mean: Everything he's involved with turns to gold! Whoa! Good job with the rap video! Terrific!

1291 days ago

Rebel Access    

Hey you HATERS. Police found NOTHING!! No scarface piles of cocaine, no crack pipe, no pot, no prescription meds, no needles...NOTHING you haters!! Just because someone doesn't act or look as you do...doesn't give you the right to point your finger. Charlie wins again you idiots.

1291 days ago


Would someone please lock this ******* up and trow away the key.
Chris Brown looks like an angel compared to this moron.

1291 days ago

John Q Public    

Since when can one anonymous phone call justify an armed raid into someone’s (anyone’s) private home? Whatever happened to the presumption of innocence and the need for probable cause? If anyone should be arrested it aught to be the anonymous caller for filing a false police report. Home of the free… pfft!

1291 days ago


@Rebel Access

and he so didn't know he was going to be raided that he had his lawyer there?

Sure. Probably got someone he knows to call the cops just so people like you can say how wonderful he is. Then again if he had no guns there it shows he was lying when he said his lawyer wanted to take the bullets out of his gun, doesn't it? Tries to build himself up and gets caught in another lie.

1291 days ago
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