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Charlie Sheen Tour -- Sold Out in 18 Minutes!

3/13/2011 9:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen has won the Internet again -- his upcoming mini-tour sold out in just 18 minutes ... and now he's planning on adding extra shows.

We're told the time is a Ticketmaster record and that Charlie will be adding additional tour stops some time in the near future.

Charlie's official website says $1 from every ticket sold will go to the Red Cross to help victims from the earthquake in Japan.

Sheen celebrated the sell out in typical Sheenist fashion, saying via Twitter: "Fastball; Detroit/Chicago sold out in minutes... Thanks to Sheen's Cadre..! #WINNING c"


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Charlie is KING

1286 days ago



1286 days ago


This man is a drug addict. What is wrong with you people that egg him on?

1286 days ago


Hey, at least he is donating money to Japan, so something good is coming out of it.

I am starting to wonder, based on not only the interview he did the other day with the Australian tv crew where he said what has been happening is "performance art", but also how all of a sudden he seems a little more "sane", if some or all of this is not acting.

Someone asked me the other day why would it benefit his career if he were acting since he got fired. It occurred to me - maybe he wanted out of his contract and that was the only way he could do it. And acting like a crazy person would dictate filing frivolous lawsuits against Warner Brothers, Chuck Lorre, etc. Maybe Charlie IS crazy - crazy like a fox.

1286 days ago


Tickets are still available, its not sold out.

This just proves everyone likes to watch a train wreck.

1286 days ago

Hey Now    


You can be successful and sick at the same time. There would be no talk about 5150 if he actually sought out medical treatment himself. Lets not forget that he ended up in the ER just a few weeks ago (and I think a couple months before that as well).

1286 days ago


Movie is called "From 2 1/2 men to THE MAN!"

LoL go trolls, goooo!!

Charlie needs to put that on a shirt. Throw me some dough for the idea!!


1286 days ago


Woo Hoo! It's a Whoooure Toooour!

1286 days ago


How sad that people are willing to pay money to watch someone self destruct.

1286 days ago

Rolle Dover    

Is TMZ as delusional as Charlie Sheen? These shows are NOT sold out. Ticket Master sold all the tickets to other ticket resellers and you can pretty much buy as many tickets as close to the stage as you wish, because ACTUAL People have purchased very few tickets.
Actually, this is pretty damn funny, because the few people that might have been willing to go, will hear (incorrectly) that it's "sold out" and won't try to buy tickets. My guess is that the shows will get cancelled.

1286 days ago


He is popular and with many fans and we just love his antics. We also drink his Tigerblood, cool and awesome.

1286 days ago

Hey Now    

"It occurred to me - maybe he wanted out of his contract and that was the only way he could do it."

If you go back and look at everything that happened, he definitely started to unravel. He did not look well at all and you cannot fake that. This recent media blitz even started when some of us thought he had died at the hospital a few weeks ago. His publicist (now gone - did he plan that?) had to release a statement that he was not dead.

1286 days ago


Buying 1/3 of your own tickets doesn't constitute a sold out show. When you end up giving/donating those same tickets over the air waves in every the immediate surrounding states in a few days. That is Troll tactics.

1286 days ago


I think Charlie should be on "Dancing with the Stars."

1286 days ago


how is 18 minutes a record? Kid Rock sold out a show in less than 15 minutes, and that was a bigger venue.

Charlie Sheen needs to just disappear and get help.

1286 days ago
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