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Jake Gyllenhaal -- Bathroom Run-in at SXSW

3/13/2011 1:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jake Gyllenhaal was the victim of a serious Guy Code violation during a screening of his movie "Source Code" at SXSW -- when a guy tried to take his picture ... in the bathroom!

We're told Jake was in the restroom, doing his thing, when a guy snapped off a pic. Not cool!

Although there are rumors a fight went down, we're told Jake simply talked to the guy -- who understood his mistake -- and eventually the pic was deleted.

Guess the guy realized it was a sh*tty thing to do.


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That's gross. There's nothing that's too low for some people.

1322 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

"Guess the guy realized it was a sh*tty thing to do."

Hardy har har. Btw, to the guy who snapped the pic: I sure hope you're gay, because if you're not, people think you are now.

1322 days ago


The guy could have been stunned to see an actor in the bathroom with him and took a picture. At least he did the right thing and deleted it. Tell me this site wouldn't stoop to any level to get a pic of a star they wanted. They would waltz around in human feces to get pictures they deemed would create more page hits.

1322 days ago


I see dumb people....everywhere!!!

1322 days ago


#4, I was just wondering what TMZ would've paid for that picture!

1322 days ago


That is just plain RUDE. What a jerky thing to do. The guy is just trying to go the the bathroom. Give Jake a friggin break.

1322 days ago


I would have brained the mother bleeper and flushed his phone...

1322 days ago


I hear Jakey spends lots and lots of time in Men's rooms if you catch my drift. ;)

1322 days ago


That violates the paparazzi code of ethics.

1322 days ago


See...this is the very thing that gets rumors started, all because some jack off wanted to take a filthy picture.

If memories serves Jake dates some of the best looking women in Hollywood...over extended periods of time...not like the fake dating some of young Hollywood does to "protect" their manly image.

Jake should of decked the guy for being a pervert in he bathroom, no one, not even the guy (if he was a man and not perv) would have blamed him.

1322 days ago


Part of me is disgusted by that type of misconduct. And part of me wished he could have come across the picture. Hmmm Jake :-D

1322 days ago


Who the F@#k take pictures in the public bathrooms? That is personal space and nobody does that unless it's in your own home. That is level 10 on the Gay Meter.

1322 days ago


I don't even think a gay guy would do this, this is so NOT a thing to do in a bathroom.
So how do you hear about this TMZ- what are your sources, are they lurking in the bathrooms? EWWWWWWW

1322 days ago


Must be a republican, anyways, the picture belongs here in the wtf gallery:

1322 days ago


I really used to like Jake until I saw the video of him kicking a Papp(I'm not sure if he worked for TMZ)as he was walking into Court after being summoned to Jury Duty. Jake was walking in the door and stayed there with the door open until the Papp was close enough and then he raised his leg and kicked out behind him, hitting that person!
The video captured a disgusting side of him like the evil personality in Jekyll&Hyde! Now every time I see him in a movie or interview that is all I see!

1322 days ago
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