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'Pawn Stars' Buy


3/15/2011 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Talk about going ballistic ... TMZ has learned the guys from "Pawn Stars" have purchased a guidance system for a missile often used on F-4 Phantom fighter planes!!!

Sources connected to the deal tell us Rick Harrison and his team made the deal for an AIM-120 AMRAAM missile last week ... along with the "front part" of the missile.

And before you freak out -- we're told the "front part" of the missile did NOT contain a live war head ... obviously.

Our source could not confirm how much cash Rick shelled out for the parts ... but we're guessing they don't come cheap.

So far, no word on the identity of the person who was running around Las Vegas with pieces to a missile ... but we're told the deal was "100% legal."


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I watch that show a lot. They do have some strange things coming into their pawn shop. Wonder what they're going to do with the missile and who brought it in. I hope I didn't miss this episode.

1316 days ago


Hate it!!

1316 days ago


I'm sure they gave the previous owner around $10 for it.

Hey, they have to be able to resell it for a profit! LOL

1316 days ago

jealous of kate    

go to, a goverment auction site of 'left over stuff'. A lot of regular categories, but some of them, you would be amazed what the gov't auctions off-the USA does not THROW OUT ANYTHING.

1316 days ago


I have to laugh at the photoshop. There is no way Jaba-the-junior-pawnbroker could ever fit anything that large between his overly fat legs. And look at the skinny legs they gave that fat lump, lol.. his legs would snap like twigs under all that weight.

Hey Corey, go eat another half dozen footlongs, ya greasy bastage, lol.

1316 days ago

jealous of kate    

AND IF YOU HURRY OVER TO GOVSALES.GOV you can also get some other 'catches' that the federal gov't just doesn't have a need for anymore. If you HURRY, going off tomorrow, under 'Boats, Ships and Marine Equipment'-'SMALL CRAFT', you, the general public still have just over a day to get one of those 'SMALL CRAFT' -a US NAVY DIVER CLASS VESSEL, currently located for viewing in Alaska, but will be brought down to Seattle for the WINNING BIG. (MUST REMOVE FROM COAST GUARD PIER IN 24 HRS OF RECIEPT) So, if you need a small craft-213 in length that can hold 95,000 gallons of fuel, HURRY ON OVER! and this LOVELY LITTLE VESSEL CAN BE ALL YOURS!

1316 days ago

Ivan in Phoenix    

P.S. Chumley probably lost his virginity thanks to 'Pawn Stars' and is pulling in more tail than 75% of all guys. Have you seen how much that guy smiles? Now you know why.

1316 days ago


Pawn Stars is a joke. Come on, everyone knows, it's a "B.S. front" for the History Channel, for up-ing up their "foo foo" ratings. People that bring their crap into their stupid pawn shop to be appraised, are fooled and pre-screened with the show's lackluster drama. Who's fooling who? Pure CA-CA. Plain and simple.

This, with the a-hole crotchety old codger hosts (on his near death-bed)and the overly obese fat-faced (they all need a severe diet), F*ck-head son, and the stupid/retard "Chum-Lee" just for Ha Ha's (to make fun of him -- at everyone's expense).

They try to make this show so humorous -- but it's lack luster. Give us all a break... why would an audience want to believe it's real? WTF >>>Wake Up!!! There is better quality entertainment out there!!! >>>For example, TMZ. Hey... Thumbs up -- and a big shout out gang!!! Keep up the good journalism!!!

1316 days ago


I love the clever photoshop nod to 1964's DR. STRANGELOVE! Glad to see that someone on Harvey's crew is educated enough to pay homage to the classic film. For those of you who have no idea what I'm writing about, I suggest you quit your job at Taco Bell and return to college post haste!

1316 days ago


Oh, I almost forgot... the fat baldy father is a jerk.

1316 days ago


I like the old man.

1316 days ago


the show is fake

1316 days ago


Charlie "the Warlock" Sheen needs to add that badboy to his arsenal...that'll get warner bros. to settle quickly

1316 days ago


This is the most faked reality show on TV. I would guess it's about 95% staged and scripted. Maybe the family itself is actually related to one another and aren't direct from central casting. This show makes The Hills look like a family home video. Who watches this junk?!?

1316 days ago


most of the pawn shops where i live attract nothing but losers and druggies pawning their kids savings bonds to get money to buy drugs....

1316 days ago
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