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Lady Gaga Shows Gaga Impersonator How It's Done

3/14/2011 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Every single person who has ever attended a Lady Gaga impersonator show has hoped and prayed the real Lady Gaga would appear -- and on Saturday night in Kentucky, it actually happened.

After playing at the KFC Yum! Center in Louisville, Gaga hit up a gay bar in town called Connections. Gaga popped up on stage around 1:15 AM, right in the middle of her hit song, "Born This Way."

Who knew Louisville was the place to be this weekend?



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Louisville is always the place to be baby!!! We party from the start of March Madness through Derby weekend for 6 weeks of craziness. Seriously, do we get anything done for those six weeks? Thanks to GAGA for bringin some extra cool to an awesome place.

1288 days ago


Big kudos to Lady Gaga for showing her L-ville fans a great time. And as for anyone who has anything negative to say about Vanessa...seriously, it takes a lot to get up and entertain people like that and she is the best of the best, thus the reason she is National Entertainer of the Year! So, until you can get up there and rock out with Lady Gaga like that, sit back, know your place and shut your mouth.

1288 days ago


Lady Gaga was so down-to-earth and wonderful! It means a lot that she took the time to stop by and perform for so many people who love her, even though she was exhausted and still touring. Talk all the **** you want about her, but she is amazing and so is Vanessa Demornay, it takes a lot of gut and heart to do what they do and I have the utmost respect for them!

1288 days ago


The Drag queen she is performing with is Vanessa Demornay. She is a great entertainer. Also FYI Vanessa is the current Miss National Entertainer of the year. I can not imagine how to feel if gaga was to walk on stage while I was performing. Also gaga went and did the same thing in dallas i was told. but don't know if that was true.

1288 days ago


AWESOME!!!! The drag performer must've been SHOCKED!!

1288 days ago


I love how the haters think there are no gays in KY. We aren't all hillbillies. Lada Gaga's message is to love everybody, even you dumb butts.

1288 days ago

Karemella Moneet Mckenzin    

Ppl need to get a life and stop trying to feel big for the moment you all are just mad that see can make a better women then half of you can get haha that is just sooo funny to me and that is the real gaga up there i was there that night and it was a mad house and i had the best time of my life and i only had to pay $10 to see her sorry for the ones who spent a check when you could have spent lesss hahahahah hate on that bitches

1288 days ago


I bet her heart hit the floor

1288 days ago


You do realize 13. that Lady Gaga has admitted several times that she draws inspiration from Madonna Right. she has never claimed that these images that she portrays are 100% hers... you really are an idiot....

1288 days ago


I was there when GaGa came out, it was funny cause my friend told me like days in advance that she was going to be there. Cause her people had been there all week checking the place out and makeing sure GaGa could get in and out of the place fast.

1288 days ago


As a proud Louisvillian, I have spent many a Saturday evening at The Connection watching The Vixen Vanessa Demornay perform her heart out. She is definitely no phony! She is an inspiration and AMAZING beyond reason! Nothing but love.

1287 days ago


I'm not a Gaga fan but I am a fan of Miss Demornay. She is incredible and has such a beautiful spirit and I know it was a dream for her to perform with Gaga so I'm incredibly happy for her.
I find it funny so many people are making hillbilly jokes about a state they've never been to. Kentucky is thoroughly middle of the road in most regards. A little bit country a little bit city. You'll find some small minded people in some places but this is no different than any other city in the United States.

PLUS this was in Louisville, Kentucky. We're hardly talking about a city full of country bumpkins here. Louisville is the 29th largest US city. Depending on your classification of city there are upwards to 25,000 cities in the U.S. 29 out of 25,000= a large, diverse population of people.
We're among the Top Ten safest big cities in the US and the Top Five safest states.
We are above the national average on college graduates as well as being well above the national average for high school graduates.
We are the site of development for the first cervical cancer vaccine, the first self-contained artificial heart transplant, as well as the first public library open to African Americans in the south.
Louisville has a large indie scene and is home to some of the most incredible festivals and events. We have a number of museums, galleries, theatres and a variety of night life venues. We have nearly 130 of the most beautiful and pristine parks. We also have incredible sports teams.
Louisville may not be perfect but we're a wonderful mix of Nothern and Southern cultures. We're are a city full of possibilities. From the entertainment industry to the quite country life we have it here and we're open to all.
Don't stereotype a place you've never been to.

1287 days ago


Lady Gaga will release a new album in July. The title and the release date are not fixed yet. But there will be a song called "What Love Is" featuring Milow:

1287 days ago


"I'm more surprise there is a GAY bar in Kentucky. At least one without a bunch of hillbillies with bats sitting out front....that's right I said hillbillies AND before you start freaking out on me about how progressive it is let's not even pretend Kentucky is THAT open-minded."

Kentucky isn't. Louisville is. Go outside of Louisville and you'll find your hillbillies. But, they don't carry bats. It's shotguns. Get your stereotypes straight!

1287 days ago

Louisville Ted    

I was there Saturday night at the front of the stage. I had a good feeling she would show up. Now, about Louisville. Louisville actually has about 6 gay bars with others that are very gay friendly. Connection is the biggest gay bar, well, biggest bar, I've been to. It is actually about 7 bars in one. The place is huge and they have a conventions license. It has a shower bar, a stripper bar, dance floor bar, New Orleans style bar with balcony that overlooks street, and the biggest drag bar and stage I've seen. There are so many straight women and men who go there, because it is the best. Louisville also passed a law back in 1997 or so making it a crime to discriminate against gays in housing, employment and accommadations. We are a very progressive city. Oh, after the city and county merged, we are actually considered the 16th largest city. Now, other parts of Kentucky could be made fun of, but you have rednecks in Los Angeles and New York. Derby is coming up, so I would like to invite all ya'll to come. And, google Thunder Over Louisville. It is the biggest fireworks show in the country--the kickoff to the Derby. The 21C Museum Hotel is often rated the best hotel in the country. It is just blocks from Connection. You can also visit the Muhammed Ali Center--he is from here and lives here part of the year. Diane Sawyer is from here and comes home often to visit her mom. Tom Cruise spent part of his childhood here and still has family here.

1286 days ago
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