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Lindsay's Jeweler

Shops Book Deal!

3/16/2011 6:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The jewelry store that was allegedly victimized by Lindsay Lohan has been shopping a book deal ... TMZ has learned ... and it's becoming a nightmare for prosecutors.

The publicist for Kamofie & Co. contacted Sharlene Martin, a literary agent, early last week and said his client -- the owners of Kamofie -- wanted to do a book deal.  Martin told the agent the necklace incident "was a moment, not a book."

Martin, who specializes in crime-related books, told the publicist, "You shouldn't waste any literary agent's time.  Call the Enquirer if you want."

Kamofie has already sold the surveillance video, and the latest effort makes the victim look so mercenary, it could jeopardize the prosecutor's case.

UPDATE: A rep for Kamofie & Co. tells us, "We have no book deal pending."


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If the book isn't out what difference does it make to the case?!

Looks like Sharleeeene wants her 3 minutes in the spolight, lol.

1315 days ago


Wow, this is insane. Linds should be off the hook for this now and generally I would never say she should be cut any slack. The store has now made it appear they are only looking for money and publicity and I can imagine they did allow her to wear the necklace out without completing any paperwork.

1315 days ago


This store wants a book deal. It would be one page with a photo. lol Seriously this store should get charges against them for filing a false police report and deformation of character. They are so stupid it has to hurt. I wouldn't shop there. I saw their jewelery and the video of the incident shows how trashy the employees dress. Why is this case allowed to waste tax payer dollars?

1315 days ago


After what the shop has done, money sought and made, why can't they drop the charges. They should be paying for Lindsay's trail, and swasting tax payers money for their fame. Something is really wrong in our society to sit back and watch this happen. Making money at somebody else expense.

1315 days ago


Even if it's true, it still doesn't change the fact that Lindsay didn't pay for the necklace

1315 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

Lindsay Lopez is A BULLY!!!!

1315 days ago


HEY #11

Totally agree with you. What does religion have do with this?
And Tea Party are all over the place spewing your hatred and ignorance. I've seen your nickname are a piece of s..t and hopefully you will get eaten by a bear.

1315 days ago


It rather obvious that Dina and company are behind this. They are paying the store to release these stories in order to undermine the prosecution's case. Remember, the store didn't want to prosecute, and as long as they are making money off Dina and Lindsay, they don't care.

It still doesn't change the fact that Lindsay stole the necklace.

1315 days ago


Not only hurting any chance at prosecution of Lindsay, but also hurting their own credibility as a victim and business.

Book deal? Give me a break.

1315 days ago


Somehow I get the feeling that Mikey Lohan contacted Ms Martin, saying that he was the publicist for Kamofie & Co..

1315 days ago


A book? A comic book maybe? This jewelry is starting to seem really shady.

1315 days ago


Maybe they can make a movie and Lindsay can play herself? I don't agree with what they are doing, but they did ask the cops to be discreet and since that didn't happen, they are now trying to make cash out of the situation anyway they can. I suspect they had a fall in sales because of this and that's what motivating them to make a profit anyway they can.

1315 days ago


OH PLEASE! Dina is behind this? REALLY? I don't think so. Dina Lohan doesn't have the money and would NOT waste her money on buying off the stupid jewelry store. Now think about that. Wouldn't that be be more of a story for Kamofreak to sell? Don't you think your theory is a little bit of a stretch? Come ON!

1315 days ago


And how exactly does it make you less of a victim of a crime to sell the story?

Honestly, the Lohans are milking this for all its worth - Dina doesn't do those interviews for free. Then they turn around and try to claim the store's attempts to recoup some of the money lost due to the media circus proves their little pumpkin is "linnocent". Maybe we should start saying that their efforts to make money off all this "proves" Lindsay is "lilty"? No, it doesn't prove anything either.

Sorry, Lohans - victims sell their stories all the time. It's okay to sell the goods that were stolen after the police return them, too, you don't have to hang on to it as a souvenir forever. And (gasp!) stores routinely sell surveillance tapes to media, including before trial. Doesn't have a single thing to do with the prosecution's case - never has, never will. Hysterically shouting that it proves your little pumpkin was "set up" by the store "for publicity" over and over again doesn't make it true.

If the Lohans wanted the store to politely shut up about their horrible experience with Lohan, Lohan, and Lohan - maybe the Lohans should have shut up, too, and just let it play out in the courts without trying to intimidate the store. All this is clearly in reaction to the Lohans' attempts to skew the story in the media and even in tabloid comments sections. When you're being unfairly trashed in public, relentlessly and viciously, the natural reaction is to want to tell your side of the story. That's all this is really about. The money isn't nearly enough to compensate the store for all the trouble they've had from the Lohans and their little friends.

Somebody probably just suggested to them that they might get a book out of it and they looked into it as a way to tell the story from their standpoint. I agree there isn't enough for a book, though. Maybe a tell-all short story? On Kindle, perhaps? :)

1315 days ago


Yep - I wasn't before, but I'm definitely on Lindsay's side now.

She will own this store after they help her get acquitted, and then turns around and sues them for defamation. I could win this suit in my sleep.

1315 days ago
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