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'Pawn Stars' Buy


3/15/2011 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Talk about going ballistic ... TMZ has learned the guys from "Pawn Stars" have purchased a guidance system for a missile often used on F-4 Phantom fighter planes!!!

Sources connected to the deal tell us Rick Harrison and his team made the deal for an AIM-120 AMRAAM missile last week ... along with the "front part" of the missile.

And before you freak out -- we're told the "front part" of the missile did NOT contain a live war head ... obviously.

Our source could not confirm how much cash Rick shelled out for the parts ... but we're guessing they don't come cheap.

So far, no word on the identity of the person who was running around Las Vegas with pieces to a missile ... but we're told the deal was "100% legal."


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As someone else commented, F-4 Phantoms are long out of regular US service. They don't carry AIM-120s. It's likely the Pawn Stars bought an older missile like an early model AIM-7 or AIM-9.

1257 days ago

Slutty Whores Rock    

100% ILLEGAL. Although old, these weapons contain components that are still classified. This item belongs to the US Government and must be returned immediately.

1257 days ago


I have to agree with the above comments. The F-4 Phantom was never outfitted with the AIM-120 AMRAAM. When the AIM-120 went into service at the end of the First Gulf War 1991, It was only carried on the F-15 at the time, then later the F-16 & F/A-18. The F-4s back then were only of the Wild Weasel variety (F-4G). These Phantoms carried out SEAD missions with the AGM-88 HARMs and would only carry air to air missiles for self defense, primarily the AIM-9 Sidewinder & AIM-7 Sparrow. The last remaining F-4s were retired shortly after the Gulf War when the F-16s took over the Wild Weasel SEAD missions.

1257 days ago

Lets Be Honest    

Pawn Stars is a 100% SCRIPTED "reality" show. The stuff you see on tv never ends up in their store because they didn't really buy it and the actor pretending to be the seller never even owned the item.

And the scripted jokes for chumlee are so bad that I think we now know where jackie the jokeman ended up.

1257 days ago


#8 Has a stick up his ass. If he went into the pawn shop I wonder how much they would offer him for it.

1257 days ago


Whoever told them that the deal was "100% legal" doesn't know what they're talking about. They may have dodged the "possession of a destructive device" provision of the law, because they don't have the warhead, but no AIM-120 parts can be obtained by civilians unless they've been pilfered from the base by a service person, or from the factory by a worker.

The U.S. government does not offer old inerted/de-mil'd munitions for sale. They used to, for scrap, but there is a "crush" rule in place since 9/11. No inert munitions scrap leaves government hands unless it is destroyed and made unusable. We're not talking disassembly here, we're talking crushed, chopped, mangled, destroyed. Because of this, any part they have still belongs to the government and the government can seize it.

What these guys have could be an AIM-7 part--probably a ceramic radome--as mentioned by previous posters, because the whole surplus thing was looser back then, but if it's an AIM-120 part, then whoever sold it to them has a lot of 'splainin to do.

1257 days ago


Fortunately not all of Beck's viewers are shallow, hyper-critical morons. The responders here sound like miserable, humorless liberals. Who cares whether the show is contrived or real? It's just like Beck's show - mindless entertainment.

1256 days ago


watching this show and how they always low ball the sure they didnt pay much for it.

1256 days ago


btw, the AIM-120 isn't carried on the F-4.

1256 days ago


This show is fun to watch but totally scripted... like the time Chumlee "just happened" to bump into Bob Dylan on the street in Vegas.

Hardcore Pawn is probably closer to the reality of the pawn business -- people in dire straits who need a few bucks.

1256 days ago


@midnight toker Well most pawn shops I have been too don't have a super bowl ring either

1256 days ago


Can someone say breach of ITAR

1256 days ago

MR M    

First of all people why do you think it is all over the news because they have people to track down government property that is stolen

1255 days ago


You don't know jack **** apparently about munition systems. the AIM 120 AMRAAM was not even around when the F4 was developed. The AIM 7 Sparrow was the only Medium ranged radar guided missile used with the F4.

1251 days ago


I work in the Air Force for 20ys as a aircraft missile and Bomb loader and I can tell you that was not a missle part but a aircraft part tracking or night visiion.

1229 days ago
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