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Lindsay's Jeweler

Shops Book Deal!

3/16/2011 6:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The jewelry store that was allegedly victimized by Lindsay Lohan has been shopping a book deal ... TMZ has learned ... and it's becoming a nightmare for prosecutors.

The publicist for Kamofie & Co. contacted Sharlene Martin, a literary agent, early last week and said his client -- the owners of Kamofie -- wanted to do a book deal.  Martin told the agent the necklace incident "was a moment, not a book."

Martin, who specializes in crime-related books, told the publicist, "You shouldn't waste any literary agent's time.  Call the Enquirer if you want."

Kamofie has already sold the surveillance video, and the latest effort makes the victim look so mercenary, it could jeopardize the prosecutor's case.

UPDATE: A rep for Kamofie & Co. tells us, "We have no book deal pending."


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Mike Sarasota    

Cant wait for a 10 part mini series on this....give me a break...slime store owners..

1315 days ago


what was the point of puttng this story up when it says update "jewelry store not making a book" i guess Lindsay has to be mentioned everyday on TMZ?

1315 days ago


hahah hilarious. first page: lindsay stole a necklace from the store. second page: um....maybe she actually didn't. third page: the end.

1315 days ago


Tea Party mom and outhets ,

I say to a german men, Nazi, the german gouverment gave me 90days jail

Mark from germany

1315 days ago

Rabinowitz The Hebe    

This is the nail in the coffin for the persecution. It seems Lindsays legal decision not to go for the deal was the correct decision. The persecitions case is in shambles and I imagine they drop the stupid case any day.

I mock the posters who were squealing that Lindsay was going down. Lindsay always had one thing going for her....SHE WAS LINNOCENT you fools!!

1315 days ago


This is one time I hope Lindsay goes to trial, makes this joke of a "jewelry store" look as STUPID as they evidently are, then WIN, with no time, no sentence; plain, pure, NOT GUILTY. Then she can turn around and file a lawsuit against the store.

This place is money grubby hungry. What a PIT STOP. Go broke already! Just GO AWAY.

1315 days ago


I am not so sure about this. Dina has given a lot of quotes to other sites today, (i.e., Lindsay is not speaking to her father, none of my children would want to be on camera with Michael in rehab, etc.). This sounds more like Dina, or someone else from Lindsay's camp, attempting to further discredit the store from wich Lindsay stole (allegedly). Hopefullly she takes the deal next week and we can be done with this for awhile.

1315 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

they just need to publish a 200 page book full of empty pages, and just print 'she stole it!!' on page 154. that should sell.

1315 days ago


Obviously the Hohan camp trying to defame the jewelry store, once again. They're just trying to sway public opinion and deflect the actual facts. Whatever. The more they protect her from holding herself accountable, the more likely she is to meet an early demise. So strange all these people defending her and hoping that she no longer has to have probabtion and answer to the she can use drugs's really messed up. I think there are people who think she can handle drugging and drinking (like themselves, perhaps?), but that's obviously not the case. She really needs help....

1315 days ago


Ok. No matter what kind of a bad reputation this jewelry store has not, to the prosecution, it doesn't matter when we saw that tape! Either she walked outta the store with the necklace on or she didn't! Really has nothin to do with the store. Its not like THEY stole from her.

1315 days ago


I have no problem with the jeweler making money off this whole thing. LL surely will by interviews and other media "exclusives". Shouldn't effect the case at all.

1315 days ago


@ Nic, but the prosecution could use it against Lindsay that she mouthed off and the store didn't. Now the store is mouthing off as well they've lost that.

1315 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

What kind of s*** of the earth store was Lindsay shopping in? I bet you can see the grease and grime dripping off the owner. Now I'm starting to think they set Lindsay up.

1315 days ago

Oh no NOT again!    

I believe the store has been 'paid' to mess with the case. As was the employee at Betty Ford.

1315 days ago


@ 79 Nicole
She made a mistake by not getting a written notification that this was a loan or whatever but she doesn't deserve to be made an example of because Danette Meyers wants to become the new DA.

I can agree that this has been blown all out of proportion and I also believe this is a small problem compared to her drug related problems that took down her career and ultimately put her in this position.
I also don't trust the aDA and believe she may be capable using this situation to further her career. But eve3n if they were to drop the case Lindsey is still in trouble because while she talks a good game I do not believe she is finished with drugs. Thats not to say she is using now but at some point when she is no longer being tested I think she will. This is because regardless of what she says, her actions are not that of someone who understands what drugs have done to her life and that she is no match for them. I believe she believes at some point she will be able to party again.
The most important thing in her life right now should be her recovery. She should not be seen in places she is being seen in and with people she is being seen with. She should not be living next to sam. She should not have a buissness relationship with her mother or her father and should, find clean, sober and positive people and surround herself with them. We should never, ever again see a picture of her on TMZ hanging around club, we should see pictures of her leaving AA meeting. We should never again see stories about things going missing when she is around, we should be seeing stories about how she insists that her contract includes a rider that says the set must be a clean and sober environment.

We should not see stories about what she wore to court or that she was late or that she got a speeding ticket, wh should see stories about how she visited a junior high school and talked to them about the misleading allure of drugs and alcohol.

And above all else we should never see a story about how she if GOING to do things like this, we should see the story after she did it.

This are the type of positive things you will see if she ever actually gets her stuff together and starts working on her life rather than talking about it.

1315 days ago
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