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Michael Jackson Surveillance Video Erased

3/16/2011 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The surveillance video of Michael Jackson's home the day he died has been erased -- lost forever, because the LAPD never knew MJ's death would turn into a criminal case.


TMZ broke the story ... the LAPD only copied 4 minutes of footage from the surveillance videos trained on Michael's house the day he died.  The video shows Jackson coming home from rehearsal at around 12:30 AM. 

Dr. Conrad Murray's lawyers will ask a judge today to order authorities to turn over the nearly 24 hours of surveillance video surrounding MJ's death.

But here's what we found out.  The tape recirculates every 24 hours, and when the LAPD pulled the video shortly after MJ's death, the case was not a homicide investigation so all cops wanted to do was establish a time line -- so the only relevance of the video was showing when MJ entered the home.

We're told cops never looked at the rest of the surveillance video.

The video would have shown who entered the house and when, on the day MJ died.  It will now and forever remain a mystery.


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OJ did it!

1319 days ago


Sounds kinda fishy. I remember when it first happened they had the homicide detectives at the scene as a "precaution" even though they weren't investigating it as a homicide. They wouldn't have erased the tapes until the case was closed, especially a high profile one.

1319 days ago

queen love    

Why touch the tapes, were they bothering anyone?

1319 days ago


meanwhile joe jackson is signing autographs on womens breasts in germany - lol

1319 days ago


Ridiculous .....

1319 days ago


it's ashame how he still has to prove his innocent,Michael was a good man and "Doctor"Conrad is wrong for what he did i don't care if you did'nt mean to you tried to cover the truth so now you need to stand trial and take ur sentences. Doctor Conrad IS A BAD MAN!!! GOWN NOW org.Tom Snedom is a bad man ~LONG LIVE THE KING~

1319 days ago

Sad sad    

They're known for their brilliance.

1319 days ago


Typical LAPD BS... They know who killed Biggie and Tupac yet the killer(s), (David A. Mack, Marion "Shug" Knight, accomplices, Amir Muhammad aka Harry Billups, actual shooter) will never be brought to justice. Corruption runs rampant in the LAPD. Watch your back people, unless you got it on video LAPD will mess you up. Fact.

1319 days ago


My God in Heaven...was this the LAPD'S first celebrity DEATH?

I would think a guy even on his FIRST day as an "Investigator" would think:

"Hmmm...maybe we should LOOK AT and KEEP the entire 24 hours prior to one of the most FAMOUS crazy's persons on the planet demise?"...

That "Hey...people might be INTERESTED in who came and went".

This should be an investigation all by itself. The incompetence is ASTOUNDING.

1319 days ago


Are you kidding me? They didn't take the tapes? The DA must be livid.

1319 days ago


And this is not pure chance...!!!!

1319 days ago

Gsharon 710    


1319 days ago


Some people have fun on this site with impersonating but just be careful under the new law passed in California okay???? Just a heads up.

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1319 days ago


Typical L.A. Keystone Kops, lol. They'd better stick to busting pot smokers.

1319 days ago


Great story for TMS but that's about it. There is no evidence somebody got in and killed MJ or tampered with his IV or any other such nonsense.

Dr. Murray had MJ in his care. Game - set - and match. It's his show.

1319 days ago
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