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Jake Gyllenhaal -- Bathroom Run-in at SXSW

3/13/2011 1:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jake Gyllenhaal was the victim of a serious Guy Code violation during a screening of his movie "Source Code" at SXSW -- when a guy tried to take his picture ... in the bathroom!

We're told Jake was in the restroom, doing his thing, when a guy snapped off a pic. Not cool!

Although there are rumors a fight went down, we're told Jake simply talked to the guy -- who understood his mistake -- and eventually the pic was deleted.

Guess the guy realized it was a sh*tty thing to do.


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en Todo Momento!!    

hey, what's the big deal. i wanna see too. i don't see nothing wrong with a little sneak peek. admit it guys, we all wanna see a little bit once in a while.

1327 days ago


This isn't any different than TMZ asking a celebrity (Seth Rogen) if he went #1 or #2 when coming out of a public restroom, so... kettle meet pot.

1327 days ago


Slow news day, TMZ? You're reaching new lows.

1327 days ago


Okay, . . . but, the real important question is, did Jake wash his hands when finished??? Hope so . . .

1327 days ago


Nasty! They guy should be charged!! That's going way too far!!

1327 days ago


It was a 'brokeback mountain' moment for the Jake & the Razzi inside a restroom. haha

1327 days ago

billy cema    

Some posters are so dumb and naive they think an actor cannot act the part of a homosexual without being one.
Well, these idiots better not research about cowboy actors too deeply. These dummies may get too much of a shock!
But it's life; and movie stars are human!
P.S. Do your own research. Don't be lazy! Or, maybe you don't want to know! Ha!

1327 days ago

billy cema    

tony clifon;
Methinks you're sounding like the pot calling the kettle black.
You're sounding like you have far too much emotional ties to Jake!

1327 days ago


Wow....First off most gay men have better taste and class than to make such a daring invasive enough with the gay.. Secondly, if i saw jake in the bathroom i wouldnt have time for pictures cuz i would be ALL UP ON THAT! Well, i guess i would have at least let him finish before i tied him up and took advantage of him!! :).. I Heart u Jake and sorry about your bathroom stalker!

1327 days ago


I'm a fan of a lot of people but I would never think about going into the bathroom and taking a picture of them. My goodness, they at least deserve privacy in the restroom. That really is not the place to take pictures, it's really supposed to be off limits and not invade someone's personal space,this fan crossed the line.

1326 days ago


While I don't think the producers or Harvey would allow the pic to be shown on TMZ, it wouldn't shock me if any of the usual TMZ paparazzi who are on the street would try to take a pic like this. I could hear it now... "Jake... duuuuude.... is that your favorite brand of toilet paper??? Jake... dudddde.... what do you think about Snookie???... duuuuuuude".

UGH - remember when paparazzi were at least old enough to drive and weren't mentally FRIED?

1326 days ago


I wanna see that picture and video of the fight if there was!

1326 days ago

c bower    

I find it hard to believe that anyone would condone such an action. The restroom is off limits to photo's and intrusion. I don't care how famous they are weather gay or not or any other reason. It was just wrong, and he shoud be prosecuted.

1326 days ago


That is not how it went down! I was there and Jake and the guy were NOT IN THE BATHROOM! They were in a hallway near the bathroom (the line for the bathroom). It just goes to show how entertainment media can blow things out of proportion and make up wild and untrue stories just so they can profit. Greedy ****s. Ask anybody else who was there including Jake and you might get a different story, the true story!

1326 days ago


Hi is so hot i wanna give my ***** to hi

1325 days ago
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